Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 99 Fredericia

Yo fam!!! So I need to learn the area of Svendborg in three weeks so I can train there!! I am soo stoked to go back to Fyn and see the squad!! I am definitely miss the dope bros here in Fredericia but Fyn is the dopest place in Denmark!! And the coolest miracle happened last night that just makes the mission worth it and the extension SO worth it! Stay tuned ;)

So i was just posting finishing packing when i got a text... I opened it and it was Monique from Slagelse!! She said she went to Fest i Nord which is like a week long efy for young single adults, and told me she wants me to baptize her! She said that she felt the spirit so strong there and was really touched that Elder Dibble pushed so hard for her to go! And she said she wants to get baptized in September!! Things like this just make all the hard times worth it and I am so thankful for this HUGE miracle! SO I am so stoked right now haha!

See ya Jylland og Fredericia

This last week here in Fredericia was actually way fire!! We taught so many bros.

So Monday we went out to Kolding to teach Kim and just read 3 Nephi 11. Way strong stuff. Then we taught a young bro named Jacob the Plan of Salvation and it was way cool because it really opened him up and he said the closing prayer and got way stoked about the POS. Then we got a chop, or haircut ;), from Sarah Best who was baptized like 5 years ago! She is so cool. SHe has been cutting hair for like 27 years and i think her hair cuts are 100 dollars but she hooks it up for missionaries so that is pretty dope!  Way fresh cut btws :D 

Then Tuesday we went to Sønderborg which is pretty close to Germany and went on splits with Elder Weaver and Elder Haruch. They are both youngins but way solid bros. We started going to some escape room because their investigator ran it. So we were locked in a room and we had an hour to find keys and hints to find the last key to get us out the door. It was so fun haha! And he remembered all the missionaries that served there like Guddy and Cody jensen! Way dope bro. Then we taught some part member fam and did some knocking! Oh and there was some national boy scouts jamboree in Sonderborg so there was a whole bunch of little                                                                                              bros repping their boy scout uniforms.

Then Wednesday we went on splits in Fredericia with the Horsens Elders. I went with Elder Stephens and we had a way solid day. We taught Kim the Restoration again and why we read and pray because he said reading was pretty boring so we changed that mindset real quick. Then we had a cool little miracle. We just parked to stop by a bro and I got an impression to stop by somebody else and right when i looked up i saw that lady walking right pass me! Crazy! We wave her down and teach her the Restoration and I guess she already has two Books of Mormon! She is from Liberia I think. Then we taught this way young girl from Columbia the Restoration and delt a El Libro de Mormon or however you spell it. Then we taught our bro Trin from Vietnam and had a way solid lesson with him. He asked us what made our church different and we said that we teach the restored gospel of Christ and we have a living prophet today and he loved it! He said he has investigated so many churches but has never been baptized! And he said he has had an experience with the holy ghost before and he felt it when we talked with him! Money!! Then that night I got the call from Prez that i am bouncing to Svendborg... So 22 new missionaries are coming over the next two transfers and so they need bros to train. Crazy stuff.

Thursday we had district meeting and had an eating appointment with a way dope member. oh and Kat broke her foot biking so we visited her in the hospital.

Friday we taught like literary all day! We taught Kim the Word of Wisdom and he said he would no problem and how that is the health code in Korea! We had the zone pray for him because that was his only concern! Pray works! Then we Aron a bro from Slovakia whose two most prize possessions are his Bible and his crucifix. He is apart of the Roman Catholic church and he went to efy like things for his church when he was growing up so he knows his Bible. We really hit the apostasy for the bro and it was perfect for him. He is so down to read the Book of Mormon. Then we taught a lady whose name translates to rich mom. haha her name was rigmor! So dope! then we taught Trin again and we taught him about true conversion and that the only way he will find out anything about religion is if he prays and so he did and it                                                                        was way spiritual.

Saturday we balled with the ward for some way quality soccer and then taught the Greenlandic fam. Way cool experience. They said that had bad spirits in their home so we all kneeled down all 14 of us in a big circle and we casted them out and the spirit was so strong! So cool! And then we ate with Xie Me our dope Chinese friend!

Then Sunday everyone was way confused and i said by to some of them. Oh and Elder Kennedy and I taught the most fire guest class ever! It was on the Holy Ghost and we read a lot of scriptures to describe it and a lot of people shared their testimony of it and the spirit was so thick it was incredible. ANd we pointed it out to everyone and everyone was jsut feeling the spirit and there was two investigators there so that was dope! And Kim came to church! Then we ate with one of the coolest families in Denmark! 

I am so stoked to train! That was what i wanted to do the most on my mission! The zone is looking way positive for a lot of baptisms so that is sick and i am finally out of leadership after over a year so that will be a nice break. CRAZY josh and allison are home! and i dont think i will be serious when i get home.. if i were you guys i would be worried that i am too crazy haha! And josh is the dopest bro! haha. So crazy everyone is just coming home. And i totally forgot what a french horn was haha. And the bros back in Frederiksberg are doing good. I heard from Elder Howe that David and Susanna both got answers that the Book of Mormon is true so that is way dope! And i'll get the package and i will ask prez for help with the carrier survey thing. And i am going hard on the essays. I will send you them when i find time to type them out so you guys can fix my bad english grammer haha

And i am so thankful for my mission! It is easily the best thing in my life and i am going to go so hard these last 9 weeks! Love you guys!

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