Monday, October 31, 2016

Week #60-Herning

Jamen... menja...! Hvad så familie og venner! So i am still chilling in the promised land of Herning no worries! And our District is stacked!! We got ELder McDoughall who was the AP and ELder Jeppsen who was ZL in the District so we are going to go make miracles happen for sure here in Vest Jylland! Oh and not to brag but i reached the highest point of Denmark on Friday so be jealous ;)


Well we found 5 more new friends this week so that puts at almost 30 for the whole transfer #downwiththehaters ;) Ill go way quick with the update... L is doing great! He is at 10 cigarettes and i gave up cereal so i can support him through his addiction #itwillbesoooohard The ward is taking him right up so he is doing great! S is doing ight. We asked him if he found out if Mormons Bog is true would he be dunked and he said no because he wants to party at church and so i had to explain the reason why we go to church #nadveren A is doing way solid. Read 2 nefi 2 with her talked about agency and not judging others. She told me i was going to get married way young so that was cool lol. We got Lo who is a way funny story lol! SO we knocked on her door like two weeks ago and taught her the restoration which was way well but a little awkward because we thought she was 20 or 19. She wouldn't take a Mormons Bog but said we could come back. Last week we talked to Elder Peel and Nielsen for like 45 minutes how we should approach her door because it was so awkward last time haha and so we went for it and she wasn't home!! haha so then on Wednesday i think, we just got teach A with the Forslunds and we were standing outside and Lo walks past us and we just awkwardly smiled and waved haha. (Side note Porsvænget is just like æbleparken we have like 10 investigators out there) SO we stop by and teach her the whole restoration and she still wouldn't take a Mormons Bog but said we could come back!!! But we found out she is like 26 ish so we are safe! We taught Li on her doorstep while we were soaked from the rain while we could feel the heat coming from her house... #thirdmanrule the struggle is so real. But she loved the restoration and our thoughts on families and she has been to temple square before! We taught J og I L which was ight. We haven't taught them for a month but we got in and talked about baptism and the word of wisdom. We taught another friend from the middle east who says that our religions are way close. We taught the Burmese fam and they are loving it. The dad busted out a scripture and i thought he was going to bash from the bible but it was about the mustard seed and growing your faith and we were like that is exactly what our faith is going to do for you guys. We also had Ungarsk Aften or Hungarian Night where our Hungarian friends gave the branch some info on Hungary and we learned a little Hungarian. It is way hard! Shout out to Danish! That is a short explanation of our friends

Zone Conference 

Elder Paul V Johnson came and gave us fire! HE had a way good NFL analogy that he wanted to play in the NFL but he wasn't willing to do anything to get there just like our investigators who aren't willing to hold commitments. Changed my mission. I am going to go way hard at making sure these friends hold commitments. 

Ward Conference.... 

We had ward conference and like 60 people showed up all over the stake! I got to see a member from Odense which was way sweet! We had a potluck after and i sat with our Hungarian friends and got an appoitment with them because our cookies were soo good last time! Lets go! And I talked a lot with my American friends too! 


I went on splits with Elder Nielsen on Friday and then we drove to Silkeborg to go to the highest point of Denmark! It is so sick! Just enjoy the pics! 

Halloween isn't really big here but some investigators said we could come trick or treat! Down with fruits and veggies! That takes away the meaning of Halloween! Oh and speaking of primary program i got their letters finally and they were awesome! And for Christmas if you could send me some more pics like last time that would be awesome! And idk i will think about it. And we make the cookies together and they got compared to Subways chips! 

Quick last story! Me and Elder Halling were weekly planning when Elder Peel and Nielson come in because their aftale burned them so they wanted to say hi and use the bathroom. Well our naboers where blasting music so elder peel waves to them through the window and they yell Father Peel!! Where is Brotha Andrew and Elder Nielsen sticks his head out! They started freaking out and i guess they balled with this bro once or something. Then me and elder halling stick our heads out the window and we talk to our neighbors just smoking and drinking a beer about the creation to Mormons having a bunch of wives to the spaghetti monster to Joseph smith. haha it was way sick and they asked us if we don't drink, have sex, or smoke how could we have fun in life and while they were saying that, this girl who was wasted and shaking comes and looks at us and just looks awful. How could that be fun... Alma said it best, Wickedness was never happiness!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week # 59 Herning

Herning has taken off! I repeat Herning has taken off!!! This area is completely on fire and it is insane!! And we got a baptism coming up in a month!!!! Lets go!!! And all the insanity happened on the year in the land mark!!! 


Well this is all i need to talk about this week because that is all that has happened!!! Well our friend L is on dåbs dato for the 19th of November!! We taught him a bunch of times this week which includes reading alma 7 with him, anden nefi 31 and then we invited him to baptism and he accepted! So he has been baptized in the Pinse Kirke about a year ago and me and ELder Halling had the best build up ever of authority and Joseph Smith receiving it and explaining that only our church has it! And it wasn't too pushy and didn't offend him and was definitely guided by God :) The only prob is he is addicted to smoking tobacco but after teaching the W of W he knew he needed to stop or else he would die and has been making progress everyday!!! HE also wants to meet everyday so we can encourage him and be there so he doesn't smoke! We also watched the Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration with him last night which went way well even though he fell asleep at the end ;) We also found four new friends this week which bumps the total to 23 for the transfer #blessed We taught our friend S last Monday on the Restoration and are meeting with him today and the plan is to put him on dåbs dato too!! We taught J who is a 72 year old average believing Danish lady! We brought a member to her and read 3 Nephi 11 and she loved it but she is going to Thailand so we wont see her until December. We taught a man from the middle east, don't know his name yet, on the book of Mormon. We brought a copy in Arabic and taught him through that because he speaks little Danish but he is down to meet again and talk about it! We taught I with the Forslunds for an awesome throw down lesson on Joseph smith! She has had the same problem with the church for 40 years and that has been Joseph smith! She was like Joseph smith cant have seen God because no one has... Jamen i was prepared and showed her like 5 scriptures which say that they saw God and Christ or they walked with God or saw him face to face. Totally destroyed that prob and then she was like the typically revelation you cant add words and right as she said revelation i opened up to the fifth book of Moses. ;) #scriptureknowlegeforthewin So she will read and pray and the skeem is to get her on baptismal date the next lesson. The Burma fam is doing way fire! We taught all six of them on Thursday!! They loved the plan of Salvation and said it was like their churches! #progress And then we chilled and got to know them.WE taught R og L yesterday on the fam proclamation to the world and they loved it and then we talked about temples and they were amazed how beautiful they were! L is from Australia so we showed her the five temples there. We then had the usual discussion on our stand with homosexual relationships and handle it pretty well. We also taught our boy C who is the 25 year old organ player for the Free Church! We had a way good discussion about the Book of Mormon and he told us how he has found his faith. He was the bro who said he would convert us when we stopped by because his faith was better and he said that all he has to do is believe in Christ and that is enough #Jakobsbreve317 But he is way down to read and has felt the warm feeling of the spirit before so something could happen there! We got in contact with the most positive investigators for Elder Howe and Shuppy and could get them both on date this week too! 

Well that is a little bit about the FIRE here in Herning! The work is seriously better then Odense..... wow! #odenseisstillmyfavoritecityindenmark We taught 17 lessons this week and 8 of them were with a member present ;) And we are planning on getting over ten progressing friends next week! 

New Testimony.......

Okay i just wanted to give a shout out to all the sister missionaries out there because making cookies for people works miracles!!! We got like three appointments from cookie stop bys! I got a testimony in cookies!!!!!

Et år i landet

Jamen one year in the land everyone! SKive happened to be there so me Elder Halling and Jensen got to take dinner together and celebrate our year in the land mark! 

Well i guess they didn't need us for the primary program after all..... Oh well i got attacked after it by three little American kids after it so no complaints! Oh and there are more English speakers then danish speakers in the branch!!!!!! HAHA i realized that yesterday! We have 15 ish people from Austailia or USA! Crazy! And nooooo... we cant find anyone to play sports with but i will survive ;) Health wise i am good! Haha i love the choir directory! Haha yes! Nd i haven't seen that statue in Denmark.... Oh well i will look for it if i ever get banished to Sjælland again ;) Bo isn't that common... we have a 25 year old friend named Bo though... Lets go! Washington and Sea-hawks represent! And my bike is good now! Haha that was the worst! The back tire kept on getting flat and we kept on fixing the whole but then on Tuesday the back tire completely exploded! haha it was nuts and my tire ripped so i got a new one! But it is good for now! And the Forslunds were talking about these clowns!! Crazy! And funny story about McDonald... me and elder halling were there for dinner on Saturday and the worker asked where my parents were and we were like..... ehm..... they are not with this time haha they thought the Forslunds were our parents! Søster Forlslund was way flattered because she would be our grandmas age! haha good stuff! Well transfers this week and i heard pres is skeeming up crazy things so we will see what happens! And Elder Paul V Johnson is coming on Thursday so it should be good!!! Love ya!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week #58-Herning

Jamen Hvad så familie og venner! Okay I just want to give a shout out the Lord because the work here is FIRE!!! I have no idea what is happening but we got five MORE new friends this week which is crazy!! 


Well like I said we got 5 new friends last week! So lets start with the most positive one! So i was chilling with Elder Halling one morning making cookies and we got a call from Horsens where the mains Elder HAger and Poff are. They tell us that their most positive investigator has just moved to Herning and that he wants to be visited! So go and meet out friend L! L is about 50 and has INSANE faith in Christ and loves feeling the Holy Ghost! He has been to church for a total of 5 times combined with us and Horsens so a dåbs dato is coming up!! We taught him on the POS the first time because that is what Elders Poff and Hager told us to do and the second time we brought the Forslunds with and taught him again the Restoration! He said if he finds out the BOM is true that he will døbes!! After that lesson the Forslunds took us to McDonald and bought us burgers and then we went to our second lesson of the day with A who is also a new friend! She is about 50 and loves God and Christ but doesn't think there needs to be one true church. Sister and Elder FOrslunds testimonies were so fire they were tearing up and so was A! Good stuff! Then after the lesson we reviewed it and the Forslunds were so grateful that we took them out with us because they have been having a hard time working with the inactive members because they dont want anything to do with the church and it was a special moment for us in the car because the Lord has put six missionaries in this branch for a reason! After our appointment with A we stopped by our friend who lives right next to A, F. She let us right in and we taught her son the Restoration and her husband! It was the first time i have ever taught a fam all at once on my mission. A little background they are from Burma and only the mom and the son can speak good Danish. WE are teaching the POS next so we will see how that goes! WE got S who was a previous investigator and almost got baptized but didn't want to quit smoking and we are meeting with him tonight! HE is a way chill bro and loves sports! WE also got V on a cookie stop by who is living with a member and her sister and we asked V what he likes about our church and he said he likes his girlfriend.... so i guess that is why he goes now but flirt to convert right.... HAHA! And our organist bro couldn't meet last week and when he stopped by he said that he has looked in Mormons Bog but he will convert us to the Protestant church #goodluck haha! And i have really been trying to implement personality into finding people and it is working miracles!!! 


SO skive is north of herning and it is the banished area in the mission. Well they needed some help because the work has been way slow for them so the district went down there for district meeting. The Zone Lords Elder Jeppsen and my boy Bennet were there too! After a fire DM about the Book of Mormon and eating a huge kebab, we split up and me and ELder Nielsen went together! Elder Logan Jensen, my MTC comp, drove us to this neighborhood and told us to knock here and i was like is there any apartments close by and he was like no... Well Elder Reed wandered and found some! SO me and Elder Nielsen knocked and had such good success!!! We are both going way hard on personality finding and we ended up getting like three potential friends who were about to close the door on us after they saw us. We also got let in by the nicest and most humblest man i have ever met. He has gone through cancer like three times and was abused for like 13 years and he was like i dont deserve this how can there be a God... THen we went straight into the POS and he loved it and is going to meet the Skive Elders again! After that i went with Elder Jensen to knock doors! And crazy thing is it was our 400th day on our missions!! Way cool and it was way cool to see how we have changed. I was like to him, why didnt we like each other in the MTC.... haha! Way good times! Then we finished the night with a bonfire and roasted hot dogs! 


Well i had a talk on Sunday which was way fire!! I hope lol! It was on moments of conversion and how they wanted to share the gospel after they felt that they became converted! I shared stories from me, an old investigator, and Alma the Younger. And i compared it to the first time i ate a pastry it was so good i had to tell my friends in USA about it and compared that to the gospel! then a return missionary shared some mission stories and i LOVED his personality with everything! The branch loved the energy we have towards the work! 

So i dont translate for the Americans they are trying to learn danish and they moved her because of work... And we are helping their kids with the primary program on Sunday so it should be way good! And dont worry i didnt get lost at all this week! And it isn't as cold as Copenhagen you just dont want to be stuck in these crazy rain storms! And i am good on thermals i havnt used them yet so yea! ANd so my toe is completely better thank goodness! And i am still fighting a bug right now... i did by vitamins so lets hope they work! But my investigator is like on legit quarantine so we cant talk with her.... Hahaha i LOVE those pics and of course the big man Jace is a Superhero!  And that is nuts that remnants of the typhoon hit Washington!Haha that is funny dad talked to the sister from New Mexico! I remember sister h said she had a friend in Moses Lake and so i like freaked out and said whats up haha! And i am still amazed the Washington is number 4! Give me an NFL update please!! And i am doing great! Realizing how fast this next half of my mission will go is a little crazy! Time is flying i actually know how to be a missionary and i am trying to turn this branch into a ward so lets keep the fire burning!! 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week #57 Herning

Jamen Hvad så familie og venner!! Well the dynasty of Elder Howe and Elder Reed is over..... Dont worry parents I didnt do anything too crazy, a missionary went home for family problems so Elder Howe had to take his spot and I got my man Elder Halling!!! He is from my MTC group and comes from the great land of Michigan and is way sweet! It is way good to catch up with him because I havnt seen him since like 9 months ago! But anyways.... Herning is FIRE! I repeat Herning is fire! We just cant stop finding people wanting to hear the restored gospel and it is nuts!!!!!!

P Day

So quick update of last p day i got a hair cut from the home boy Elder Nielsen and then ate with the senior couple missionary!! We finished watching conference #timezoneprobs and they made me a birthday cake!!! #clutch


Well the health probs will never stop!!! Last week I got a narly toe infection and i like couldnt walk for like a couple days... But thanks to my previous comp Elder Howe, who had a way serious toe infection like a month ago, he doctored me up and told me how to treat it and so now my toe is almost better! And i have also caught this narly sickness that has been going around like everyone who we talk to in Herning so i slept like two extra hours today but i am still wrecked so I am hoping that I dont get worse!!! 

Wednesday Madness

So it was wednesday and we were knocking some opgangs and we get a call from the ZOne Lords and next thing you know they are singing a goodbye sang to Elder Howe and me and Elder Howe were just so confused.... THey were like Elder Howe arent you going to Svenborg and we were like no.... you guys are crazy and they were like Elder Thurman told us... and we were like well he is messing with you guys! Then it comes to eight oclock and we get a call from President and he tells us how he called us in the morning but couldnt get a hold of us and forgot to call us back and then told us that Elder Howe is going to Svenborg and I am getting Elder Halling.... #takingoveranareaaftertwoweeks 

Well after a year of straight ward goodness, I am now in the branch life and it is way different!!! It is so small! We have a church building and there area bout 30 who come. HErning and SIlkborg branches got combined to make the Midt Jylland Branch! I bore my testimony yesterday and told them that i have been  on Sjælland, on Fyn, and now on Jylland and i told them that Jylland is definatley the promised land! Haha! We have two American families in the branch who really dont speak Danish and it was so weird to talk to their kids in English... I am still mind boggled over that.... And I got asked to give a talk next week on missionary work so I am going to get the branch pumped! 


So the work is going so well right now it is crazy! And i only got us lost one time since Wednesday so everything is all good! Haha! Anyways, we found four new friends this week as well! And a whole bunch of potentials! I learned on my mission that if you have the faith to find and the mentality that you will find people you will definately find people! So the peeps we worked with this week were F a girl who we see roaming the streets and we always end up running in to her so we taught her about Christ and faith. Then we taught I who is from Scotland and has been investigating the church for the past 40 years!! She has questions about Joseph SMith, which i think is just an excuse, so we talked about him and the Book of Mormon and we had Elder and Sister Forslund with. She has amazing faith in Christ and she is like 80 years old. We also taught F again the rest of the restoration. She is the lady from the Burmahs and she told us that we can teach her family and her teenage boys! Jo tak!! The only problem with her is the language barrier because she has only been here for 5 years and doesnt speak the best danish.... But the language of the spirit touches everyones hearts!!! We found B who is a 25 year old baker. He is actually the first door me and Elder Halling knocked. He is a typical believing dane, baptized and confiremed but doesnt go to church and then we just went hard at he can find out that God eksists if he reads the BOM! HE was going to shut the door on us but our experience and the spirit of course let the conversation going! The next door we knock we introduce us as Americans and the guy is like stop speak english to me so we do and he ends up letting us in and we teach him the restoration while he washes the dishes and we give him a Mormons Bog. This bro is like 25 and hates social media #blessed and is some kind of spiritualist... He said we could stop by in January so he can read the book and be done with exams! Then we have L who was found on splits by some missionaries last transfer and we finally got in contact with her and she is so postive! SHe is so believing and said that the first vision totally makes sense!!! Lets go!!! Then we got V who is from Hungaria and is dating a Hungarian member and he has been going to church for the past while now so he could be dunked sooooon! Problem is that he cant really speak english or danish so we will see how that goes.... Then we have L and R who was taught by Elder Howe and Shuppy and me and Elder Halling picked them back up! L is from Australia and R is the nicest man you will ever meet! He was talking how he is scared of dieing and then we talked a little about the POS! We are meeting with them again on Saturday and are going to eat a whole bunch of pastries!! Last bro we got is C who is an organist in some church here. He is pretty young and when we stopped by him on Saturday his girl was with and she freaks out when she sees us and just starts going off in English and she says how she stayed with a mormon fam when she was in Wyoming and said the missionaries were way sick! SO we got a lot going for us here in Herning! 

So i didnt get the shoes yet! And Danish 9 to 9 is going alright! It makes me go crazy sometimes though haha! And no one eats fish in Denmark lolzzz biggest mith ever told! And it is starting to get pretty cold... The winter jacket has come on! And i am good with pants and shirts!! And i LOVE that pic with dad and the two studs! Reid dog has gotten way big!! WHAT!! That is crazy Washington is ranked so high! And i probs need to get new gloves sometime... we will see what we can find. Well fam! Another week has gone and by in the promised land! Hopefully no more unpredicatble things will happen this week! Vi snakkes!! Jeg elsker jer!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week #56 Herning

I am 20 now say what!!!! I am short on time so I will make this email quick but this week was definately a crazy one!!! 


So zone training was pretty fire... FIrst we learned that there will be a new mission rule that is we will speak Danish from nine in the morning to nine at night! SO that will be interesting and take some time to get used to to ALWAYS speak danish! I hope i dont go crazy! Then we learned about the Book of Mormon and how there was no way that Joseph Smith could have gotten all of the facts and stories about the books! We even watched a short anti mormon clip to see what our investigators could run across and to be honest it all is junk lol! The anti stuff is so stupid and when it comes down to it, it is about asking God for yourself to get that spiritual testimony! 


On Wednesday we set out to this far country side house where this member lives and he has been way sick so they needed help vaccumming. Their house was the coolest house i have ever been too! It was like a hobit house on steriords and it was sooooo big it was crazy!!! I felt like i was on an adventure while i was there and probs got lost like 10 times lol! Then the members came in clutch and fed us duck and root beer floats to make life even better!!! 


So the work is still coming here in Herning! We found 5 more new friends this week and so that is 10 total for the transfer! We are teaching an 80 year old Scottish women tomorrow! We are teaching these two people tomorrow also. SO on Friday after weekly planning wwe went to knock by a member so if we got any friends we could take them out to help us teach! We knocked for about two hours with nothing and so you know those stories with the last houses.... well the last person we talk to was chilling outside her door with her dog and her friend and his dog and we taught them the restoration, joked around, played with the dog, and set a return appointment which equals the sickest contact i have ever done! Haha! Then we found this women from Burma and has been in Denmark for 5 years with a Christian background and has read the Bible! Jo tak! Then tthe last one lol is a J Dub..... So that should be interresting! Lol! We met with J Dubs on Saturday with our ward mission leader who was baptized about a year ago and it was so funny! They were throwing the stupidest scriptures at us and our ward mission leader was just throwing down! It was way fun and awesome to see how we have a spiritual testimony of the book of mormon and they just have a bunch of knowlegde from their janke bible. And the other Elders in the branch have been finding a whole bunch of new friends as well and when we told the ward mission leader he just went nuts to see how many people we are working with!!!! Lets get this branch into a ward!!!!

So General Conference was way fire as usual!!! I loved a lot of the talks and i forgot my notes but i loved President U. talk about the POS of do we take time to think how blessed we are that we have the plan of salvation in our life and that we have that knowlegde!! And i also loved the talk from Elder Cornish... i think his name was... Anyways it was way fire! And we are going to watch the Sunday afternoon session tonight at the senior missionaries place! #timezoneprobs And my birthday was yesterday too! It was pretty much general conference all day and a little bit of knocking! Cant really celebrate too crazy when you are serving the Lord! But me and Elder Howe had a little party at night lol! And i got a lot of calls from all of my good mission friends! 

And YES! I got my package that you guys sent thank you soooo much!!!!!  I loved the flaming hot cheetos and party decorations! I would say the Vertigo is pretty much gone!! And i have no idea what i want in my christmas package.... haha! And i was thinking about buying some European shoes for my birthday.... i bought pants from H and M because i needed new pants pretty bad.... lol! But i am going to a mall today and i am looking for some good sales and it would be perf. if i could find something between 400 krones!! Anyways! I love you so much family thanks for the birthday wishes and have a good week! Get that member missionary work going!!! :)