Monday, October 31, 2016

Week #60-Herning

Jamen... menja...! Hvad så familie og venner! So i am still chilling in the promised land of Herning no worries! And our District is stacked!! We got ELder McDoughall who was the AP and ELder Jeppsen who was ZL in the District so we are going to go make miracles happen for sure here in Vest Jylland! Oh and not to brag but i reached the highest point of Denmark on Friday so be jealous ;)


Well we found 5 more new friends this week so that puts at almost 30 for the whole transfer #downwiththehaters ;) Ill go way quick with the update... L is doing great! He is at 10 cigarettes and i gave up cereal so i can support him through his addiction #itwillbesoooohard The ward is taking him right up so he is doing great! S is doing ight. We asked him if he found out if Mormons Bog is true would he be dunked and he said no because he wants to party at church and so i had to explain the reason why we go to church #nadveren A is doing way solid. Read 2 nefi 2 with her talked about agency and not judging others. She told me i was going to get married way young so that was cool lol. We got Lo who is a way funny story lol! SO we knocked on her door like two weeks ago and taught her the restoration which was way well but a little awkward because we thought she was 20 or 19. She wouldn't take a Mormons Bog but said we could come back. Last week we talked to Elder Peel and Nielsen for like 45 minutes how we should approach her door because it was so awkward last time haha and so we went for it and she wasn't home!! haha so then on Wednesday i think, we just got teach A with the Forslunds and we were standing outside and Lo walks past us and we just awkwardly smiled and waved haha. (Side note Porsvænget is just like æbleparken we have like 10 investigators out there) SO we stop by and teach her the whole restoration and she still wouldn't take a Mormons Bog but said we could come back!!! But we found out she is like 26 ish so we are safe! We taught Li on her doorstep while we were soaked from the rain while we could feel the heat coming from her house... #thirdmanrule the struggle is so real. But she loved the restoration and our thoughts on families and she has been to temple square before! We taught J og I L which was ight. We haven't taught them for a month but we got in and talked about baptism and the word of wisdom. We taught another friend from the middle east who says that our religions are way close. We taught the Burmese fam and they are loving it. The dad busted out a scripture and i thought he was going to bash from the bible but it was about the mustard seed and growing your faith and we were like that is exactly what our faith is going to do for you guys. We also had Ungarsk Aften or Hungarian Night where our Hungarian friends gave the branch some info on Hungary and we learned a little Hungarian. It is way hard! Shout out to Danish! That is a short explanation of our friends

Zone Conference 

Elder Paul V Johnson came and gave us fire! HE had a way good NFL analogy that he wanted to play in the NFL but he wasn't willing to do anything to get there just like our investigators who aren't willing to hold commitments. Changed my mission. I am going to go way hard at making sure these friends hold commitments. 

Ward Conference.... 

We had ward conference and like 60 people showed up all over the stake! I got to see a member from Odense which was way sweet! We had a potluck after and i sat with our Hungarian friends and got an appoitment with them because our cookies were soo good last time! Lets go! And I talked a lot with my American friends too! 


I went on splits with Elder Nielsen on Friday and then we drove to Silkeborg to go to the highest point of Denmark! It is so sick! Just enjoy the pics! 

Halloween isn't really big here but some investigators said we could come trick or treat! Down with fruits and veggies! That takes away the meaning of Halloween! Oh and speaking of primary program i got their letters finally and they were awesome! And for Christmas if you could send me some more pics like last time that would be awesome! And idk i will think about it. And we make the cookies together and they got compared to Subways chips! 

Quick last story! Me and Elder Halling were weekly planning when Elder Peel and Nielson come in because their aftale burned them so they wanted to say hi and use the bathroom. Well our naboers where blasting music so elder peel waves to them through the window and they yell Father Peel!! Where is Brotha Andrew and Elder Nielsen sticks his head out! They started freaking out and i guess they balled with this bro once or something. Then me and elder halling stick our heads out the window and we talk to our neighbors just smoking and drinking a beer about the creation to Mormons having a bunch of wives to the spaghetti monster to Joseph smith. haha it was way sick and they asked us if we don't drink, have sex, or smoke how could we have fun in life and while they were saying that, this girl who was wasted and shaking comes and looks at us and just looks awful. How could that be fun... Alma said it best, Wickedness was never happiness!

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