Monday, October 24, 2016

Week # 59 Herning

Herning has taken off! I repeat Herning has taken off!!! This area is completely on fire and it is insane!! And we got a baptism coming up in a month!!!! Lets go!!! And all the insanity happened on the year in the land mark!!! 


Well this is all i need to talk about this week because that is all that has happened!!! Well our friend L is on dåbs dato for the 19th of November!! We taught him a bunch of times this week which includes reading alma 7 with him, anden nefi 31 and then we invited him to baptism and he accepted! So he has been baptized in the Pinse Kirke about a year ago and me and ELder Halling had the best build up ever of authority and Joseph Smith receiving it and explaining that only our church has it! And it wasn't too pushy and didn't offend him and was definitely guided by God :) The only prob is he is addicted to smoking tobacco but after teaching the W of W he knew he needed to stop or else he would die and has been making progress everyday!!! HE also wants to meet everyday so we can encourage him and be there so he doesn't smoke! We also watched the Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration with him last night which went way well even though he fell asleep at the end ;) We also found four new friends this week which bumps the total to 23 for the transfer #blessed We taught our friend S last Monday on the Restoration and are meeting with him today and the plan is to put him on dåbs dato too!! We taught J who is a 72 year old average believing Danish lady! We brought a member to her and read 3 Nephi 11 and she loved it but she is going to Thailand so we wont see her until December. We taught a man from the middle east, don't know his name yet, on the book of Mormon. We brought a copy in Arabic and taught him through that because he speaks little Danish but he is down to meet again and talk about it! We taught I with the Forslunds for an awesome throw down lesson on Joseph smith! She has had the same problem with the church for 40 years and that has been Joseph smith! She was like Joseph smith cant have seen God because no one has... Jamen i was prepared and showed her like 5 scriptures which say that they saw God and Christ or they walked with God or saw him face to face. Totally destroyed that prob and then she was like the typically revelation you cant add words and right as she said revelation i opened up to the fifth book of Moses. ;) #scriptureknowlegeforthewin So she will read and pray and the skeem is to get her on baptismal date the next lesson. The Burma fam is doing way fire! We taught all six of them on Thursday!! They loved the plan of Salvation and said it was like their churches! #progress And then we chilled and got to know them.WE taught R og L yesterday on the fam proclamation to the world and they loved it and then we talked about temples and they were amazed how beautiful they were! L is from Australia so we showed her the five temples there. We then had the usual discussion on our stand with homosexual relationships and handle it pretty well. We also taught our boy C who is the 25 year old organ player for the Free Church! We had a way good discussion about the Book of Mormon and he told us how he has found his faith. He was the bro who said he would convert us when we stopped by because his faith was better and he said that all he has to do is believe in Christ and that is enough #Jakobsbreve317 But he is way down to read and has felt the warm feeling of the spirit before so something could happen there! We got in contact with the most positive investigators for Elder Howe and Shuppy and could get them both on date this week too! 

Well that is a little bit about the FIRE here in Herning! The work is seriously better then Odense..... wow! #odenseisstillmyfavoritecityindenmark We taught 17 lessons this week and 8 of them were with a member present ;) And we are planning on getting over ten progressing friends next week! 

New Testimony.......

Okay i just wanted to give a shout out to all the sister missionaries out there because making cookies for people works miracles!!! We got like three appointments from cookie stop bys! I got a testimony in cookies!!!!!

Et år i landet

Jamen one year in the land everyone! SKive happened to be there so me Elder Halling and Jensen got to take dinner together and celebrate our year in the land mark! 

Well i guess they didn't need us for the primary program after all..... Oh well i got attacked after it by three little American kids after it so no complaints! Oh and there are more English speakers then danish speakers in the branch!!!!!! HAHA i realized that yesterday! We have 15 ish people from Austailia or USA! Crazy! And nooooo... we cant find anyone to play sports with but i will survive ;) Health wise i am good! Haha i love the choir directory! Haha yes! Nd i haven't seen that statue in Denmark.... Oh well i will look for it if i ever get banished to Sjælland again ;) Bo isn't that common... we have a 25 year old friend named Bo though... Lets go! Washington and Sea-hawks represent! And my bike is good now! Haha that was the worst! The back tire kept on getting flat and we kept on fixing the whole but then on Tuesday the back tire completely exploded! haha it was nuts and my tire ripped so i got a new one! But it is good for now! And the Forslunds were talking about these clowns!! Crazy! And funny story about McDonald... me and elder halling were there for dinner on Saturday and the worker asked where my parents were and we were like..... ehm..... they are not with this time haha they thought the Forslunds were our parents! Søster Forlslund was way flattered because she would be our grandmas age! haha good stuff! Well transfers this week and i heard pres is skeeming up crazy things so we will see what happens! And Elder Paul V Johnson is coming on Thursday so it should be good!!! Love ya!

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