Monday, October 10, 2016

Week #57 Herning

Jamen Hvad så familie og venner!! Well the dynasty of Elder Howe and Elder Reed is over..... Dont worry parents I didnt do anything too crazy, a missionary went home for family problems so Elder Howe had to take his spot and I got my man Elder Halling!!! He is from my MTC group and comes from the great land of Michigan and is way sweet! It is way good to catch up with him because I havnt seen him since like 9 months ago! But anyways.... Herning is FIRE! I repeat Herning is fire! We just cant stop finding people wanting to hear the restored gospel and it is nuts!!!!!!

P Day

So quick update of last p day i got a hair cut from the home boy Elder Nielsen and then ate with the senior couple missionary!! We finished watching conference #timezoneprobs and they made me a birthday cake!!! #clutch


Well the health probs will never stop!!! Last week I got a narly toe infection and i like couldnt walk for like a couple days... But thanks to my previous comp Elder Howe, who had a way serious toe infection like a month ago, he doctored me up and told me how to treat it and so now my toe is almost better! And i have also caught this narly sickness that has been going around like everyone who we talk to in Herning so i slept like two extra hours today but i am still wrecked so I am hoping that I dont get worse!!! 

Wednesday Madness

So it was wednesday and we were knocking some opgangs and we get a call from the ZOne Lords and next thing you know they are singing a goodbye sang to Elder Howe and me and Elder Howe were just so confused.... THey were like Elder Howe arent you going to Svenborg and we were like no.... you guys are crazy and they were like Elder Thurman told us... and we were like well he is messing with you guys! Then it comes to eight oclock and we get a call from President and he tells us how he called us in the morning but couldnt get a hold of us and forgot to call us back and then told us that Elder Howe is going to Svenborg and I am getting Elder Halling.... #takingoveranareaaftertwoweeks 

Well after a year of straight ward goodness, I am now in the branch life and it is way different!!! It is so small! We have a church building and there area bout 30 who come. HErning and SIlkborg branches got combined to make the Midt Jylland Branch! I bore my testimony yesterday and told them that i have been  on Sjælland, on Fyn, and now on Jylland and i told them that Jylland is definatley the promised land! Haha! We have two American families in the branch who really dont speak Danish and it was so weird to talk to their kids in English... I am still mind boggled over that.... And I got asked to give a talk next week on missionary work so I am going to get the branch pumped! 


So the work is going so well right now it is crazy! And i only got us lost one time since Wednesday so everything is all good! Haha! Anyways, we found four new friends this week as well! And a whole bunch of potentials! I learned on my mission that if you have the faith to find and the mentality that you will find people you will definately find people! So the peeps we worked with this week were F a girl who we see roaming the streets and we always end up running in to her so we taught her about Christ and faith. Then we taught I who is from Scotland and has been investigating the church for the past 40 years!! She has questions about Joseph SMith, which i think is just an excuse, so we talked about him and the Book of Mormon and we had Elder and Sister Forslund with. She has amazing faith in Christ and she is like 80 years old. We also taught F again the rest of the restoration. She is the lady from the Burmahs and she told us that we can teach her family and her teenage boys! Jo tak!! The only problem with her is the language barrier because she has only been here for 5 years and doesnt speak the best danish.... But the language of the spirit touches everyones hearts!!! We found B who is a 25 year old baker. He is actually the first door me and Elder Halling knocked. He is a typical believing dane, baptized and confiremed but doesnt go to church and then we just went hard at he can find out that God eksists if he reads the BOM! HE was going to shut the door on us but our experience and the spirit of course let the conversation going! The next door we knock we introduce us as Americans and the guy is like stop speak english to me so we do and he ends up letting us in and we teach him the restoration while he washes the dishes and we give him a Mormons Bog. This bro is like 25 and hates social media #blessed and is some kind of spiritualist... He said we could stop by in January so he can read the book and be done with exams! Then we have L who was found on splits by some missionaries last transfer and we finally got in contact with her and she is so postive! SHe is so believing and said that the first vision totally makes sense!!! Lets go!!! Then we got V who is from Hungaria and is dating a Hungarian member and he has been going to church for the past while now so he could be dunked sooooon! Problem is that he cant really speak english or danish so we will see how that goes.... Then we have L and R who was taught by Elder Howe and Shuppy and me and Elder Halling picked them back up! L is from Australia and R is the nicest man you will ever meet! He was talking how he is scared of dieing and then we talked a little about the POS! We are meeting with them again on Saturday and are going to eat a whole bunch of pastries!! Last bro we got is C who is an organist in some church here. He is pretty young and when we stopped by him on Saturday his girl was with and she freaks out when she sees us and just starts going off in English and she says how she stayed with a mormon fam when she was in Wyoming and said the missionaries were way sick! SO we got a lot going for us here in Herning! 

So i didnt get the shoes yet! And Danish 9 to 9 is going alright! It makes me go crazy sometimes though haha! And no one eats fish in Denmark lolzzz biggest mith ever told! And it is starting to get pretty cold... The winter jacket has come on! And i am good with pants and shirts!! And i LOVE that pic with dad and the two studs! Reid dog has gotten way big!! WHAT!! That is crazy Washington is ranked so high! And i probs need to get new gloves sometime... we will see what we can find. Well fam! Another week has gone and by in the promised land! Hopefully no more unpredicatble things will happen this week! Vi snakkes!! Jeg elsker jer!

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