Monday, July 25, 2016

Week #46 Odense

Well fam this was probs the weirdest most drama filled week of my mission and I dont have too much time so this will be a short one! 


Well N is doing great. We finally finshed teaching her all of the lessons and she is helping the sisters contact so that is a way positive thing. Oh! And she asked me to give her the holy ghost so i am way pumped for that! C is doing good as always. She is going to help us contact a lot this week so that should be fun. We had a fire lesson on forgiveness which helped us both if you know what I mean! F is doing way good too! F is my boy who was just baptized that i gave the priesthood to him. T is doing great too! He prayed all this week and is starting to keep commandments which was awesome! And J we finally got in contact with after a while but we had to cancel the lesson because of the fiasco which was on friday. Oh and we taught a record of 25 lessons this week so no big deal there either haha. 


Well you can be on your mission and have fun right??? Good! So on Monday we watched a play which was just filled with HC Andersen stories! Then N made us lagsana and we had a lot of games with candy! then tuesday we had CUV which was fun like always and we played ping pong which was way fun! Then Thursday we had Pizza Aften which was fun and we had like a total of 25 people there so it was really effective :) On Saturday we had volleyball!!!! So this week was definatley filled with a whole bunch of fun things!

That is awesome that they sent you a pic of me and elder Millward! He was my first Zone Leader and was way sweet and funny! And the working out is going way good! I am getting back into shape! It is a way slow process though haha but dont worry, in a year i will be back to not fat elder reed haahaha! And yea keep on going on my facebook account. C freaked out last night because you followed her back or something and thought i was being apostate and goofing on my facebook lol! And with the bike sitation i think i will just chill with the one i have for the time being and see what happens! And i will send you a pic of the journal again. That is awesome dad could talk with sis F about denmark! And of course the food is good and so are the pastries. And dang! 700 krones is a good chunk of money haha! Well family i had a crazy week this week and i know that this church is so true. Forget about the people in it just the doctrines taught bring true happiness. We are all one family and no one deserves to be judged. We all have faults so who are we to throw our stones at others like Jesus says in the book of John. No one is perfect and we are who we are for a reason. And the beautiful thing is with all of this is that Christ made it possible for us to be forgiven of our imperfections. That we can strive to become like him everyday. And that is what it comes down to. Jeg elsker jer utroligt meget! 

Æ Reed

                                                              Mr. Denmark 2016

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Week #45 Odense

Jamen Hvad så!! Så kunne jeg bare skriver mit breve i dag på dansk? Det kunne være sjovt og i kunne bare GOOGLE TRANSLATE det hele... ;) No bad idea because you can't trust google translate! But anyways, we had a pretty weird, crazy week so get ready for some nuggets of wisdom from Ældste Reed :)

Friend on Dåbs Dato :)

So our friend on baptismal date is so awesome and is still going strong. And she is 19 so she is old enough to get baptized by her own discretion so everything is all good. And her mom knows the church is true but isnt baptized because her ex husband, and our friend N's biological dad was a member but didn't give the church the best image so N's mom never got baptized but she loves the church. We taught N a lot this week with C and she took everything great. She already follows the word of wisdom and law of chasity! #prepared And she even helped the sisters knock and teach the other day! And she told us that she wants to go on a mission so that is sick! So she is doing great and so that is way fun! :) 

Other Friends

So i dont know if i told you guys this last time but F got baptized in the second ward after me and elder Baadsgaard handed him off and found out that he was actually in our ward the whole time! Haha but yesterday after sacrement i was chilling talking with the squad and this guy comes up to me and tells me that they are giving F the priesthood and asks if we would come up and join them. SO of course me and Elder Keller make our way upstairs and we get to the bishops office and we sit down and he just stares at us and then like two minutes later he is like who is giving you the priesthood F? And he is like Elder Reed! And my heart skipped a beat because i have never gave anyone the priesthood before, in english let alone Danish! Haha so i was like okay let me check our white handbook and dished out some Priesthood! But on all serious note, i was honored to get the opportunity and truley felt guided by the Lord in the blessing, and it was way cool because i was only thinking in Danish so that was way cool to see how the Lord blesses his missionaries. And F is my boy, we have great talks about soccer and Football! He is such a bro! Other than that we had a pretty hard week in Æbleparken with catching no one home but we still managed to teach 10 member presents so that was awesome! Oh and fun story, we got this referal from our ward mission leader about this girl who was an exchange student in Brazil and stayed with a member fam and they taught her the gospel and she went to church and prayed with them and even talked to the mission prez there in Brazil. SO we get way pumped to stop by this girl and so we make the 45 minute bike ride and knock on her door and her step dad answers and ends up chewing us out and says never come back so that was a let down and way weird. But shout out to Brazil anyways and sorry for my random story ;)

Finally Fodbold Again!!!!!

So on Saturday we finally had a break with volleyball and played some soccer! Jo Tak! It was way fun and we had a great turn out of like 16 people so it was way fun and rainy which is Elder Reed's favorite so it was a good time! And speaking of sports, all of us missionaries, me elder fairbanks and hager, decided we are too fat, so we are meeting every morning in the big park and sister Player is going to train us because she was a personal trainer before her misisn and has ran like a thousand iron mans. We worked out for the first time this morning and it was way rough! haha but for all those haters out there that think elder Reed is going to be fat when he gets home are soooo wrong! haha :)

And i am way pumped today! We are all going to hang out with C, N, and M, who is another recent convert, and see some H C Andersen stuff and eat lasagna so it will be way chill! And in the other district it is Elders Hger Fairbanks from my group and Bennet and Cooper and two sisters. And Elder Keller is doing way well and we are loving all of our time that we have been together! IT has just flown by and it is crazy to think that we are already half way done with the transfer already! And the YSA is way sick! Perps of serving in Odense! That sounds like a party for FHE with the other fams! And i am glad no one died by the Japanese sword!  And i am way pumped for COllin and Cameran! They will kill it! And that is awesome mom had to teach without her notes. Welcome to missionary life! And that is an insanly high high jump record! That is crazy! I love those points you wrote! Like that is all what the gospel is about. It is centered around Christ and his Atonement to make everything possible. And doing missionary work is so essantial both on this side and the other side of the veil! And service is so important to show charity, the true love of Christ and to put some actions on to your faith! And i think that is netop what a good leader needs to be also! Well fam, another sunny summer week has past here in Europe and time is just flying! Have a good week and share that gospel!!! 

Æ Reed :)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week #44 Odense

Family!!! Well guess what!! We are getting another baptism here in Odense on the first Saturday of August so get ready for a flipping awesome miracle story! So buckle in your seat belts and get ready to get your mind blown!

Miracle Story

 So last Thursday we had our missionary cookie night and about an hour in this girl walks in. None of us were sure WHO she was and we thought she was a member or inactive. But she turns out to be a non member. Her biological dad, WHO she doesn't live with, is a member but has brought a bad rep to the church so she knows a Little bit about the church but not good vibes from it. But she was on Facebook and saw that we had cookie night and something told her that she needed to go to this. So we met her got her information and taught her the restoration after volleyball last Saturday with C. And the spirit was SO strong in that lesson. She said she felt so calm and we all prayed in a circle with her just like we did for C when she was investigating and we could all feel the spirit so strong. It was amazing. Then she came to church and after church we taught her with C and S an Icelandic member. We taught the plan of salvation and the spirit was incredibly strong Again. After I asked her how she felt and she said soooo calm and peaceful. Then she shared a story about on Saturday night she tried and prayed to God if she should be adopted by her step father or not. And she could feel her answer which caused her to ask God if the church was true and she got her answer and then she prayed like 20 more times that night. She called C and called her and they had a great Heart to Heart. Then i said well it looks like you got your answer and Elder Keller and I actually prayed about it and we told her August 6th was the day and guess what..... She said she had a dream the night before that August 6th was the day! That was like a the church is true moment right there! All of us at the lesson didn't know what to do. And we were all pretty much crying! We were overcome with the spirit and it was so crazy i cant even explain it! Definitely a highlight of my mission that i will never forget in my life!

Other Work

Well it was another almost 20 lesson week and almost 10 member presents so the Work is still rolling over here! R finally read a chapter and it was 3 nefi chapter 11 because he wants to build his faith on Christ and then he thought we made him read it because there is a verse that said if you dont get baptized then you get damned. And we thought we made him read the chapter because of that.... woops! haha then he gave us a big lecture on that we need to be better teachers, and chewed us out how we need specific appointments and all that good stuff and it was way fun! I tried telling him only the spirit is the best teacher so it was fun. Then we found a new guy named H. He is about 25 and we taught him with C. It was a way good lesson and he said he loved the energy we showed with our message. The first time he didn't take a BOM when we knocked on his door. But this time he took one so that was way good! And we have gone contacting with C twice which was way fun and a way good experience for her!

Fourth of July Goodness

Well i am a Little backwards today but last p day we had a fourth of July party at Ken Hall's a member in the second Ward WHO loves America! We had a crazy party and had a huge competition and split into two teams. It was way fun, we had baseball, egg and Water balloon tosses and like four legged soccer games! Then to top it off we had a HUGE BBQ which was sooo good! AAnd then we had these bread Things we roasted on a stick in the fire and gave poems about the gospel or inspiration and so i had to come up with a rap on the spot! haha it was way good!

Haha yes the sisters bought us pizza and they have regular pizza, the crust just isn't as thick. I am loving Elder Keller and the District! These days are just flying by! C doesnt have a calling yet but on Sunday she taught guest class on the spot on charity and i was way impressed! And my other friends are doing good! We haven't gone on member splits yet.And haha yea he really had a bunny! Dont change the house too much! I am a modern day missionary! Jo tak! And i did not see Sis F here in Odense! Well fam, I love you Guys, this church is soooo true and have an awesome summer week in the promised land of Moses Lake!

Hej Ældste Reed!

                                            Happy 4th- Danish Style


Monday, July 4, 2016

Week #43 Odense

Hej familie!!!! Happy Fourth of July!!! SHoutout to Merica to make everything possible :) Well I don't have too much time right now because I am at a member in the second wards house because we have a fourth of July party there so sorry!!!!


All I can say is work! ME and Elder Keller went crazy and went so hard this week! We taught 19 lessons which was way fire this week! The highlights with investigators is R FINALLY said he would read and prayer! It has taken forever and he said he wants to just build up his faith in Christ so I gave him 3 Nephi 11, pretty good chapter that talks on Christ :) And we finally got in contact with our bro from Romania. We taught him on his porch and had a lesson that was all over the place. He had the typical questions like why one church and all that good stuff but we told him that when it comes down to it that all you got to do is ask God! SO that was way good! Other good news we finally finished knocking Æbleparken! But we kept track on the last 8 buildings who answered or didn't so we still have a little work to do.  Okay get ready for a crazy story! Buckle in your seatbealts! SO it is Friday and we had a competition with the sisters in the second ward who could teach more lessons and loser would buy pizza. So we were motivated. WE taught three lessons already in the day and were about to call it quits and go finish weekly planning but we wanted one more to be safe! And Elder Keller told me that he is feeling the number 5. SO short said, we go knock on all the number fives who haven't answered. The first becomes a potential. The second becomes a crazy story! SO we knock and this dude answers and we talk a little. And we end up teaching him and giving him a BOM. But this dude was a little wasted and had this pet bunny chilling by his door. He called it his girl and told us to watch out and if we step on it he would through us over the balcony!!!! What!!! I tried not to laugh when he told me! Then he told us that we can stop by in ONE YEAR exactly. And if we stop by before, we get thrown off the balcony! haha! SO classic! SO that was my fun missionary story of the day!

So DL is going way good! It feels normal i just have to call a couple more people and lead District Meeting every week but it is way chill. And i LOVE Elder Keller! He is such a stud! I can already tell we are going to have a fun time together and do work at the same time! C is doing way good! SHe got back from a week long festival so we taught her and she helped us teach mission prep! And she is going to help us teach and find people this week so it should be way gooood!! And my friends in Æbleparken are doing a Dansk OK. We are going to meet with a lot of them this week so we shall see what will happen with them! And how did you hear about this challenge.......... Hmmm i might have thrown up a couple times but i am alive so yea! Haha it was soooo fun! Crazy hearing people coming home and leaving to missions! Exciting times! Wow sounds like you guys are going way hard with the house, and i already knew that dad is the strongest of them all ;) Thats way fun in Wenatchee! Reid dog is a baller like always.  And maybe i will run into Sister Fredericksen while contacting around the city tomorrow!!! And that story about my boy in the ward is nuts!!! haha i wish i could be there to see it! Well that is all the Nuggets of Knowlege you eill get from me this week but isnt it crazy how true this church is! Gets me every time! Sending Danish summer vibes your way!!!