Monday, July 25, 2016

Week #46 Odense

Well fam this was probs the weirdest most drama filled week of my mission and I dont have too much time so this will be a short one! 


Well N is doing great. We finally finshed teaching her all of the lessons and she is helping the sisters contact so that is a way positive thing. Oh! And she asked me to give her the holy ghost so i am way pumped for that! C is doing good as always. She is going to help us contact a lot this week so that should be fun. We had a fire lesson on forgiveness which helped us both if you know what I mean! F is doing way good too! F is my boy who was just baptized that i gave the priesthood to him. T is doing great too! He prayed all this week and is starting to keep commandments which was awesome! And J we finally got in contact with after a while but we had to cancel the lesson because of the fiasco which was on friday. Oh and we taught a record of 25 lessons this week so no big deal there either haha. 


Well you can be on your mission and have fun right??? Good! So on Monday we watched a play which was just filled with HC Andersen stories! Then N made us lagsana and we had a lot of games with candy! then tuesday we had CUV which was fun like always and we played ping pong which was way fun! Then Thursday we had Pizza Aften which was fun and we had like a total of 25 people there so it was really effective :) On Saturday we had volleyball!!!! So this week was definatley filled with a whole bunch of fun things!

That is awesome that they sent you a pic of me and elder Millward! He was my first Zone Leader and was way sweet and funny! And the working out is going way good! I am getting back into shape! It is a way slow process though haha but dont worry, in a year i will be back to not fat elder reed haahaha! And yea keep on going on my facebook account. C freaked out last night because you followed her back or something and thought i was being apostate and goofing on my facebook lol! And with the bike sitation i think i will just chill with the one i have for the time being and see what happens! And i will send you a pic of the journal again. That is awesome dad could talk with sis F about denmark! And of course the food is good and so are the pastries. And dang! 700 krones is a good chunk of money haha! Well family i had a crazy week this week and i know that this church is so true. Forget about the people in it just the doctrines taught bring true happiness. We are all one family and no one deserves to be judged. We all have faults so who are we to throw our stones at others like Jesus says in the book of John. No one is perfect and we are who we are for a reason. And the beautiful thing is with all of this is that Christ made it possible for us to be forgiven of our imperfections. That we can strive to become like him everyday. And that is what it comes down to. Jeg elsker jer utroligt meget! 

Æ Reed

                                                              Mr. Denmark 2016

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