Monday, July 4, 2016

Week #43 Odense

Hej familie!!!! Happy Fourth of July!!! SHoutout to Merica to make everything possible :) Well I don't have too much time right now because I am at a member in the second wards house because we have a fourth of July party there so sorry!!!!


All I can say is work! ME and Elder Keller went crazy and went so hard this week! We taught 19 lessons which was way fire this week! The highlights with investigators is R FINALLY said he would read and prayer! It has taken forever and he said he wants to just build up his faith in Christ so I gave him 3 Nephi 11, pretty good chapter that talks on Christ :) And we finally got in contact with our bro from Romania. We taught him on his porch and had a lesson that was all over the place. He had the typical questions like why one church and all that good stuff but we told him that when it comes down to it that all you got to do is ask God! SO that was way good! Other good news we finally finished knocking Æbleparken! But we kept track on the last 8 buildings who answered or didn't so we still have a little work to do.  Okay get ready for a crazy story! Buckle in your seatbealts! SO it is Friday and we had a competition with the sisters in the second ward who could teach more lessons and loser would buy pizza. So we were motivated. WE taught three lessons already in the day and were about to call it quits and go finish weekly planning but we wanted one more to be safe! And Elder Keller told me that he is feeling the number 5. SO short said, we go knock on all the number fives who haven't answered. The first becomes a potential. The second becomes a crazy story! SO we knock and this dude answers and we talk a little. And we end up teaching him and giving him a BOM. But this dude was a little wasted and had this pet bunny chilling by his door. He called it his girl and told us to watch out and if we step on it he would through us over the balcony!!!! What!!! I tried not to laugh when he told me! Then he told us that we can stop by in ONE YEAR exactly. And if we stop by before, we get thrown off the balcony! haha! SO classic! SO that was my fun missionary story of the day!

So DL is going way good! It feels normal i just have to call a couple more people and lead District Meeting every week but it is way chill. And i LOVE Elder Keller! He is such a stud! I can already tell we are going to have a fun time together and do work at the same time! C is doing way good! SHe got back from a week long festival so we taught her and she helped us teach mission prep! And she is going to help us teach and find people this week so it should be way gooood!! And my friends in Æbleparken are doing a Dansk OK. We are going to meet with a lot of them this week so we shall see what will happen with them! And how did you hear about this challenge.......... Hmmm i might have thrown up a couple times but i am alive so yea! Haha it was soooo fun! Crazy hearing people coming home and leaving to missions! Exciting times! Wow sounds like you guys are going way hard with the house, and i already knew that dad is the strongest of them all ;) Thats way fun in Wenatchee! Reid dog is a baller like always.  And maybe i will run into Sister Fredericksen while contacting around the city tomorrow!!! And that story about my boy in the ward is nuts!!! haha i wish i could be there to see it! Well that is all the Nuggets of Knowlege you eill get from me this week but isnt it crazy how true this church is! Gets me every time! Sending Danish summer vibes your way!!!


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