Monday, June 27, 2016

Week #42 Odense

Transfer Time!!!! So Elder Baadsgaard is leaving and going to the Devil's Island to be a Zone Leader and I am getting Elder Keller and being his mom because I am follow up training him! I already know him pretty well because he has been in the other District in Odense. Oh and I am District Leader so that will be fun! We are going to have a way fun District and do Work so it will be awesome! And sorry this will probs be a shorter email because not too much has happened this week!

 So we stopped by S and her boyfriend S. She is the girlfriend to an inactive member in the Ward. SHe goes to church a Little bit and always goes to CUV. In the past she has said that the church was just a social thing. She attended Renas' og Carorline's baptisms and we asked her how she felt and she said she could feel the spirit and that it was way cool to see them change. So we pretty much had her bear her testimony which is a great start! We also are making Progress with another inactive members non member daughter. She wants to stop smoking and start coming to church and CUV and she has felt the spirit, so good Things are happening there! We are still working hard out in Æbleparken with members, but we have a couple investigators either drop us or we dropped them because they won't keep commitments. So me and Elder Keller will be working really hard to find some new friends. R our friend from Mexico is still doing okay but he wants to take it WAY slow so we are going to have to be way patient with him. J, a mom WHO knows a couple members in the Ward WHO live in Æbleparken, and she doesn't even want to try praying. She is like my life is good where it is now and it doesnt make sense that i would get happier if I prayed. And we tried explaining that if you follow the commandments God blesses you and prayer is a commandment so lets hope she will pray! Then our boy T still hasnt read and Elder B and a member on splits threw Down with him that we will drop him if he doesnt read because it has been like 2 months that we have taught him and he hasnt done anything.  

Random Fun

So not to much more happened this week, but we did have a Whole bunch of eating appointments! We ate with a Family that lives like in the middle of no where in there big Danish mansion which was way sick! We also ate with this 92 year old member who is so sick and made us so much foooood!!! This 92 year old women like almost killed me and that was the hårdest eating appointment of my life hahaha! We also ate with a Familien G whose son is inactive with the girl we teach! We had hamburgers and had such a great time and I got dating advice from the mom! Like she told me to take it old school and do Things like they would do in the 60's haha! Oh, I almost forgot! On Tuesday we had Sankt Hans day which is a Holiday here in Denmark where they burn a witch. DOnt ask my why they burn a witch but i guess back in the old days they burned an actual witch in this huge bonfire! And now it is a holiday so that is fun and we saw a huge bonfire it was insane!!!! Oh and we played basketball with the homies who still love us and Volleyball with the squad!!

That is crazy that you have one of Elder Baadsgaards moms books haha! Caroline is doing great! She is going to go Work with us NeXT week so it will be great! Haha that is actually funny you said that because these Little Danish girls asked us if we were the politi aka police! haha it was way funny! haha that actually made me laugh! Haha Dad you need to put mom on a leash or the Whole house will be remodled! Just dont take my bedroom away! haha Dad's Things are not junk and they need to stay! And snacks....  hmmm well beef jereky, fruit snacks (welch kind not tree top ;) ), gold fish and American chocolate!! Well I am way pumped for this transfer to be the older comp and DL! We are going to Work so hard and have fun at the same time!!!! Well this church is so true and have a great summer week in Moses Lake!

Goodbye Elder Baadsgaard

Hello Elder Keller

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