Monday, June 6, 2016

Week #39 Odense

Davs alle sammen! Kære familie og venner!!!! So that moment when your investigator tells you that they have watched the District and tells you that no investigators are like them.... haha so dope and finding three new friends and giving a church tour to students and getting asked to play on a club basketball... equals a week full of good times!! 

Church Tour

So last Monday we had to give like 15 college students a tour of the church because they were studying religion. So it was me and Elder B and B, our assistant ward mission leader from Iceland, and we split up and gave these people a church tour. They were way interested that we were missionaries and how our church is different from other churches. So that was way fun and one of them wanted to come to C's baptism which got moved to the 14th... next Tuesday but this time it is fast set! :)

Ball is Life cont.

So we played again this week and we went hard at asking people about religion. And we got a lesson this week with our boy from Bulgaria and we were trying to meet with this baller who is Catholic and is half Polish. With the other guys we were talking about it with them and they were just not down to talk. They was a brotha from Lithuania who said his life is perfect where it is so why should he turn to God. And he was like i might turn to God if i have a hard time or something in my life... Well thats not cool..... But it is what it is. And also another fun thing that happened from basketball is that a bro who turns out to be a basketball coach and was trying to coach me the whole time which was way annoying, asked me if I wanted to play on his club team in August! haha I dont got time for that! And there was this NBA player who came here to Odense and there was a huge three on three tournament and all the guys told me to come and watch but I dont have time for that but i did stop to take some pics :)


So me and Elder Baadsgaard had another great week teaching 16 lessons even though about five people burned us this week! Crazy story this Saturday. So Elder Baadsgaard and I were out knocking in Æbleparken, which is the apartment complex where we have found a ton of investigators. So get ready for some crazy stats... So we knocked one building which was 32 doors, only 10 people answered, and we taught three lessons and got three new investigators! This work is so great!! We found a young Danish girl, and two moms. And one of the moms let us in and let us teach her and I guess she knows the members in our ward who live in this apartment complex. It is just way cool. And it gets even better. So we totaled it up and we have ten investigators out in Æbleparken and amazed our ward mission leader. Then he posted on the ward Facebook page that we need help to teach all of these people and after a day we have like 7 members saying they either want to go out with us or invited us to teach in their homes! So the ward is feeling the energy! And fun story! So we were knocking down a row and we saw these three young Danes smoking and kind of laughing at us as we were getting closer and closer to them. And Elder Reed wasn't going to take that, so the only crazy thing i could think to do was.... to speak to them in English! Haha i just did the regular routine but in English and they actually thought i came from England.... Getting that accent or what!!! ;) Anyways, they were like I cant really answer your question in English and then we blew their minds and spoke Danish and then prayed for them and gave the Plan of Salvation pamphlets and walked away! haha it was so cool! And C is doing great! She is so pumped for her baptism and just loves the church! And then she helped us teach mission prep and role played as an investigator even though she was one.... haha it was way sick and then she told us how she watched the District and telling us what missionaries were her favs and how none of the investigators are like her! So sick!!

Sorry for the short letter, dont have a lot of time today! haha that is crazy about the baptism clothes story! Wouldn't suprise me mom haha! Oh could you send me your conversion story because i just told peopel my mom was a convert but i need more details! Because everyone is like, oh you were probs born into the church and i am like yea, but my mom wasn't! So that could be clutch!
And yea the rest of the squad is on Sjælland! And no it wasnt my fault to get buried in the sand! I just layed down and next thing i knew i was buried! And the weather here is sunny all day long! And pretty hot but have your rain coat with you because it could pour at any second! :) That is sad to hear about Presedent Jones but he is in a better place right now anyways. I love you family and keep being awesome! 

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