Monday, November 30, 2015

pictures week 12

Week #12 Ballerup

Hej alle sammen!!! Christmas time!!! I am so excited to dive into the great month of December and get this Christmas spirit going around for the right reasons here in Denmark! This week was filled of Thanksgiving fun, and two new investigators!!! (That speak english, well sort of) :) Oh, and I am moving!!!!!!!!!! And am not happy about it.... you will find more later.....

Scary Danish Kids.....
Well.... not really that scary haha! So last p day me and Guddy were walking home with our groceries and this tiny car, almost the size of a slug bug, honked at us with their girlish car horn. Then we laughed and was like what was that for? Then we look back and we see that they hit the three point turn, shout out to drivers ed :), and come back full speed at us, and not going to lie, I was pretty scared haha! Then next thing you know these skinny Danish kids, probably about my age, like said something in Danish to Guddy and then he played the stupid American card and then they asked us what we were doing!!?? And this was right after it snowed so the sidewalks were not even there so we were walking on the side of the road on the opposite side of this car. Then he said why are you walking in the side of the road, and then we pointed at the side walk covered in snow. Then they were like, well beeeeping walk over there and pointed where we were walking and they drove away as we said have a good day and they left too fast before I said that Jesus loves you! So moral of this story is that dont mess with Danish kids with their tiny tiny cars or else.... haha it was really funny!!

So usually i am a fan of service and everything but not when you have to help this 80 year old lady who has lived in her house for 50 years, and is a hoarder, has to move. It was literary so gross haha! It smelled like mold and was so gross and i thought i was going to die. But it was way fun and 10 hours later after two days of grueling work, we destroyed like everything out of here house that she didnt need anymore and we had weird looking substances on our hands and shoes, but dont worry, I am still alive and not on my death bed yet so that's always a good thing! Oh, and on the way there, we saw this old school that is abonded and that people can grafitti on so we took our pic session. Like for reals, if you want sick senior pictures, just come to Denmark and I will hook you up :)

Zone Conference 
Thanksgiving dinner, some football, and a talent show sounds like a perfect zone conference to me, with a little side of spiritual goodness! So we had our training for a couple hours and then we had our BOMB Thanksgiving dinner! It was so good and it was made by the Senior missionaries in the mission. Oh and I know that this will be hard to believe, but I washed the dishes after!!!! Aye!!! haha! Then we had a really funny talent show, and the Ballerup house dance never went down so we had a sculpture contest of President with Play Doh and lets just say.... I didnt win :( haha i tried giving him a six pack but that didnt go so well haha!! Then after that we had the famous Turkey Bowl!! Ældste Fairbanks was on my team and lets just say, we did work! Shout out to greenies taking over the Turkey Bowl , he was QB and we had some sweet plays! It was way fun!!! I had like four touchdowns and was breaking ankles in the snow!! Haha it was just soooo fun! Zone Confrence was just s fun and i got to meet the other missionaries on Sjælland and our mission is sick!! I love all the missionaries in this mission!!!!

So I am getting moved..... :( And i am completely not happy about it!! But dont worry, I am still with Ældste Gudmundson and the bad thing is that the Ballerup house is being sold so we have to move to apparments :( My life of missionary luxury is over!!! Nooo haha! We move in the sisters appartment when they leave on Thursday but I guess its way nice so that will be sweet! But it will be sad to split up from Ældstes Poff and Williams! We had great memories for sure!!! But dont worry, our last night there will be a party :) Last missionaries at the famous Ballerup house that has been going for about 20 years in this mission! That means we will be legends haha!

Thanksgiving Day
So who would of thought that from last year I would have my Thanksgiving in Denmark, eating with a Chinese family? Well not me! So after we finished our service with the old lady and her ulærkert house, we biked home and remembered that i havent dont the Nougat Bit challenge is! And for probably all of you guys who dont know what that is, it is a challenge for this mission. SO Nougat Bits is a cereal with Nougat in it covered in chocoalte, so its just chocolate on chocolate and it is just really hard to eat at one time! So the challenge is to eat a whole box with 1 liter of milk. It sounds easy but it is so hard to eat this cearal after a while! Guddy didnt think i could do it and his time wasd 22 minutes and Ældste Williams time was 45 minutes! And guess what! Your cereal loving boy did it n 15 minutes!!1 (that is a really good time :)) It was way fun!!! Then after i ate a whole box of this cereal i went to my eating appointment with Roy and Joana and almost died with all the food I ate!!! Chinese food and cereal doesnt always mix! Haha i was sooo full and it was so hard not to throw up! Then after we watched meet the mormons with them which was way fun! 

Ældste Williams Splits
So on Friday I went on splits with Elder Williams and it was way fun! We were having a great time contacting everyone, we even got a hug after we contacted this old man on a bus and he like put his cheek on my cheek and it was just way funny haha!! I ran into this guy that i have contacted before on the train and talked to him for longer and missed my stop where we were going to get of the train and contact people on the gå gade. Then we got back and then went the wrong way to get to the gå gade. Then right when we got to the center and were about to contact people we ran into this 50 year old Indian guy from Mexico that we prayed for a month ago that we tried to get into contac with again and we couldnt! I can testify the God placed everything in our path so that we could perfectly run into this guy! We shared a scripture with him and then he told us to come back later that day and so we did and he was with his ex wife and they took us to their home! His ex wife is from spain and she speaks english, and the man speak a mixture of spanish, french, danish, and english!!!!1 haha like holy cow, it is way funny but i can actually understand what he says haha! But he wants to change his life and his ex wife wants God to help her sons and just have their family be strengthened. I am so thankful for this gospel that we can share with others and I know it can bring peace and happiness to the family! Then we taught them on repentance on how once you turn away from your sins, a light comes into your life and i know that is exactly what this family needs!!! We meet with them the next day and they are looking way positive and i am so excited to work with them!! SO Ældste Willimams and I did work together! 

So a Danish primary program is pretty much like one in the USA and it was really weird! A good thing was that i could understand everything that was going on!! It was way awesome to watch Danish kids saying that they love Jesus and this gospel! Then later that day we had this Kristi Liv activity where like the head media person of Denmark for the church was their and we were there for two hours waiting for people to come to the church so we could give them a tour of our church and show them pictures of Jeusus' life! But know one came :( Dang denmark and their love for religion...... But it was ight, i got to practice my danish with the media people and make vidoes for the church website!!1 

I cant wait for the Christmas time, and the spirit and tell the Danes the true meaning of Christmas!! A Savior is Born!!! And you guys get to skype me really sooooon :) I am so excited!!! I am sooo jealous you guys went to a BYU game without me but its ight, ill forgive you! And look at the siblings with their dating lifes!! That is sweet you got to go to Grandmas and Grandpas for Thanksgiving! And the snow is way sticky here but it is almost all melted and the wind is starting to pick up! So all i got to say is BRING IT! Haha And i got some warm clothes things and i am not freezing yet so i am good there, and i mneed to look for a watch though! I love you guys and i am giving it my all here!!!!!!!!

Ældste Reed

Monday, November 23, 2015

pictures from week #11

Ballerup Week 11

Serving In A Winter Wonderland!

Winter in Denmark is real!!! Oooh man!! I survived my first Danish blizzard!! Haha! Shout out to winter camp! This week has been full of eventful thing like the thirty day meeting and having Thanksgiving in Danmark!!!

P Day
So last p day the Ballerup squad hit up gembruges which are kindof like goodwills but like a thousand times nicer! I found a sweet sweater and these sick danish shoes for like 15 dollars all together!! It was way sweet!!! I guess that is what missionaries live on to find sweet stuff and I have only been to like two already and already found sweet deasls so i am way excited to hit up more later!!!! :)

30 Day Meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This three day adventuros meeting involved way fun with the MTC squad, a flipping castle, the temple, way good food, and of course spiritual goodness!!!! So last tuesday we all went to the train station to meet up and i like freaked out when i saw the other missionaries from the mtc!! It was way fun!! That night we stayed up telling mission staories and it was just a great time! Oh and that night Søster O'Bryant gave us this cereal called Nugget Bits which is like my new favorite cereal if you were wondering! It was like choclatey goodness in your mouth so that was way fun! The next day we went to a CASTLE!!!! I took like a bunch of pictures so just stay tuned! I dont know what it is called but it is like the biggest castle in Denmark and it had the Carl Blocc paintings!! And if you are like me and didnt know what those were before, they are just the pictures that we use to show Jesus and all that good stuff! Way sweet! The castle was way big and crazy oh and there was a moat! I asked President O'Bryant if thats where the bad missionaries go but i guess we dont have any in this mission so its all good haha!!!! President O'Bryant is way chill and so fun and so is Søster O'Bryant! I love them and they are just so awesome!!! Then on Thursday we went to the temple!!! The København temple is the prettiest temple i have ever been in by far and we went through english together so it was all fun! On Friday after the meeting i went back to the temple with my district and went through it in Danish and lets just say, it wasnt too fun!! Haha it was way crazy!!!! After our temple trip on Thursday we hit up my first Danish buffet and it was way way good!!!! I ate so much meet haha and they had ribs!!!! Shout out to mom and dad for how much you know i love ribs!!!! Oh and then we watched a book of mormon movie and when we were walking back to President's home i asked if we were going to eat popcorn with it and next thing i see is that Søster O'Bryant was walking across the street to buy some for us!! Came in clutch oh and if you guys wanted to know, she was mom of the year in California so i mean that is pretty sweet haha!!! The food we ate was so good!!!!! I got way fat haha Søster O'Bryant was a way good cook and i always looked forward to meal time!!! Oh and if you wanted to know, we did have way spiritual meetings too!!!! We talked a lot on how each day we need to develop a Christ like attribute so we can become better missionaries and people after our missions!! We had a way good talk by President Uchtdorf when he was talking to all the Euro mission presidents and he was giving a story about a missionary who was having way good succes and he had this quote that, I Fear No Man! So whenever i am going out now and i am about to contact someone i always say to myself, i fear no man, and its way good!!!! We also learned how to contact and have better finding which was really helpful asking inspired questions and all that good stuff!! Oh and we had scripture chases too to work on our mission scriptures and that was way fun! We had two  teams and there might have been a little smack talk between me and president haha!!! All in all, I had a great experience at this meeting! I got to know my mission prez and his wife way better and they are just so awesome, and talk with the squad again from the MTC and chill with the AP's too, we are way tight too just in case you were wondering haha!!!

So sne in danish means snow and can I tell you, we had so much snow it was insane! Like i have never been in this much snow before and this is way unusual for Denmark to have this much snow!!! You will like the pictures we took in it haha!! So on our way to visit an inactive member, me and Ældste Gudmundson built this way sweet tiny snowman and put a Jesus card in it so we are getting way creativie with our contacting haha! Also, that walk consisted of snow ball fights and it was just fun stuff!!! When we got back to Ballerup Station, we found out that there was no more buses coming and it pretty much blizzarding outside!!! SO we bought a bag of chips, haha, and made the trek through ther snow back to our house which is about a 30 minute walk. Oh,m and shout out to the pioneers because that was way hard i couldnt feel my hands at all and i was only walking for thirty minutes through this snow. Haha But me and Ældste Gudmundson did take some pretty sweet videos to remember the great great experience.... haha We then started yelling primary songs at the top of our lungs for the last 7 minutes of our trek home to make it home an d dont worry, i am alive because i am writing this to you right now haha!!! But shoutout to all my friends in South AMerica or on islands because ill just take all the cold for them haha!!

So SUnday came around and we looked outside and there was like three feet of snow outside!!! So we took the ten minute walk from our house to the bus stop and after waiting for like 10 minutes, a nice lady ttold us that the buses were not coming at this stop....... so we then took like a whole bunch of pictures in the snow.... haha! And then walked all the way to the station which was cold! Yay! More cold haha! Then we got to a bus that took us to church and we rolled in about 30 minutes late... talk about being good examples.... haha i am just kidding but we were soaked and there was like thirty members there, when there is usually like 130 ish so like it was way bad weather! Oh, and then me and Guddy taught a way good class to the youth on families and it was way fun!! We made it a fun but also spiritual lesson so thats when you know that you have done a good job haha!! Then after church we did our studies and then walked to our THANKSGIVING DINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ayeeeee! Haha! SO we walked with Søster Reed and Lyman in the snow for like 40 minutes to our appointment! It is this family with an American wife and a Danish man! When we got there we helped them shovel there house and then helped there neighbor and then he asked us questions :) Service always gets to people's hearts!! They are way sweet and they invited there friends over!!!! They are this family who the husband is Icelandic and wife is Danish but they lived in USA for three years for college. And i played soccer with this guy two weeks ago and we was way good! So we had great soccer conversations this night!!! ANd the food was way good and i am pretty sure i am fat now.... haha just kidding! But i am so thankful for this ward that i am in! They are such a blessing to me!!

SO like i said, for shopping here we usually go to these gembruges which have great deals, but i need to go looking for better winter gear today like gloves and hats and stuff!! And yea i probs need to find a new watch, that would be way helpful. And sweet! That soccer jersey is ways sweet and i like freaked out when i saw it haha! And nah, i dont need a rain poncho. ANd yes dad, i am in Gladsaxe 1st ward! And yea, talk about all that stuff to the ward, thats pretty much my life here! Tell them that i miss them all and that this is the best experience of my life too! And i am pumpåed for our zone training on Wednesday which includes a turkey bowl and a thanksgiving dinner! #blessed haha! It will be a great time! I miss you mom and dad you guys are awesome!!! This experience is just so great, humbling, and just a fantastic learning experience for me! Jeg elsker jer og have sjov under Thanksgiving uden mig! Haha (Oh and of course i will eat all the rolls i can haha)

Ældste Reed

Monday, November 16, 2015

Ballerup week 10

Heyoooo!! Familie!!! So the Black plague struck again!!!! It was no fun!! I got sick this week which sucked but I have risen and i am alive now!!!!!

Sidste P Dag
So last p day we went back into København but this time we (me, ældste gudmundson, and ældste wilshure(my almost dead grandpa)) got hocked up with a ride by Søster Joshnson who is a Senior missionary serving in Børnholm, and for probably everybody, that is a tiny island that is closer to Sweeden than Danmark but anyways... So she took us around and we pretty much did some shopping! But this lady is the funniest old lady ever! I love her so much! She would talk to us about almost anything if you could imagine... haha it was way funny! I hope i serve in Børnholm so I can work with her! And shes way into sports too! haha anyways so we went to this huge mall in København which was way sweet! Then in the H and M i saw my boy Ældste Jensen! My MTC kammerat! Haha it was awesome! He just came up to me and i like freaked out it was real fun and it was great to catch up! And it makes me more pumped for the one month meeting which will be tomorrow!!!! Way sweet! Oh and just to let you know, I hate five cheeseburgers at McDonalds because i mean, you cant always eat cheeseburgers in Danmark!!!! Then that night we ate at our bishop's who is way sweet! But shout out to my watch... so its broke and everything and the time is utah time and he saw that and he was like, jockingly, when will your hjerte be in Denmark! It was way funny because i only hal understood what he said! 

Zone Training
Look at me, already made it to my first zone training! SO one thing our mission is going hard on is family history! So shout out to Nick!!!! Like we are going way way big on it! So they taught us how to help someone set up a family search and all that good stuff! But parents........ I have an opgave, assignment, for you! I need help with my family history! Can you like send me family stories like old family stories who do not live in the USA please :) Oh and I will send you my log in and password for family search so you can help me with my tree. The Reed side wasnt filled out when i logged on so i went on a big search and from a picutre found great grandpas name and then BAM! SO many names came up so shout out to pictures!!!! Oh and when we go to the temple we need to bring a family name! So after that big trainer, which felt like another long class at the MTC haha, we had lunch which was way fun and balled out with our zone which was way fun! Oh and I talked to Ældste Francis(If you dont know i am kindof related to him, i dont really know how... haha)! He is in my zone too. I told him i saw his parents like a month ago it was funny! 

The Plague Returns
So being sick sucks lets just put it that way... So Wednesday I woke up feeling like trash and then my loving training :) Guddy told me to go back to bed. Then I took like a two hour nap and i felt fine. Got up and went to work! But that day it rained like no other business! It was dødens pølser! I have never been that wet in my whole life! I was complety drenched! Not going to lie, it was pretty sweet! Haha I was just like i am in Denmark, and im biking around in the rain getting drenched because these people need Jesus! Oh and so my fri bike that i got, i need to tighten the chain, so i was using an old ballerup house bike which doesnt have a protecter or whatever you call them so i was getting like muddy too, and here is the bad thing.... we had an eating appointment like right then so i felt bad but the poeple were nice as aklways! Oh and at that eating appointment i gave the whole thought by myself which was pretty scary haha! But i think it went well... haha. Then on Thursday night i started feeling like crap again and then Friday i like died!!! I woke up with the worst headache ever and then i slept for like six more hours and when i woke up i felt like the same... no good! I went at of the room and williams, guddy, and poff were sining he has risen! It was kindof funny! But then my lovly comps made me food and i started feeling better. Then Guddy made me go out that day and i slowly but surely felt better so shout out to him! But all in all, dont get sick on your mission, sleeping in is not fun when you are still sick so that is wise words from Ældste Reed!

So because I was sick this week, the work was a little slower but we found a new investigator! If you remember Roy and Joana's roomate who is way chill with us, well we got him interested! It was way sweet!!! SO actually we were helping them with their family history one night and then roy and jonana's roomates came back and we were like, What's Crack a lackin homeslice! To the guy which was way funny! And he was so happy to talk to us! Oh and he showed us his crazy awesome numchuck nija skills which was way sweet! SO we got him interested to do family history so that is what we are ghoing to help him with tonight and we got him to come to soccer! He was way good too!!!! Who would of thought i would be playing soccer on a saturday morning with americans, danes, and chinese! Way sweet! Then we went on splits on saturday so elder guddy og wiliams went back there and introduced Mormons Bog to him! So im excited with him! Then our other investigator we didnt meet with this week because he was out of town with his family but he started to read Mormons Bog! And both of them are down to watch Meet the Mormons which is way sweet! And then man we taught never caalled us back so we will probs visit him this week!

Splits with the Poffmyster!
So Saturday waws way fun because i went on splits with Ældste Poff! We did work too! So our first lesson was way sweet! It was like 40 minutes on this old mans door step with his underwear, swag,haha and it was way good! We talked about the restoration and it is so important and every time my testimony keeps on growing and growing on it! I love how it all falls intop place, if Mormons Bog is true then Jospeh Smith was a prophet, and so on! SO that was way sweet! Then our next lesson.... can i say sketchy.... it was this guy on baptisamal date but he has been taught for like 10 years and when i got there you could see drugs and everything which was way scary and i didnt really feel the spirit at all during that lesson.... weird stuff is all i can say i guess! Then we talked with a couple more people and it was way fun and people are actually interested in family history which is way sweet! Overall, it was a way fun day with Ældste Poff!

SUndays are just so awesome! So we went to church way early so we could be there for choir at 9! You guys know how much i love choir so yea i was in a great mood haha! SO we get there and find out that we are singing this song ios sacrement that day.... Haha ooh well i said to my self! Practice was not good, we sounded like those people that get x'd on Americas got talent.... haha maybe not that bad, the sisters were way good, it was just us four elders..... haha oh man! But we actually did a pretty good job i guess, unless people are lying to us. But eveb Jesus (from the Testaments) said good job and jesus doesn't lie so there you go! Oh and then the Ældster went to young mens which was way sweet! I love those kids! Im way tight with them! But we taught them what they could do to prepare for their missions and all that good stuff and then they asked me to say røde grøde med fløde and laughed! It was a good time! 

Ældste Gudmundson's Mistake....
Hahahahahaha this is a way funny story! So we are at this one opgang like appartments place and we were about to hit up some former investigators, but we just got a new inactive list that we need to do this week so we just checked before we knocked if there was any inactice's living in the area and there wasn't. Then we knocked on the door and this lady answers and this is in Danish and Guddy says, Hej, we are new to the ward and we just wanted to stop by to see how you were doing...Then we talked a little and he asked her if she could hook him up with a hair cut because she is like a beaty salon person or whatever you call them... and then he asked her how long she has been a member, and she was like, you mean how long have i lived here, and he was like yea, and then he asked the saame question, and she was confused and told him she was Muslim and then he was like so your son was baptized and she was like no... haha it was way awkward! The whole time he thought they were inaactive when really they were former investigators!!! Haha it was so so funny!! They probably think Mormons are some weird crazy people now haha but oh well church is true.

The Candy Man
So on the Ballerup gå gade we have our boy who works in the candy shop. He is probs a couple years older than us and from the middle east and is way sweet! We like stop by him everyday just to talk and see how he is doing. We are pretty much homies and we talk a lot about religion. But he loves women!! Haha its so funny he always askes us if we have pige med us (girls with us) and we are like no we have to wait two years. And then i invited him to our church and i was like we have girls there if you come.... haha probs not all the best purposes but if it gets him to church than good job, but we were kind of jocking and stuff! But this guy is way awesome oh and black licorice is horrible, probbably comes from the Devil it is gross! Just more words being preached by Ældste Reed

So I am vback from the dead and i feel great! Danish is coming! Oh i just rembered! Katelynn has a friend at BYU that served here in Denmark and they texted Mother Teresa in my ward that shes my sister and they talked in Taglog! Way sweet stuff! I love you mom and dad so so much!!!!!!!!! Keep it real in America, oh and its sarting to get real cold so that wont be fun, but i am pumped for the 30 day meeting tomorrow, its for three days too! 

Ældste Reed

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week #9 Ballerup

Va Sa! So the work is turning around in Ballerup and it is so sweet! I love it oh and downtown København is a party, plus Ældste Williams b day and getting free wine.... haha so get ready for a fun filled week!

Last P Day
So last p day we hit up downtown København which is about a 30 minuite train ride from ballerup. So after emails we went there and it was the sickest thing i have ever seen! There was so many different people and it was just crazy! I saw NyHavn which was way sweet, its when you google Denmark and the first thing that comes up is all those colorful houses. So of course i took a bunch of pics so dont be worried and that insited with talking with three Belgium girls... haha! So in all the stores music was playing and that reminded me that there is actually a world outside of the mission. But shout out to french class because one of the songs was called Papautoi by this French dude and it is this French rap song that we attempted to sing in French class and i like freaked out! It was crazzy i was singing that song in Big Bend exactly a year ago, and now i was singing it in Denmark.... Crazy... Oh and then i hit up McDonalds for the first time in Denmark, and it is pretty different then the American ones. It tasted less saltier and maybe that is why Danes arent obese like us Americans... haha! Oh and then we were at the mall and i saw the senior missionary couple from Tri-Cities! It was way sweet and they called Moses Lake Moses Hole, so they definatley know what Moses Lake is haha! It was good stuff! 

Ældste Williams B day
My boy Ældste Williams turned twenty and it was a fest in the Ballerup house! For lunch we went to this way good kebab place and then asked if they had any special things for birthdays and they said no! Then five minutes later this guy comes out with this bottle of wine... haha! They were still cooking our food so we didnt reject it so they wouldnt like kill us  or anything... It was way fuinny and then they came out with shot glasses and we were like oh we will drink it later, but then we felt bad and finally said we dont drink! haha it was funny oh and we did pose in some pics with the bottle but dont worry, none was dranken. haha! Then that night we ate cake batter and got fat and it was great!

Roy and Jonana
So these two are newly converts and they are so sweet! They are Chinese and learning to read English and so twice a week we read a chapter out of the Mormons Bog and its a good time. Last Tuesday we ate dinner with their roomate who are chinese and made pizza! Jonana told us they didnt want anything to do with the church but me and Ældste Gudmundson want to teach them! So we got way chill with them and were teaching them American slang like swag, dope, crack a lackin, and what´s good. Haha pretty much my whole vocab and they just loved it! They said they would try it on their co workers! And then as we were finishing reading and praying they like came out of their room and checked out what we were doing! So we think they are interseted on what we are talking about! It always pays off to talk like that haha! 

Missionary Work!
Yes! The work is coming! We taught five investigator lessons this week and that is a big improvement this area has been getting! It probably sounds like nothing to a South American or US mission, but it was a pretty good week here in Denmark! So story time, it was late one night after an eating appointment, where i ate three american hamburgers :), and me and my comp were waiting for the train. We were waiting for a while and like the train was never coming, and then Guddy checked when the train was coming and it was done for the night because we were stuck in a small town, and there was this 25 year old women by us and we told here. And then we looked at the bus and it wasnt coming either so she was like, i will try to get a taxi. And left, and i was like, i should of told her about our church. Then she came back and asked for a ride, the sisters where going to pick us up and we cant take investigators in the car. And then we told her to see if a train was coming the other way to a bigger station so she checked it out and again we didnt say anything missionary related. And then me and Guddy were  like, we need one more chance to talk with here and she came back again! And then she was like i need a ride and so my comp called our PRez and he said it would be fine. In the meanwhile of him calling and waiting for the sisters, we talled about religion and she was way religious but never heard of Mormons Bog. So we talked about that and it was way sweet and the sisters picked her up to teach! 

Second crazy story! Last Tuesday I was walking home for lunch and me and Guddy got an SMS from this guy that said we met on the s-Tog on sunday and he wants to hear more! And we were like, we were never on the s-tog on Sunday... So we called the other elders to see if they gave out our mumber or something and thye didnt. Then Guddy had a dansk question and asked the sisters it and they said how they met him on the s-tog and it was crazy! So we set an appointment with him and then realized it wasnt in our area but our appointment was in twenty minutes. So we just taught him on the Book of Mormon and just talked. I was scared to talk at first because it was my first lesson in Danish but then i started to talk and it was way good! The spirit was definately there! This guy like looked up mormons and knew what kolob, garments, and joseph smith with a bunch of wives... that was interseting. Buit since he isnt in our area we had to give him to Elder Bishopp(from Washington :) ) and Elder Fairbanks! SO its all good, it was hard to give up an interested investigatot but at least he gets to hear the gospel so its all good!

We finally stopped by the family that we banked on their door last week and theyn let us right in! And this guy was way interseted on why there was different church and we taught on the Book of Mormon again. He is from America but lived in Denmark for like twenty years and soubnds just like a Dane! It was way sweet and i understood most of the lesson which made me happy! So all in all, the work is coming and we are changing the Ballerup area!

Like i have said, soccer saturdays are my life! It ism just so great! So the bisskop in the other ward is way old but gets down at soccer! and me and him have this connection, its pretty sweet! WHenever he crosses it, i always finish it! THis week there was like ten missionaries and ten members so we played full fieled and i am so fat! Haha but dont worry, im back to my original MTC weight and so i have actually lost weight since i have left which still confuses me haha! But there was this black kid whose about 17 and brother plays for FC København who played on my team and it was so fun to play with him! Oh i love soccer haha!

Stavs Konference
So this saturday and sunday we had our stake confrence! It was way sweet becayse i can now start to understand more and more of the talks. There was this talk from a rm from France who talked about how we need to rely on churst and talked about alma 26 12 which says i can do all things which Christ strenghtens me and that is so true for this missionary work! I cant do it alone, no way! Oh, and on sunday i talked with Elder Fairbanks so that was way nice! We talked how our missionies were going, how danish was coming, and if we had any fun stories. It makes me so excited to see the mtc squad at the one month meeting! Oh, and we had a new investigator in church too! Way sweet! He is kind of athiest and way smart but we will change that for sure, with the lords help! After confrence we talked about joseph smith and the restoration and he talked about how he believes in science and all those crazy theories. It reminded me of the movie Gods not dead. What me and ældste guddy pretty much said is to pray to God and test him if he is really there. And he said he would read the book of mormon so that was way sweet! He is about 23 and we were just trying to be his friends and he really likes us! And he just loves talkiing. one thing he said about how we were diffenent is that we didnt shoot down his ideas and listened to him! He is way sweet, and i wil have faith that God will answer to him and his prayers!

Well, I am just great! Time is flying, Danish is coming, and its just a party out here in Denmark! Oh and my Grandpa, my trainers trainer, Elder Wilshure from england is on splits with us right now and he is way sweet! He is so trunky though haha, he has a month and then he is gone! He is so cool though! Last night we moved all of our mattresses to the living room and slept there and had just hugged! Chill session på Dansk! Oh and today we are in downtown København again so it will be way sweet! I love you mom and dad so much! You are the GOATS! (Greatest of all time)!! haha Vi ses fra Danmark!

Ældste Reed

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week #8 Ballerup

Heyooooo! Va Sa! Well I made it to November that means Turkey Bowl and Thanksgiving this month! This week definitely had its up and downs but it was sight (sick in danish)! 

First P-Day In Denmark
So last week was my first p day in the great land of Denmark and so we were going to have a big Halloween party at our church with our zone. So we emailed and then me and Elder Gudmundson got hungry so we went to this tiny kebab place and ate the grosses thing known to man. It was dødens pølser! The direct translation is the sausage of death and in Danish it means like it is the worse! It was so bad and it made us feel so crappy! SO guess what I did in my first p day in Europe... i took a morfar! (Nap) It was so clutch though! Don´t worry, today me and the Ballerup house, Elders poff, williams, and me and my comp, are going to København so I am so pumped for that!! It will be sweet so expect a whole bunch of pictures next week!

Dinner Aftale
I love our eating appointments here! Our ward is sick so we have a whole bunch of eating appointments! The food is so good and I love talking with the families, or well try to talk to them in my Danish! I always talk with the kids about foldbold and it is so much fun! But im pretty sure I have gained more weight here in the first week then i did in the whole MTC... but dont worry because i gained like six pounds thenm burned it all during our weekly soccer games on saturday!

So i had my first service project and you could say it went interesting.... haha! SO shout out to dad for letting me mow the lawn back at home because I had to mow my first ever lawn for the first time and it was funny! Me and Elder Guddy served this old couple and this old guy was watching me like a hawk with my every move while i was mowing and it was scary haha! Elder Guddy said I mowed everywhere except strait haha! A couple times he took the lawn mower from me and tried to do it himself and it was funny! But the good thing out of that is that i ended up eating a great lunch!  And then on Friday, the Ballerup squad served this young guy who was way awesome and bought us these weird French hot dogs, look the up, and they were way good.  I love the members here but they are trying to make me become fat! What am i going to do!!!

So pretty much besides eating appointments and visting members and less active members, we find the lost sheep! And it is fun but can be weird too! So me and ELder Guddy have this tactic where we look for the African refuges at bus stops and on the gå gade and go up to them if they can speak Danish and nintey percent of the time they say no and then we are chill with them and try to be cool with them! But this tactic works! All the Danes think we are crazy fools, got cussed out for my first time which was awesome haha, but the African refuges are humble and talk to us! Its awesome! So we have just been finding these last two weeks and have about five great potentials lined up to be taught this week! It is pretty hard to not be teaching and we have had three apointments fall through, but I mean what I am learning from this is how to be a better finding so that is very helpful to learn. And we have about three maybe potential investigators that has came out of that contacting! Oh and we have this crazy story about this guy who Elder Guddy and his old comp contacted and Guddy was texting him one night and this guy was going through a hard time and Guddy asked him if he wanted a blessing over the phone because he called us and he said yes and that he felt this energy...Holy Ghost :)... when we called hime so hopefully he turns out good! Also, we were banking late one night and we were getting rejected but im used to it, but this man says hi and shakes our hands out of the blue and is like we dont have time now but come back bnext week and he had a family too, so that was like a church is true moment when he was waiting for the gospel so I hope we can teach him!  So speaking of banking we had our weekly challenge of banking 60 doors in a day and a half for points and me and Guddy did them all and we are in the lead with a zone challenge so thats fun! I have some pretty weird storries about banking though and everyone thinks we are flipping Jehovas Witnesses! Nej!!!! Haha its all good thgough! 

Oh and so I was trying to figure out how i could contact people on trains and have it be awkard and just be chill and so i pretend like i was texting and then i asked this about 20 year old guy how to spell this crazy hard danish word and he helped me and then asked me why i was here and it just flowed pretty great! It was a pretty clever idea and this guy was sick! He won the European championships for gymnastics and he was sick! We like pretended we were going to this far away stop and talked to him for like twenty minutes! But all in all i just have to have fun with finding!!

I love soccer saturdays!! It is so dope!!! THis week actual Danes played and it was sick! Even though i got megged three times, I did work against them and it was sooo fun!! Im so tight with those members now and oh they were talkinjg crap about how americans are lazy and then me and Guddy were schooling them and it was so fun and a great time!

Sunday is just a great day to be a missionary! I love it! So it was fast sunday as i hope everyone was aware and that meant testimonies and the bishop told me that i had to bear mine! Yay! I was soo excited.... haha! So i got up there on the stand all confident and then i saw like 130 Danes looking at me and i just went blank... then i just started to ramble and like no one could understand me for like my first two sentences! Shout out to when i was 12 giving talks! Haha but then i slowed down and everyone said i did a great job! Even a lady bore her testimony on how the gift of tongues is real and how awesome it is that after sixs weeks, missionaries can speak this crazy hard language! True that to that crazy hard language! Oh and JEsus said good job too! I totally forgot to tell you guys last week, but Jesus is in my ward!!!!!!!!! He is actually the Jesus from the Testament movie and he is in my flipping ward! How crazy was that, he said it was beautiful! THat was awesome! Oh and then for Sunday dinner we went to Far Las and Mother Terisas house to eat! They are llike our parents and they are so awesome!!! I love them! Far means father and so far lars is so funny and we are already great buds and the food we ate was again amazing! But dont worry, im only up two pounds from the MTC so i hope im good! Oh and mother terisa is Filipino! Shout out to Katelynn! Their daughters were calling me elder red like they would call Katelynn sister red so i thought that that was so sick!!

So i guess Denmark is trying to copy Usa and have halloween so you would see a bunch of random people dressed up as who knows what just chilling on trains! But me and Guddy were walking back to the bus on Halloween night and there was like six kids dressed up and i was like trick or treat! It was really funny and we talked with them and then i gave them pass along cards to do my daily missionary duty haha! It was good stuff!

So all in all, I am doing pretty great! Me and my comp are great just having a great time and getting lost in the work! But the only bad thing is is that when we wrestle there is no hope for me... haha! But i love him and am so thankful to have an awesome companion! THe Danes are not really receptive to our message, they think they have it all, so that is why we go to the refuges! It can suck to not have anyone to teach but i am just our here working hard and just trying to love this experience and just talk to the Danes! So on the cooking... I did buy cereal... haha! I eat that and sandwwhichs! I went through a whole loaf in one day.... haha! But its all good! So the weather is like ghere it is a little cold but i got a really good coat, shout out for my trainer for finding it for me! So the bike is good, i just need to fix the chain and it has a good lock so its ight, but if it gets stolen then its whatever, it was a free bike. 
I love you mom and dad and so so so thankful for all you have done for me! Im doing good and kirken er sandt!!!!!
Ældste Reed