Monday, November 9, 2015

Week #9 Ballerup

Va Sa! So the work is turning around in Ballerup and it is so sweet! I love it oh and downtown København is a party, plus Ældste Williams b day and getting free wine.... haha so get ready for a fun filled week!

Last P Day
So last p day we hit up downtown København which is about a 30 minuite train ride from ballerup. So after emails we went there and it was the sickest thing i have ever seen! There was so many different people and it was just crazy! I saw NyHavn which was way sweet, its when you google Denmark and the first thing that comes up is all those colorful houses. So of course i took a bunch of pics so dont be worried and that insited with talking with three Belgium girls... haha! So in all the stores music was playing and that reminded me that there is actually a world outside of the mission. But shout out to french class because one of the songs was called Papautoi by this French dude and it is this French rap song that we attempted to sing in French class and i like freaked out! It was crazzy i was singing that song in Big Bend exactly a year ago, and now i was singing it in Denmark.... Crazy... Oh and then i hit up McDonalds for the first time in Denmark, and it is pretty different then the American ones. It tasted less saltier and maybe that is why Danes arent obese like us Americans... haha! Oh and then we were at the mall and i saw the senior missionary couple from Tri-Cities! It was way sweet and they called Moses Lake Moses Hole, so they definatley know what Moses Lake is haha! It was good stuff! 

Ældste Williams B day
My boy Ældste Williams turned twenty and it was a fest in the Ballerup house! For lunch we went to this way good kebab place and then asked if they had any special things for birthdays and they said no! Then five minutes later this guy comes out with this bottle of wine... haha! They were still cooking our food so we didnt reject it so they wouldnt like kill us  or anything... It was way fuinny and then they came out with shot glasses and we were like oh we will drink it later, but then we felt bad and finally said we dont drink! haha it was funny oh and we did pose in some pics with the bottle but dont worry, none was dranken. haha! Then that night we ate cake batter and got fat and it was great!

Roy and Jonana
So these two are newly converts and they are so sweet! They are Chinese and learning to read English and so twice a week we read a chapter out of the Mormons Bog and its a good time. Last Tuesday we ate dinner with their roomate who are chinese and made pizza! Jonana told us they didnt want anything to do with the church but me and Ældste Gudmundson want to teach them! So we got way chill with them and were teaching them American slang like swag, dope, crack a lackin, and what´s good. Haha pretty much my whole vocab and they just loved it! They said they would try it on their co workers! And then as we were finishing reading and praying they like came out of their room and checked out what we were doing! So we think they are interseted on what we are talking about! It always pays off to talk like that haha! 

Missionary Work!
Yes! The work is coming! We taught five investigator lessons this week and that is a big improvement this area has been getting! It probably sounds like nothing to a South American or US mission, but it was a pretty good week here in Denmark! So story time, it was late one night after an eating appointment, where i ate three american hamburgers :), and me and my comp were waiting for the train. We were waiting for a while and like the train was never coming, and then Guddy checked when the train was coming and it was done for the night because we were stuck in a small town, and there was this 25 year old women by us and we told here. And then we looked at the bus and it wasnt coming either so she was like, i will try to get a taxi. And left, and i was like, i should of told her about our church. Then she came back and asked for a ride, the sisters where going to pick us up and we cant take investigators in the car. And then we told her to see if a train was coming the other way to a bigger station so she checked it out and again we didnt say anything missionary related. And then me and Guddy were  like, we need one more chance to talk with here and she came back again! And then she was like i need a ride and so my comp called our PRez and he said it would be fine. In the meanwhile of him calling and waiting for the sisters, we talled about religion and she was way religious but never heard of Mormons Bog. So we talked about that and it was way sweet and the sisters picked her up to teach! 

Second crazy story! Last Tuesday I was walking home for lunch and me and Guddy got an SMS from this guy that said we met on the s-Tog on sunday and he wants to hear more! And we were like, we were never on the s-tog on Sunday... So we called the other elders to see if they gave out our mumber or something and thye didnt. Then Guddy had a dansk question and asked the sisters it and they said how they met him on the s-tog and it was crazy! So we set an appointment with him and then realized it wasnt in our area but our appointment was in twenty minutes. So we just taught him on the Book of Mormon and just talked. I was scared to talk at first because it was my first lesson in Danish but then i started to talk and it was way good! The spirit was definately there! This guy like looked up mormons and knew what kolob, garments, and joseph smith with a bunch of wives... that was interseting. Buit since he isnt in our area we had to give him to Elder Bishopp(from Washington :) ) and Elder Fairbanks! SO its all good, it was hard to give up an interested investigatot but at least he gets to hear the gospel so its all good!

We finally stopped by the family that we banked on their door last week and theyn let us right in! And this guy was way interseted on why there was different church and we taught on the Book of Mormon again. He is from America but lived in Denmark for like twenty years and soubnds just like a Dane! It was way sweet and i understood most of the lesson which made me happy! So all in all, the work is coming and we are changing the Ballerup area!

Like i have said, soccer saturdays are my life! It ism just so great! So the bisskop in the other ward is way old but gets down at soccer! and me and him have this connection, its pretty sweet! WHenever he crosses it, i always finish it! THis week there was like ten missionaries and ten members so we played full fieled and i am so fat! Haha but dont worry, im back to my original MTC weight and so i have actually lost weight since i have left which still confuses me haha! But there was this black kid whose about 17 and brother plays for FC København who played on my team and it was so fun to play with him! Oh i love soccer haha!

Stavs Konference
So this saturday and sunday we had our stake confrence! It was way sweet becayse i can now start to understand more and more of the talks. There was this talk from a rm from France who talked about how we need to rely on churst and talked about alma 26 12 which says i can do all things which Christ strenghtens me and that is so true for this missionary work! I cant do it alone, no way! Oh, and on sunday i talked with Elder Fairbanks so that was way nice! We talked how our missionies were going, how danish was coming, and if we had any fun stories. It makes me so excited to see the mtc squad at the one month meeting! Oh, and we had a new investigator in church too! Way sweet! He is kind of athiest and way smart but we will change that for sure, with the lords help! After confrence we talked about joseph smith and the restoration and he talked about how he believes in science and all those crazy theories. It reminded me of the movie Gods not dead. What me and ældste guddy pretty much said is to pray to God and test him if he is really there. And he said he would read the book of mormon so that was way sweet! He is about 23 and we were just trying to be his friends and he really likes us! And he just loves talkiing. one thing he said about how we were diffenent is that we didnt shoot down his ideas and listened to him! He is way sweet, and i wil have faith that God will answer to him and his prayers!

Well, I am just great! Time is flying, Danish is coming, and its just a party out here in Denmark! Oh and my Grandpa, my trainers trainer, Elder Wilshure from england is on splits with us right now and he is way sweet! He is so trunky though haha, he has a month and then he is gone! He is so cool though! Last night we moved all of our mattresses to the living room and slept there and had just hugged! Chill session på Dansk! Oh and today we are in downtown København again so it will be way sweet! I love you mom and dad so much! You are the GOATS! (Greatest of all time)!! haha Vi ses fra Danmark!

Ældste Reed

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