Monday, November 2, 2015

Week #8 Ballerup

Heyooooo! Va Sa! Well I made it to November that means Turkey Bowl and Thanksgiving this month! This week definitely had its up and downs but it was sight (sick in danish)! 

First P-Day In Denmark
So last week was my first p day in the great land of Denmark and so we were going to have a big Halloween party at our church with our zone. So we emailed and then me and Elder Gudmundson got hungry so we went to this tiny kebab place and ate the grosses thing known to man. It was dødens pølser! The direct translation is the sausage of death and in Danish it means like it is the worse! It was so bad and it made us feel so crappy! SO guess what I did in my first p day in Europe... i took a morfar! (Nap) It was so clutch though! Don´t worry, today me and the Ballerup house, Elders poff, williams, and me and my comp, are going to København so I am so pumped for that!! It will be sweet so expect a whole bunch of pictures next week!

Dinner Aftale
I love our eating appointments here! Our ward is sick so we have a whole bunch of eating appointments! The food is so good and I love talking with the families, or well try to talk to them in my Danish! I always talk with the kids about foldbold and it is so much fun! But im pretty sure I have gained more weight here in the first week then i did in the whole MTC... but dont worry because i gained like six pounds thenm burned it all during our weekly soccer games on saturday!

So i had my first service project and you could say it went interesting.... haha! SO shout out to dad for letting me mow the lawn back at home because I had to mow my first ever lawn for the first time and it was funny! Me and Elder Guddy served this old couple and this old guy was watching me like a hawk with my every move while i was mowing and it was scary haha! Elder Guddy said I mowed everywhere except strait haha! A couple times he took the lawn mower from me and tried to do it himself and it was funny! But the good thing out of that is that i ended up eating a great lunch!  And then on Friday, the Ballerup squad served this young guy who was way awesome and bought us these weird French hot dogs, look the up, and they were way good.  I love the members here but they are trying to make me become fat! What am i going to do!!!

So pretty much besides eating appointments and visting members and less active members, we find the lost sheep! And it is fun but can be weird too! So me and ELder Guddy have this tactic where we look for the African refuges at bus stops and on the gå gade and go up to them if they can speak Danish and nintey percent of the time they say no and then we are chill with them and try to be cool with them! But this tactic works! All the Danes think we are crazy fools, got cussed out for my first time which was awesome haha, but the African refuges are humble and talk to us! Its awesome! So we have just been finding these last two weeks and have about five great potentials lined up to be taught this week! It is pretty hard to not be teaching and we have had three apointments fall through, but I mean what I am learning from this is how to be a better finding so that is very helpful to learn. And we have about three maybe potential investigators that has came out of that contacting! Oh and we have this crazy story about this guy who Elder Guddy and his old comp contacted and Guddy was texting him one night and this guy was going through a hard time and Guddy asked him if he wanted a blessing over the phone because he called us and he said yes and that he felt this energy...Holy Ghost :)... when we called hime so hopefully he turns out good! Also, we were banking late one night and we were getting rejected but im used to it, but this man says hi and shakes our hands out of the blue and is like we dont have time now but come back bnext week and he had a family too, so that was like a church is true moment when he was waiting for the gospel so I hope we can teach him!  So speaking of banking we had our weekly challenge of banking 60 doors in a day and a half for points and me and Guddy did them all and we are in the lead with a zone challenge so thats fun! I have some pretty weird storries about banking though and everyone thinks we are flipping Jehovas Witnesses! Nej!!!! Haha its all good thgough! 

Oh and so I was trying to figure out how i could contact people on trains and have it be awkard and just be chill and so i pretend like i was texting and then i asked this about 20 year old guy how to spell this crazy hard danish word and he helped me and then asked me why i was here and it just flowed pretty great! It was a pretty clever idea and this guy was sick! He won the European championships for gymnastics and he was sick! We like pretended we were going to this far away stop and talked to him for like twenty minutes! But all in all i just have to have fun with finding!!

I love soccer saturdays!! It is so dope!!! THis week actual Danes played and it was sick! Even though i got megged three times, I did work against them and it was sooo fun!! Im so tight with those members now and oh they were talkinjg crap about how americans are lazy and then me and Guddy were schooling them and it was so fun and a great time!

Sunday is just a great day to be a missionary! I love it! So it was fast sunday as i hope everyone was aware and that meant testimonies and the bishop told me that i had to bear mine! Yay! I was soo excited.... haha! So i got up there on the stand all confident and then i saw like 130 Danes looking at me and i just went blank... then i just started to ramble and like no one could understand me for like my first two sentences! Shout out to when i was 12 giving talks! Haha but then i slowed down and everyone said i did a great job! Even a lady bore her testimony on how the gift of tongues is real and how awesome it is that after sixs weeks, missionaries can speak this crazy hard language! True that to that crazy hard language! Oh and JEsus said good job too! I totally forgot to tell you guys last week, but Jesus is in my ward!!!!!!!!! He is actually the Jesus from the Testament movie and he is in my flipping ward! How crazy was that, he said it was beautiful! THat was awesome! Oh and then for Sunday dinner we went to Far Las and Mother Terisas house to eat! They are llike our parents and they are so awesome!!! I love them! Far means father and so far lars is so funny and we are already great buds and the food we ate was again amazing! But dont worry, im only up two pounds from the MTC so i hope im good! Oh and mother terisa is Filipino! Shout out to Katelynn! Their daughters were calling me elder red like they would call Katelynn sister red so i thought that that was so sick!!

So i guess Denmark is trying to copy Usa and have halloween so you would see a bunch of random people dressed up as who knows what just chilling on trains! But me and Guddy were walking back to the bus on Halloween night and there was like six kids dressed up and i was like trick or treat! It was really funny and we talked with them and then i gave them pass along cards to do my daily missionary duty haha! It was good stuff!

So all in all, I am doing pretty great! Me and my comp are great just having a great time and getting lost in the work! But the only bad thing is is that when we wrestle there is no hope for me... haha! But i love him and am so thankful to have an awesome companion! THe Danes are not really receptive to our message, they think they have it all, so that is why we go to the refuges! It can suck to not have anyone to teach but i am just our here working hard and just trying to love this experience and just talk to the Danes! So on the cooking... I did buy cereal... haha! I eat that and sandwwhichs! I went through a whole loaf in one day.... haha! But its all good! So the weather is like ghere it is a little cold but i got a really good coat, shout out for my trainer for finding it for me! So the bike is good, i just need to fix the chain and it has a good lock so its ight, but if it gets stolen then its whatever, it was a free bike. 
I love you mom and dad and so so so thankful for all you have done for me! Im doing good and kirken er sandt!!!!!
Ældste Reed

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