Monday, November 28, 2016

Week #64-Herning

Glædelig Thanksgiving!!! Danish doesnt really have a word for Thanksgiving so we just use English! ;) But this week was yet another FIRE week here in Herning!!! 


So we found five more friends this week!!! It is just nice that we got to be able to find and knock on some doors again! Some friends that we have!! Lars.. we knocked on his door and tought him a door step Restoration lesson which was way fire and we made an appoitment for Friday. He has read like the Koran and the Bible and a lot of religous books. By Friday he read a fourth of the Book of Mormon, and then he dropped us all of a sudden... I was totally not ready for that moment because i never really have gotten dropped on the spot like that so something to learn there for sure. So we had a breakthrough with a couple investigators. So with our lesson with A we were reading Mosiah 18 and we asked her what she needs to do after reading it. She is like, I need to be baptized... There was just a sweet moment of silence in the room and we are all smiling and the spirit was so strong. The only thing holding her back is the Word of Wisdom. She knows everything is true and loves the spirit and so she will be baptized if she can stop smoking and drinking coffee!! Another awesome moment with another friend was with R. HE is the type that needs proof and evidence before he belives in God but he said his first every prayer in his life last week. After he said the prayer, Elder Halling and I know he felt something because the spirit was definately there and he started opening up to us telling us his family problems and his problems with his dad and he prayed to God for help with his family problems with his dad. It was wonderful! Our families from Burma and the Congo are still progressing but we still need a translator if we are going to make further progress. Another cool story was that we stopped by a potential friend and she said she was busy again and I was like, Oh come on, it will just take like 5 minutes to share our message and she let us right in! Haha I was pretty stunned but it was awesome and her and her husband became new investigators and they are from Romania so we are just teaching so many people from different lands here it is awesome! :) We taught I again on Saturday and she showed us a scripture in Exodus 32 that God cant appear to a living man. We showed her that Stephen and Jacob have seen God as well and wrecked that worry ;) Man i just love knocking doors so much haha! The Lord has definatly blessed me over my mission to use personality and know how to teach people real quick it is awesome!!!!


SO i probs had one of the funnest splits I have ever had on my mission with Elders Beck and Jeppson!! So me and Elder Beck, who was also trained in Ballerup ;), were together and we wrecked shop! So we knocked in the morning because i skeemed that if people are home in the morning then we can teach them in the morning and make those hours productive!! Our first door we knocked on became two new friends!! At first the lady said she knew who we were and started going off how we all get married to each other in our temple in Utah... haha i honestly never heard that one before and then we got let in and taught her and her 25 year old son the Restoration!! Then we raked leaves for a couple of hours for a member, got stuck in a hygge pit, or a lady who is inactive who just talked for hours and then we got out of there and had like thirty minutes to knock. So the one door that opened called us the nicest religous people he has ever met and took a Book of Mormon and said we could come back in a couple weeks! Then because of our crazy schedule, we took lunch and dinner at 7 and 8 so we just played this board game called Munchkin like the whole night it was so fun!  


So on Thursday we went up to Århus for a ZOne Training on the new Christmas initiative and how we are going to wreck winter! SO that was sweet to see the squad too then we taught family Burma and then had Thanksgiving dinner at the FOrslunds which was sooo fun!!! They are awesome!! The food was way clutch too ;) ANd mom get this, i washed the dishes after so be jealous haha!! 

So i am not sick anymore but Elder Halling got the sickness so we are just going off from being sick to not being sick which is not fun... And V from Hungary came to church this week!! So i have no ideas what will go down for transfers... No idea which is pretty scary.. I totally want to stay in Herning though! And Goddie is going to Utah State! That is awesome you guys got to eat with the fam in Utah! Sounds so fun! And i am sooo jealous! I want to see the temple square christmas lights but Herning is better lets be honest ;).. The whole city was to the gå gade for the first advent day, every sunday til Christmas for the next month, and like held hands and danced and sung around the Christmas tree. We were biking home and i saw it and i was like Elder Halling we got to check it out! It was so sick to see the Danes and how much they love Christmas!! It was so hyggeligt!! And that is awesome Nick got to baptize you guys!  Man so much college talk! Oh you guys should look up some college info for me and see if it is time soon to apply :) 

Start the Christmas initiative and Light up the World!! I love you guys!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week #63-Herning

Shout out to our American fam in the branch for hooking it up with a Thanksgiving dinner so dont worry fam, I will get a legit Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday! But in any case, this week was pretty crazy with being sick to getting kidnapped by our African Fam!! Just Wait!! 

Light Work!!

So we ended the week with 11 progressing friends which is fire!! Sad news though.. our friend La has been dropped. So on Wednesday after FHE, he texts us and says he has no desire to see us again... And we were like what did we do... So we text the ward mission leader who was tight with La, and asked him if we offended him and then he just raged lol!! It was bad... La has been getting money from the branch for food and he bought an i phone with it and he wanted us to buy him a tablet, he would call members all hours in the day including at 12 at night just so they can talk with him.. And I guess he got pepper sprayed for inviting someone for coffee. The wards mission leader says no normal person gets pepper sprayed for inviting someone for coffee... And his door had PERVERT sprayed on to it when we stopped by last... So yea it wasnt good... Then he told the mission leader that he would never pay tithing to the church that he would pay tithing to himself and that he doesnt need one church.... SO yea, oh and it gets better. He texts us if we could visit him again and called us his dear friends and then we found out he wanted help moving.... SO kort sagte, DROPPED. But in brighter news the work is still fire! So we have our family from the Congo who came to church again and the branch absolute swarmed them! It was great! ALso our family from Burma is progressing too. THey read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet in Burmese and had a whole bunch of questions and they are loving what they are hearing and so we invited them to pray over what we have talked about because we dont have a Book of MOrmon in their language for them to read. THen we have A who is probably going to be on date this week! She is so postive she has been holding commitments and prayed for us last time! :) R and L are progressing also! They finally read and the next step is to get them to pray so i am excited to see how that goes. We also have S who said to us that MOrmons Bog is true and that Joseph Smith is a true prophet so a dåbs dato could be coming soon! And haha i cant remember everyone else we have but we have a Polish family we found who are soooo down to have us over again and a lady from India who read the POS pamphlet we gave her and wants to hear more! So the work is still fire her in Herning!!!!


So i dont know what i am sick with but this week i have been SOOO tired! I slept in and took a lot of naps but i am soo tired i dont know what is up... I stayed in all Saturday and stayed with Elder Pihl on Sunday because he was sick too so the plague has come back.....

Random Story which is funny to missionaries

So we always talk as missionaries that we are hear to affect peoples lives... Well haha the neighbor of the polish fam in the opgang who we knocked like two weeks ago and they said no put up a sign that said the if you come from a faith or denomination that you are highly unwelcome! Haha it was so funny that they put that up after we knocked on their door so i took a pic of it ;) 

District Meeting was way chill this week we talked about commitments and how we can get more friends progressing. And the darkness has come again!! And haha i started eating cereal after La said we were pressing too hard with trying to cut him on smoking... Åh! I miss Reid Dog and Jace!!!! And NIck and Katelynn went on a double date lets go that is so clutch lol! Lets be honest though, they are just waiting until i get back so i can be there for their weddings! ;) And Thanksgiving dinner at Grandmas and Grandpas sounds so hyggeligt!!!! And lets gooo! Nick working in the temple is awesome! Tell that goon to email me ;) That is lit that Zach is captain and that they are going to Arizona! Still cant beat Alsaka though ;) 

I love you family! Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week #62-Herning

Miracles baby!!!! That would definatley be the theme of this week and maybe even a little soccer golf.... Stay tuned!!!!


Well first off we have nine friends who are progressing which is nuts!!!! And we had a party at church today with five friends coming to church!! So lets start with La. So we finally met with him again and we moved his date back til January 7th as well because he needs a little more time to stop smoking so we will see what will happenes. He said we were being a little pressy so we just foucesed on his love which is Jesus and read 3 nefi 11 with him and watched a whole bunch of Bible vidoes. We taught J who has been investigating for a long time. He is from Colubia and has abused missionaries time with service and they pretty much have built his house. WE taught him the Restoration with the old mission leader who is inactive and it went way well. We gave him another Mormons Bog because he gave his last one to a second hand store and asked the classic baptism question and he said yes if he found out it was true! Then we have the best family ever Ra and Li!! They are so sick! We ate ribs and pulled pork with them and had a family night with them. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and they asked way fire questions like how many spirits are there in total and if they died right now what kingdom would they go to. The good news is is that Ra said that our church is his favorite and makes the most sense out of all the other ones so that is way sick! And then after that hahaha we watched a lot of the Book of Mormon Musical sangs with them because Ra LOVES them and listens to them all the time and we explained to him the controversial statements they said and then showed them the Hello missionary version which is way weird to watch that with an investigator but so sick at the same time how tight we are with them. Then we met with them again on Saturday and and had scones and watched a mormon message and taught about prayer and commited them to read the Book of Mormon together! A!! SO we had a way good lesson on 3 nefi 11 with her on Wednesday! She loved it all and said our religion made the most sense as well and she asked great questions. THen i tried setting her on date and she is just like that is a big question i need some time to think about it... That would mean i would have to change my life right... She is getting it and so that is way good news! Then we taught the Burma fam and they finally held a commitment!! SHe was like i think my church is the right one and so we talk about authority and priesthood and the great apastasy. They invited us to their church which is the same time as out church but there is like 200 plus burmese people that go and it would be so dope to see and try to get more investigators!! And PRez is working on finding us a translator right now! On Sunday we taught C who is the Dansk FOlke Kirke organist at the library. And I am about to rage right here. He didnt like 2 nefi 2 at all! He called Jesus Christs life a fiasco and he hated the plan of salvation and asked why would i pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true because i dont want it to be.... Haha We dropped him like its hot!

Miracle Time!!!

Well Elder Halling and I experienced an awesome miracle over the weekend. So on Friday we stopped by like 15 potentials who all live in the same apartment complex and none of them were home. Then as we walked to our bikes the mother of the family from the Congo yelled down from the 3 sal and told us to come. We were way confused because our appointment with them was on Saturday. But we went up anyways and we did a little service project for them and the mom told us, through the kids, that she wanted to come to church even though she couldnt speak Danish or English. THen that night at correlation meeting we were talking about them and Elder McDougal was like wait, we have an inactive member who can speak Swahili, the same language the family can speak!!!!!!! We pretty much all just freaked out and then we called her and she was like we will see maybe.... Then on Saturday we told the family that a member in the branch speaks Swahili and so the two kids decide to come to. Then Saturday night we call the inactive member and she agreed to come and take this into account that she hasnt been to church in like 6 years! And they all came on Sunday and they loved each other and had a great time!!!! Reactivation and family baptism at the same time... :) And we got a new investigator, M. He is Swedish and met his wife at a Bible camp so you could say he is a little religious! Haha and I was sick this week so we didnt get to meet with her but we will this week! I talked with the main ELder Bennet last night and we were talking how i love Herning so much and that is because we are doing straight real missionary work all the time and it is so satisfying and the time is just flying by soooo fast!

Miracles and Soccer Golf

So district meeting was way fire on Thursday! We talked all about Miracles and first we watched a couple of Christs miracles he performed in the scriptures. Then we all went one round and shared a miracle we have experienced on our missions. The spirit was so strong it was awesome! Then we talked about how miracles wont happen unless we have the faith to make it happen. Then we went another round of miracle stories and it was so awesome! Look of Ether 12 12 through 22. It is some bars from Moroni! After that we had a District Activity! First we ate some way fire burgers then we played soccer golf!! It was so sick! At first we were way skeptical because it was in the middle of no where and we were way confused because there was no worker and there was just a box that said to drop 100 krones in it.... SO we did and played and it was so fun! I got a hole in one on my first kick which was way clutch! haha! Then we played some three on three to end it! The stud Elder Jeppson won the whole thing by one kick, i got second, and elder McDougal got third! It was a way fire District Activity! 

Snow has officially hit Denmark!!! Hood go crazy!! I dont think i know that family but that is legit that they got ceiled together! Haha a Halloween themed wedding would be so sick!! Haha i dont know what you talking about.... Just Kidding! TRUMP! hahahahhahaha! So Elder HAlling was sick on Wednesday and was sleeping in and i looked through the neighbors window and i saw that Trump won and i was like what...... Haha then i texted and called a whole bunch of missionaries i was tight with and we all freaked out! It was crazy! And i felt cool because i told everyone that trump won before the aps texted it out. But with the work, only a couple investigators talked about it, it wasnt too big of a distraction. Well i want to end this thing with a quote i shared in District Meeting. You can live the impossible dream or you can live the excuse. It is all up to you.

Make some miracles happen this week. I love you guys! 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week #61-Herning

It is officially cold here in Denmark!!! I think fall lasted like two weeks and now it is time to embrace winter! Shout out to being in a bike area haha but all of our investigators will help me survive!


La is well i just tell you our week with him. On Monday we had to cut our p day 3 hours short and not eat lunch or dinner to help him buy furniture with a member for his apartment. Then we have been teaching him the commandments and everything was going perfect. we went through the baptismal interview questions and he passed everything except he still smoked. ON Wednesday we bought him 4 liters of grape fruit juice so whenever he drank and then smoke it would taste horrible. Then the plan was to cut him on cigarette on Saturday but on Friday he freaked out and said he couldn't do it and said we have been to pressing and that he doesn't want to meet till Sunday... We haven't been in contact with him since but we are going to stop by him today and give him a blessing and hope for a miracle!! S is doing way well. We got there to his house on Monday and he wanted to bowl with us on his x box because missionaries in the past have done it with him... lol but the Forslunds were with us and the whole idea got shot and burned down lol! We threw down about Joseph smith and that Jesus Christ only had one church when he performed his earthly ministry.  The kicker is Elder Halling had a hole in his sock and S darned his sock lol! He tried to have me do it and i was like down with that! Haha!  Then he gave us all yellow ugly socks haha! SO clutch! And i decided we are all wearing them to District Meeting and i have a good pic to go with it lol! BREAKING NEWS! La just called and we are meeting with him today at 3 so i am way pumped!!!!!! LETS GO!!! Haha! Anyways R og L are doing way well. We stopped by them on Tuesday right when they were about to eat and invited us right in to dinner. WE had great conversations about missionary life and how they saw the Book of Mormon Musical... lol! We are eating with them at 1800 tonight and they are making us ribs and it will be sick! We are going to throw down the plan of salvation so i am pumped! A is doing way well. We taught her with the Forslunds and had a little all over the place plan of salvation lesson but she said is she finds out it is true she will be dunked! Dåbs dato next time! We stopped by the Hungarian squad and gave them a quick spiritual thought and the skeem is to start teaching them the restoration soon! The Burma family is doing great as always. WE read 1 nefi 1 with them because they cant read by themselves and understand it. We had to explain abomination and a pillar of fire to them in Danish which was way fun haha! Congo family loves us! THey made us food yesterday and clapped after Elder Halling prayed for them! I is the Scottish lady who has investigated forever. And she is on Bastipimal date!!!! We read 3 nefi 11 with her and she was saying how beautiful it was and then i asked the classic if you find out it is true would you be baptized... She starts ranting how we always ask her this question and i was like you know what in two months is the 7th of january and you have two months to find out if it is true and when you do you will be baptized on that day and she was like fine that sounds good!!! LETS GO!! And after that a little miracle story. SO we left the banke bog so at home so we decided to knock a new complex. Me and Elder Halling say a prayer and he gets 7 and i get 19 in our heads. So we knock 7 and get a potential. Then we knock 19 and the first door is a man from Poland who lost his faith and doesn't like these corrupted churches and BAMB apostasy and Restoration taught and our message is perfect for him!!! I love missionary work! 

District Meeting

SO District Meeting was way chill! Me Elder Halling and the Forslunds rocked our yellow socks and we had a fire meeting about overcoming our fears and being prepared. And one thing i think needs to be a BIGGER focus in the mission is baptismal invites because we dropped that key indicator 6 months ago and the mission has been way low on dåbs datoer. So we made a goal of every sit down lesson we have we will invite them to be baptized! 


On Saturday we went up to Århus to have a leadership meeting with Elders Bennet and Dibble and the other District Leaders. We made a goal to get 10 people on date by the end of the transfer as a zone.... Herning is planning on getting four on date by the end of next week ;) Then we had some extra p day time so we went to the mall and explored and played foseball with the ZLs and the mall is already decked out with Christmas decos!! 

So the new converts in ODense are doing okay i heard it is a battle for all of them but i know they can hold on for sure! They all want to go on missions still so i am pumped for that. DANES DONT EAT FISH!!! Haha that is the biggest myth ever told here! And i would love to get a book that i can just look through with pics! ANd DOWN with the man bun!! It is all about the Euro cut ;) Haha I love you guys!!!!