Monday, November 7, 2016

Week #61-Herning

It is officially cold here in Denmark!!! I think fall lasted like two weeks and now it is time to embrace winter! Shout out to being in a bike area haha but all of our investigators will help me survive!


La is well i just tell you our week with him. On Monday we had to cut our p day 3 hours short and not eat lunch or dinner to help him buy furniture with a member for his apartment. Then we have been teaching him the commandments and everything was going perfect. we went through the baptismal interview questions and he passed everything except he still smoked. ON Wednesday we bought him 4 liters of grape fruit juice so whenever he drank and then smoke it would taste horrible. Then the plan was to cut him on cigarette on Saturday but on Friday he freaked out and said he couldn't do it and said we have been to pressing and that he doesn't want to meet till Sunday... We haven't been in contact with him since but we are going to stop by him today and give him a blessing and hope for a miracle!! S is doing way well. We got there to his house on Monday and he wanted to bowl with us on his x box because missionaries in the past have done it with him... lol but the Forslunds were with us and the whole idea got shot and burned down lol! We threw down about Joseph smith and that Jesus Christ only had one church when he performed his earthly ministry.  The kicker is Elder Halling had a hole in his sock and S darned his sock lol! He tried to have me do it and i was like down with that! Haha!  Then he gave us all yellow ugly socks haha! SO clutch! And i decided we are all wearing them to District Meeting and i have a good pic to go with it lol! BREAKING NEWS! La just called and we are meeting with him today at 3 so i am way pumped!!!!!! LETS GO!!! Haha! Anyways R og L are doing way well. We stopped by them on Tuesday right when they were about to eat and invited us right in to dinner. WE had great conversations about missionary life and how they saw the Book of Mormon Musical... lol! We are eating with them at 1800 tonight and they are making us ribs and it will be sick! We are going to throw down the plan of salvation so i am pumped! A is doing way well. We taught her with the Forslunds and had a little all over the place plan of salvation lesson but she said is she finds out it is true she will be dunked! Dåbs dato next time! We stopped by the Hungarian squad and gave them a quick spiritual thought and the skeem is to start teaching them the restoration soon! The Burma family is doing great as always. WE read 1 nefi 1 with them because they cant read by themselves and understand it. We had to explain abomination and a pillar of fire to them in Danish which was way fun haha! Congo family loves us! THey made us food yesterday and clapped after Elder Halling prayed for them! I is the Scottish lady who has investigated forever. And she is on Bastipimal date!!!! We read 3 nefi 11 with her and she was saying how beautiful it was and then i asked the classic if you find out it is true would you be baptized... She starts ranting how we always ask her this question and i was like you know what in two months is the 7th of january and you have two months to find out if it is true and when you do you will be baptized on that day and she was like fine that sounds good!!! LETS GO!! And after that a little miracle story. SO we left the banke bog so at home so we decided to knock a new complex. Me and Elder Halling say a prayer and he gets 7 and i get 19 in our heads. So we knock 7 and get a potential. Then we knock 19 and the first door is a man from Poland who lost his faith and doesn't like these corrupted churches and BAMB apostasy and Restoration taught and our message is perfect for him!!! I love missionary work! 

District Meeting

SO District Meeting was way chill! Me Elder Halling and the Forslunds rocked our yellow socks and we had a fire meeting about overcoming our fears and being prepared. And one thing i think needs to be a BIGGER focus in the mission is baptismal invites because we dropped that key indicator 6 months ago and the mission has been way low on dåbs datoer. So we made a goal of every sit down lesson we have we will invite them to be baptized! 


On Saturday we went up to Århus to have a leadership meeting with Elders Bennet and Dibble and the other District Leaders. We made a goal to get 10 people on date by the end of the transfer as a zone.... Herning is planning on getting four on date by the end of next week ;) Then we had some extra p day time so we went to the mall and explored and played foseball with the ZLs and the mall is already decked out with Christmas decos!! 

So the new converts in ODense are doing okay i heard it is a battle for all of them but i know they can hold on for sure! They all want to go on missions still so i am pumped for that. DANES DONT EAT FISH!!! Haha that is the biggest myth ever told here! And i would love to get a book that i can just look through with pics! ANd DOWN with the man bun!! It is all about the Euro cut ;) Haha I love you guys!!!!

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