Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 99 Fredericia

Yo fam!!! So I need to learn the area of Svendborg in three weeks so I can train there!! I am soo stoked to go back to Fyn and see the squad!! I am definitely miss the dope bros here in Fredericia but Fyn is the dopest place in Denmark!! And the coolest miracle happened last night that just makes the mission worth it and the extension SO worth it! Stay tuned ;)

So i was just posting finishing packing when i got a text... I opened it and it was Monique from Slagelse!! She said she went to Fest i Nord which is like a week long efy for young single adults, and told me she wants me to baptize her! She said that she felt the spirit so strong there and was really touched that Elder Dibble pushed so hard for her to go! And she said she wants to get baptized in September!! Things like this just make all the hard times worth it and I am so thankful for this HUGE miracle! SO I am so stoked right now haha!

See ya Jylland og Fredericia

This last week here in Fredericia was actually way fire!! We taught so many bros.

So Monday we went out to Kolding to teach Kim and just read 3 Nephi 11. Way strong stuff. Then we taught a young bro named Jacob the Plan of Salvation and it was way cool because it really opened him up and he said the closing prayer and got way stoked about the POS. Then we got a chop, or haircut ;), from Sarah Best who was baptized like 5 years ago! She is so cool. SHe has been cutting hair for like 27 years and i think her hair cuts are 100 dollars but she hooks it up for missionaries so that is pretty dope!  Way fresh cut btws :D 

Then Tuesday we went to Sønderborg which is pretty close to Germany and went on splits with Elder Weaver and Elder Haruch. They are both youngins but way solid bros. We started going to some escape room because their investigator ran it. So we were locked in a room and we had an hour to find keys and hints to find the last key to get us out the door. It was so fun haha! And he remembered all the missionaries that served there like Guddy and Cody jensen! Way dope bro. Then we taught some part member fam and did some knocking! Oh and there was some national boy scouts jamboree in Sonderborg so there was a whole bunch of little                                                                                              bros repping their boy scout uniforms.

Then Wednesday we went on splits in Fredericia with the Horsens Elders. I went with Elder Stephens and we had a way solid day. We taught Kim the Restoration again and why we read and pray because he said reading was pretty boring so we changed that mindset real quick. Then we had a cool little miracle. We just parked to stop by a bro and I got an impression to stop by somebody else and right when i looked up i saw that lady walking right pass me! Crazy! We wave her down and teach her the Restoration and I guess she already has two Books of Mormon! She is from Liberia I think. Then we taught this way young girl from Columbia the Restoration and delt a El Libro de Mormon or however you spell it. Then we taught our bro Trin from Vietnam and had a way solid lesson with him. He asked us what made our church different and we said that we teach the restored gospel of Christ and we have a living prophet today and he loved it! He said he has investigated so many churches but has never been baptized! And he said he has had an experience with the holy ghost before and he felt it when we talked with him! Money!! Then that night I got the call from Prez that i am bouncing to Svendborg... So 22 new missionaries are coming over the next two transfers and so they need bros to train. Crazy stuff.

Thursday we had district meeting and had an eating appointment with a way dope member. oh and Kat broke her foot biking so we visited her in the hospital.

Friday we taught like literary all day! We taught Kim the Word of Wisdom and he said he would no problem and how that is the health code in Korea! We had the zone pray for him because that was his only concern! Pray works! Then we Aron a bro from Slovakia whose two most prize possessions are his Bible and his crucifix. He is apart of the Roman Catholic church and he went to efy like things for his church when he was growing up so he knows his Bible. We really hit the apostasy for the bro and it was perfect for him. He is so down to read the Book of Mormon. Then we taught a lady whose name translates to rich mom. haha her name was rigmor! So dope! then we taught Trin again and we taught him about true conversion and that the only way he will find out anything about religion is if he prays and so he did and it                                                                        was way spiritual.

Saturday we balled with the ward for some way quality soccer and then taught the Greenlandic fam. Way cool experience. They said that had bad spirits in their home so we all kneeled down all 14 of us in a big circle and we casted them out and the spirit was so strong! So cool! And then we ate with Xie Me our dope Chinese friend!

Then Sunday everyone was way confused and i said by to some of them. Oh and Elder Kennedy and I taught the most fire guest class ever! It was on the Holy Ghost and we read a lot of scriptures to describe it and a lot of people shared their testimony of it and the spirit was so thick it was incredible. ANd we pointed it out to everyone and everyone was jsut feeling the spirit and there was two investigators there so that was dope! And Kim came to church! Then we ate with one of the coolest families in Denmark! 

I am so stoked to train! That was what i wanted to do the most on my mission! The zone is looking way positive for a lot of baptisms so that is sick and i am finally out of leadership after over a year so that will be a nice break. CRAZY josh and allison are home! and i dont think i will be serious when i get home.. if i were you guys i would be worried that i am too crazy haha! And josh is the dopest bro! haha. So crazy everyone is just coming home. And i totally forgot what a french horn was haha. And the bros back in Frederiksberg are doing good. I heard from Elder Howe that David and Susanna both got answers that the Book of Mormon is true so that is way dope! And i'll get the package and i will ask prez for help with the carrier survey thing. And i am going hard on the essays. I will send you them when i find time to type them out so you guys can fix my bad english grammer haha

And i am so thankful for my mission! It is easily the best thing in my life and i am going to go so hard these last 9 weeks! Love you guys!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 98 Fredericia

Jamen halløjsa! What is up fam! Pretty crazy week this week! Remember how I got way stoked when I opened my mission call many moons ago and found out that Greenland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands were apart of my mission, well we found someone from each place this week which is pretty dope!! And even a family of 12!! ;) 

Fredericia Cruising

Well we found bunches of more friends this week!! Yeet!

SO Monday started with eating with a fam in the ward with the sisters and the Yates which was way fun! It was the lady's B day so we gooned way hard.

On Tuesday we went to Kolding to teach Kim who is Korean. Way cool guy. He is like 37 and is studying here. He is way lonely though and doesn't have too much to do. We read Alma 7 with him and went WAY well! He really wants the peace in his life he can get from the Atonement. He really felt the spirit which was way cool. Then we got burned by like a bunch of people but whenever we hit rock bottom we can always go so much higher! We knocked on this door and this bro with his shirt off answers and lets us in after 5 minutes! The bro is from Greenland and there was 11 other people in the apartment that lived there!! So we found a family of 12!! They moved here in March and only the dad can only speak Danish, #congofampart2 ;), but no worries because we have a Greenlandic member in the ward who can translate for us at church! She can't come help us teach because she is married to a non member who wont let her come teach with the missionaries.... so jank! But we are home teaching her next week and we are going to throw down with the husband with love of course ;) But get this. SO there are rumors that Christ also visited the people up in Greenland and this fam is soooo believing in Christ!! It is incredible! and they said that either one of them or someone they knew saw Jesus Christ and the way they described him was just like the pic in the book of Mormon when Christ appeared to the nephites in America! How crazy is that!!

Wednesday was ight... We found a lady from Iceland though! She met with missionaries back in the day but never has read the Book of Mormon!

Thursday we had a pretty fire zone conference about repentance, the Atonement and having better studies! It was way fire! We drove to Århus from Fredericia and we bumped lys mere lys over århus which was the most epic thing I have experienced in a while haha!

Friday we had splits with Odense 1 Elders, Elder Preece and Arnold. Oh way cool story. I asked how Caroline was doing and I guess she hasn't been coming to church for a while or meeting with the misisonaries so I texted her and got her to met with the misisonaries and read the book of Mormon! No one goes inactive on me that easy ;) We had a way fun splits! We started doing service for a bro I did service for on splits a year ago when i was in Odense. Way weird! But the bro we did service for, his name is is Christain and is the biggest bro ever! I just went way hard and trimmed his hedges! Then we went out to Kolding were Elder Arnold and I knocked a little. We found and older bro from the Faroes who also met with missionaries in the past but didnt have a Mormons Bog so we gave him one and we are going to teach him in a couple weeks. Then we taught Kim again. We read 2 Nephi 31 with him and just talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He loved it! He was saying how cool it was and he understood why we have the Book of MOrmon to teach us the Gospel to its fullest and we invited him to be baptized. He is a little hesitant because he doesn't have a social life and wants to go out and drink. But he said he still wants to come to church. We threw down how that spirit he felt and will fell will not be with him because he is influenced by alcohol! We couldn't find him a ride this week but next week we got him. Then we got a call from Elder Kennedy to come as fast as possible because they found some 17 year old kids balling! so we came and totally wrecked them!! haha i told them i was just a soccer player and just balled them up! We got a pic too!

Then Saturday we played soccer with the ward and taught Asger a Greenlandic bro! We also taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ and he said he would be baptized if he found out it was true! 

That is way cool Katelynn got to sing for Elder Holland! ANd we ball on an out door court! I took a pic of it so dont worry ;) The zone has some way positive people that will be baptized this transfer so that is way good! Haha driving is going well! Elder Kennedy is the desingnated driver so i just post. haha mom driving over cats.... haha those stories are too funny!! We didnt meet with Mike this last week because he was sick. So Andreas is on vacation in south jylland and Chiny is hard too met with I guess. But Elder Howe said she is doing good! And MAry ANn is back on date!! And i am getting pretty tired but I am still mobbing through every day! And dont you worry! If i come home quiet and reserved like the Danes troll me! ELder kennedy and I are trying not to pic up their culture so dont worry about that hahahahaha! You just got to worry that i am too loud.... haha! And Danish cheese stinks pretty bad haha but it is way good ;) And thanks so much for helping me with the essays!!!! Life savers! And yea i totally forgot how to write an essay but Ill figure it out! And I am getting a haircut tonight from a professional barber for free in the ward tonight so that will be sick! Well fam thats all I got this week! I love you bros sooooo much!!! 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Week #97 Fredericia

I love Fredericia!!!! Such a sweet place!!! And Elder Kennedy is so dope! The ward is great as well! Life is great and ball is life again too! 

Fredericia Life

Man it is nice to be cruising in a car again haha! So Monday night we went to a city called Kolding where there is a lot of young peeps there. We taught a bro from Holland named Kaper. He is a way chill bro. He is like totally atheist. Grew up going to Catholic schools and he knows his Bible and is a pretty intelligent bro but God has never answered his prayers. We get teaching him and talk about a bunch of stuff. We get down to that the only way he will ever know if God is there is by praying with sincerity and intending to change. And that we should kneel down to show respect to God. He was like I will never pray again and he will never kneel down to pray.. HE finally says fine and we all go in a circle praying. And he opens up. He said that is had been a long time God and he is lost in his life and he needs direction. After Elder kennedy and I can really feel the spirit really strong and ask him what he feels and he says he feels a stone wall. then he says he feels this warmth and this hugging feeling which is way awesome! It is an answer from God but he thinks it is the Nordic Gods. SO we will work on that. First of five new investigators this week and he is from Holland. On Wednesday we met with Kat and filled out the baptismal papers and wow she is so converted. You can just see the light from her. SO cool. Then we found a whole bunch of positive people in the area book that were dropped back in the day that we tried to pick back up. We knocked on one door and a bro from Slovakia named Aron answered. Not the bro we intended to stop by but we talk to him and he is Greek Orthodox and has heard about the Book of Mormon before and  he said he is not originally but we just started testifying of Christ and he wants to hear more. Second new friend from Slovakia. Then we stop by a lady named Mary Ann from Africa, not the one from Taastrup ;), and she let us right in. She was way Catholic back in South Africa but this country just sucked the religion from her because no one goes to church and she has lost her faith in Jesus Christ. SO we are going to help her get that back! Third new friend from Africa. Then Friday after we get back from MLC we knock for a little and no one is really home. Elder Kennedy sees a bro outside and says lets go talk to him and I was like lets check the mail boxes in the next apartment. So we do and see a Vietnamese name. Knock on the door and this bro answers who says he really doesn't believe in God and isn't too interested. We then testify of Jesus Christ and how the Book of Mormon builds up our faith in Jesus Christ and BAM he asks US to come back to talk more! So fourth new bro this week comes from Vietnam. Saturday we play soccer with bros from the ward and they are so cool!! haha! I got tight with a dope young bro from Norway and the bros in the bishopric goon so hard haha! Then we went to the sisters baptism Mattias who is 20 years old! He is a way cool guy!! Then after the baptism we went to knock a little in Kolding and it was a young people place so this young bro answers the door and we start going off in English. He says he doesn't really believe in God but believes in keeping the ten commandments and love your neighbor. But he wasn't  too interested. We testify of Christ and we ask to come in and he lets us in! WE teach him the Restoration and the spirit was way strong! Funny part. We ask him to read Moroni 10 and give him the Danish Book of Mormon assuming he is Danish. And we are like alright can you read this. And he is like are you sure and we are like don't worry we can speak Danish and he is like well I cant.... And we lose our minds!! We are like where are you from bro!! HE says Iceland!! Crazy! And after we leave Elder Kennedy spots his Jordan shoes and asks him if he balls.. HE says yes!! SO we are going to ball with him later! So fifth new friend and he comes from Iceland! So none of our new bros this week come from Denmark! And I thought Taastrup was crazy foreign ;)

Zone Lord Life....

So the zone lost three areas so there is only ten companionships now. But the zone has over ten bros on date which is awesome! We had two baptisms this week with Kat and Mattias so things are going way well! And they are just going way well in the mission! It is the best the mission has been at in a long time! At MLC president asked me if i remember where the mission was when I got to the land and there was one with a date. Now there is like 43! Crazy! SO our zone goal is to bring unity to the zone and focus on getting our new investigators to progressing. We are focusing on getting our new investigators foundation in Jesus Christ. And to track this we came up with the BRO formula. This is pretty sweet haha and all come from Preach My Gospel. SO we have come up with three categories that we can control to help our friends progress and build there foundation in Jesus Christ. First is the book of Mormon. That is the best way we can get to know Jesus Christ. Then Repentance. the best way to help people repent is inviting them to act by inviting them to church, to met with us more often and other commitments. Then O for OYM and testify and always testify of Jesus Christ. Elder Kennedy and I have already seen miracles from this formula! And at the end of the week we are asking the zone how many bros they got which is was sweet haha! On Thursday we went to both Districts and I got to go back to Odense which was crazy! Crazy that I was there a year ago. We had some Peach pit pizza before we bounced back which just brought back tons of memories. Then we hopped on a train and went to MLC. SO cool to see all the bros. We ate pizza and then balled! Then the next day we talked about the new focus in the mission and that is teaching the Atonement and focusing on repentance. And it goes perfectly with our zone goal and Kennedy and me pretty much took over for what the district meeting where going to be about so our schemes came to pass. ;)

Haha no Erickson never got me back for Joey haha! I guess joey was pay back for that bro messing with us. And Elder Kennedy and I just ball every morning from 6 30 to 8! So sick! I know that Andreas is in South Jutland for vacation and Chiny is away somewhere too! Thanks for the prayers for them! Can you pray for Mike here in Fredericia. He is the guy from Holland. Health is good. Lets go! Dad is rocking a floral tie!!! They are so sick! That looks so fun that you guys got to take care of the squad in Moses Lake! Crazy Ralph is coming home this week... weird. And I have picked up some Denmark things.. I will keep my eyes open for some sweet stuff!! And no worries with the BYU essays! I think he is coming to Utah next summer or Fall 2018. And hahahaaha I love dads hat he is rocking so fly!! Love you guys!! 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Week #96 Fredericia

Heyo fam! Crazy i got my flight plans! I like fell off my chair haha! I am way stoked for these last two transfers here with home boy Elder Kennedy! They will be clutch ;)

Peace out Taastrup and Sjælland!

Well this was my last week I step foot on Sjælland, besides MLC.... anyways! Monday we had an eating appoitnment with a young fam from Britain where we celebrated the fourth of July! Way sick! Then the fourth of July was a GREAT day! I <3 America!! We had a district activity and just got as American as you could get haha! We sung the Star Spangeled Banner and the national anthem and had a little BBQ so that was way clutch! Then after we had to get a quick splits with the office elders so Elder Halling and I taught Andreas for the first time in a couple weeks! We asked him what he was up to and he said he wanted to focus on school and he was busy with graduation but he is game on again. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and foucsing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what we need to do in this life here on earth! We read Alma 34 which was way fire and talked about not procastinating the day of your repentance. HE knows it all and we set a new date of August 12! He is a good bro for sure!  Then we had dominoes pizza and played munchkin like the old days to end the night! Wednesday we taught Chiny and taught her about it doesn't matter who teaches her but the message is the same and we read D and C 18 with her so that was dope!! Then Daniel the bro from Chile had something come up so we couldn't meet with that bro. Thursday was packed with appoitments. We had district meeting and then taught Sussia and Camila. We read Moroni 6 with them and taught about why we need to come to church. Then we taught David and Susanna about coming to church and they are coming next week! then we had an eating appoitment and then taught Dave who is a dope member who was baptized a couple years ago. THen we ran to make it to Birkerød for splits with Elder Hager and Rodriguez! Elder Rodriguez and I had an alright day. We found a dope bro from Eritia named Moses who knows his Bible and was stoked to get a Book of Mormon! He told us he wants us to teach his Eritian friends haha! Yeet! Then we had splits with the APs so I had one last run with Elder Erickson. We played soccer with Andreas and Will i am which was way fun and then we ate with William and he showed us around Copenhagen! THen we ate at Flammen which is like a Danish version of Tucanos with just meet for days!! A member from Roskilde served in Elder Ericksons home mission so they knew each other! It was way sad to watch him say by to William. Crazy how we changed his life and he has changed ours. One bro makes the whole mission worth it. I am probs only go to see Will i am one more time beofre I go home tho so that is good news. Then we ended the night playing ball with the Gladsaxe missionaries and some Romanian bros! Elder Erickson is a way good bro for sure! Sunday was alright. the ward was way big so it was hard to get to know bros but I said by to the young bros and Andreas and packed for the rest of the day.

Yea Kennedy is the baller so we are going to ball way hard! Zealand zone did great! We hit our baptismal date goal and were 8 away from the new investigator goal and 10 from the church goal. So cool. Only Andreas came to church this week. I will update you guys next week who to pray for in this area! We had a baptism yesterday! in Fredericia! Crazy miracle story! Kat has lived the gospel for 5 years and was a J Dub and out of no where on Saturday called the elders and said she had a revalation from God that she needs to be baptized the next day! So she was! We are confirming her next Sunday so that is awesome!! That is awesome the kids are staying with you guys! They are so big! That is AWESOME mom went out with the sisters! and it is the worst when the investigator starts ranting... you just got to be bold with those people because we are the teachers here. And it would be so nice if everyone lived the FULL gospel in their lives!  Well I love you guys!!!!!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Week # 95 Taastrup

Mormon 9:19

And if there were miracles wrought then, why had God ceased to be a God of miracles and yet be an unchangeable Being? And behold, I say unto you he changeth not; if so he would cease to be God; and he ceaseth not to be God, and is a God of miracles.

This week has been FILLED with miracles it has been crazy! So lets dive in day to day!!

Pretty chill P day. Elder Howe and I found some awesome sales and dropped on some pants. Then we went to an eating appointment far far away but we found out that there is a carl's jr in our area!! Yeet!! 

We headed all the way down to Nykøbing for splits with Elders Bennet and Pihl so we could interview Erik who got baptized in the sea last Saturday. After the interview we taught Kristine who got baptized in Nykøbing the same day Will got baptized so that was cool to see her. Then Elder Pihl and I taught a 21 year old girl Melanie. We read 3 Nephi 11 and talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she accepted to be baptized in the beginning of August! So cool! Then we found like 3 new bros from Africa so that was way cool!! 

We jumped on a train early and went to Slagelse!! I got to go on splits with Elder Dibble and we had a way good time!! We stopped by the American guy Mark in Korsør and taught him. Then we taught Will I  Am and had dinner with him and Mark in the ward! He made us fried chicken and brought watermelon! so fun! 

We woke up early and made it back to Taastrup so we could teach Finn and Pernilla at 9 before district meeting. We read Jacob 4 with them and they are progressing so well! They are actually studying from the scriptures and learning so much in them! And Pernilla like is pushing Finn to come to church and she is not the member in the relationship! Then we had District meeting which went way well from Elder Halling. We listened to the talk by Elder Costa about his conversion story and I really liked how he said the best way we can come to Jesus Christ is if we gain a desire to change and become like Him.

Today was the day of miracles. This was the most insane day of my mission by far. So even though it was the last day of June it was raining so much!! While we were making tacos for lunch our eating appointment got cancelled with a member.. So we taught Joseph about Joseph Smith and watched Safety for the Soul Mormon Message which was way fire! Then we had time to do some stop bys. We decided to walk to stop by our friends when we could have biked there in 5 minutes but we wanted to talk to people along the way, but it was rainy so there was nobody outside. As we passed all these houses we stopped at a door and got impressed to knock it. We passed like 30 different houses and this was the only door that we knocked. An older man answers and says no immediately and says how he doesn't like America or churches. We ask him if he even knows who we are and he ends up letting us in his door right after that. He shows us that he is watching a documentary about Jesus Christ in Spanish right when we knocked on his door and says how he believes he God and Christ but he said religion just captures you. We then say that there are a lot of churches that are not teaching what Christ taught us and right then he told us to sit down. We hear his life story how he moved her from Chile joined the Jehovah Witness organization and how his faith was captured. We end up teaching him the Restoration of the gospel and he starts crying and says we are a miracle that we knocked on his door and our message is exactly what he needs to strengthen his faith in Christ because he said he hungers and thirsts after the word of God. He gave us a hug at the end of it and we are meeting with him again this week. He had a friend who was Mormon in Chile and he drives buses and always drives around the temple in Copenhagen and we are the first Missionaries that have knocked on his door. Crazy. So that was an amazing miracle. After that we had 30 minutes so we decided to go to the lake where we ran into Chiny who we met last week! She asked us why we didn't call her and she said she wanted to meet not with her bro Augestin. We end up setting up an appointment for the next day. Then we ran into Ernist who we have been trying to get in contact with and he got way stoked to see us! Then we were planning how we were going to get to Nykøbing for Eriks baptism because we were going to have to interview Jeffery in Nykøbing. So we had to wake up at 445 to make the train. Well we get a text and it was from Andreas!!!!!!!! He wanted to play soccer with us and talk about the church. SO we called all the Elders in the office and APs and they couldn't go on splits. But Ballerup came in clutch!!!!! And while we were waiting for them in 711, we ran into yet another investigator!!! So crazy!! That was a huge testimony builder of everyone being united with the prayer of faith leads to miracles!

Andreas ended up getting sick so he couldn't play but we are meeting with him on Tuesday! After soccer we taught, Elder Burgin and I, David and Susana and had one of the most spiritual plan of Salvation lessons of my life!! The spirit was so thick and we were just testifying of Christ and the gospel of Jesus Christ and they said they could feel the spirit so strong. Susana knows it is true but David is holding her back. He did say every time we are here he feels the spirit and we are working on getting them to church! Then Elder Howe and I got back together and taught Chiny at the lake in Taastrup. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she agreed to be baptized on the 22nd of July! She really wants to come to Jesus Christ and be cleansed for her sins! She is having it pretty hard right now and we promised her baptism will change her life!


We went to church with Chiny! It was fast and testimony meeting and she loved it! Then we had African guest class and learned about the plan of Salvation and we had a bro from Ghana who served in Nigeria so he was perfect to teach with!! Then she loved Relief Society! We showed her the baptismal font and she lost her mind and I thought she was going to jump in! She is so prepared! Then I gave Henry the Priesthood after church, the sisters recent convert, and it was way powerful and an awesome experience.

So for the fourth of July we are going to a family from England today and then we are going to have a district activity tomorrow and have a BBQ! so that will be clutch! The zone found almost 50 new friends! Most of all time! We are 38 away from our goal which is awesome to see! Everyone is going so hard! So we haven't set a new date for Mary Ann but we will this week! And thanks for all the prayers! They are really helping! I am doing great health wise! Way cool you say the Hohmans! They are good people! And that is awesome you guys mobbed over to Seattle with Katelynn! And for the essays can you guys give me some ideas what to write about... I cant remember my life before my mission.. haha! And that was an awesome talk from Elder Holland. I have come to learn on my mission how important the spirit is in the process of conversion and that was what lead us to our friend from Chile Daniel. I love you guys!