Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 98 Fredericia

Jamen halløjsa! What is up fam! Pretty crazy week this week! Remember how I got way stoked when I opened my mission call many moons ago and found out that Greenland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands were apart of my mission, well we found someone from each place this week which is pretty dope!! And even a family of 12!! ;) 

Fredericia Cruising

Well we found bunches of more friends this week!! Yeet!

SO Monday started with eating with a fam in the ward with the sisters and the Yates which was way fun! It was the lady's B day so we gooned way hard.

On Tuesday we went to Kolding to teach Kim who is Korean. Way cool guy. He is like 37 and is studying here. He is way lonely though and doesn't have too much to do. We read Alma 7 with him and went WAY well! He really wants the peace in his life he can get from the Atonement. He really felt the spirit which was way cool. Then we got burned by like a bunch of people but whenever we hit rock bottom we can always go so much higher! We knocked on this door and this bro with his shirt off answers and lets us in after 5 minutes! The bro is from Greenland and there was 11 other people in the apartment that lived there!! So we found a family of 12!! They moved here in March and only the dad can only speak Danish, #congofampart2 ;), but no worries because we have a Greenlandic member in the ward who can translate for us at church! She can't come help us teach because she is married to a non member who wont let her come teach with the missionaries.... so jank! But we are home teaching her next week and we are going to throw down with the husband with love of course ;) But get this. SO there are rumors that Christ also visited the people up in Greenland and this fam is soooo believing in Christ!! It is incredible! and they said that either one of them or someone they knew saw Jesus Christ and the way they described him was just like the pic in the book of Mormon when Christ appeared to the nephites in America! How crazy is that!!

Wednesday was ight... We found a lady from Iceland though! She met with missionaries back in the day but never has read the Book of Mormon!

Thursday we had a pretty fire zone conference about repentance, the Atonement and having better studies! It was way fire! We drove to Århus from Fredericia and we bumped lys mere lys over århus which was the most epic thing I have experienced in a while haha!

Friday we had splits with Odense 1 Elders, Elder Preece and Arnold. Oh way cool story. I asked how Caroline was doing and I guess she hasn't been coming to church for a while or meeting with the misisonaries so I texted her and got her to met with the misisonaries and read the book of Mormon! No one goes inactive on me that easy ;) We had a way fun splits! We started doing service for a bro I did service for on splits a year ago when i was in Odense. Way weird! But the bro we did service for, his name is is Christain and is the biggest bro ever! I just went way hard and trimmed his hedges! Then we went out to Kolding were Elder Arnold and I knocked a little. We found and older bro from the Faroes who also met with missionaries in the past but didnt have a Mormons Bog so we gave him one and we are going to teach him in a couple weeks. Then we taught Kim again. We read 2 Nephi 31 with him and just talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He loved it! He was saying how cool it was and he understood why we have the Book of MOrmon to teach us the Gospel to its fullest and we invited him to be baptized. He is a little hesitant because he doesn't have a social life and wants to go out and drink. But he said he still wants to come to church. We threw down how that spirit he felt and will fell will not be with him because he is influenced by alcohol! We couldn't find him a ride this week but next week we got him. Then we got a call from Elder Kennedy to come as fast as possible because they found some 17 year old kids balling! so we came and totally wrecked them!! haha i told them i was just a soccer player and just balled them up! We got a pic too!

Then Saturday we played soccer with the ward and taught Asger a Greenlandic bro! We also taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ and he said he would be baptized if he found out it was true! 

That is way cool Katelynn got to sing for Elder Holland! ANd we ball on an out door court! I took a pic of it so dont worry ;) The zone has some way positive people that will be baptized this transfer so that is way good! Haha driving is going well! Elder Kennedy is the desingnated driver so i just post. haha mom driving over cats.... haha those stories are too funny!! We didnt meet with Mike this last week because he was sick. So Andreas is on vacation in south jylland and Chiny is hard too met with I guess. But Elder Howe said she is doing good! And MAry ANn is back on date!! And i am getting pretty tired but I am still mobbing through every day! And dont you worry! If i come home quiet and reserved like the Danes troll me! ELder kennedy and I are trying not to pic up their culture so dont worry about that hahahahaha! You just got to worry that i am too loud.... haha! And Danish cheese stinks pretty bad haha but it is way good ;) And thanks so much for helping me with the essays!!!! Life savers! And yea i totally forgot how to write an essay but Ill figure it out! And I am getting a haircut tonight from a professional barber for free in the ward tonight so that will be sick! Well fam thats all I got this week! I love you bros sooooo much!!! 

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