Monday, July 3, 2017

Week # 95 Taastrup

Mormon 9:19

And if there were miracles wrought then, why had God ceased to be a God of miracles and yet be an unchangeable Being? And behold, I say unto you he changeth not; if so he would cease to be God; and he ceaseth not to be God, and is a God of miracles.

This week has been FILLED with miracles it has been crazy! So lets dive in day to day!!

Pretty chill P day. Elder Howe and I found some awesome sales and dropped on some pants. Then we went to an eating appointment far far away but we found out that there is a carl's jr in our area!! Yeet!! 

We headed all the way down to Nykøbing for splits with Elders Bennet and Pihl so we could interview Erik who got baptized in the sea last Saturday. After the interview we taught Kristine who got baptized in Nykøbing the same day Will got baptized so that was cool to see her. Then Elder Pihl and I taught a 21 year old girl Melanie. We read 3 Nephi 11 and talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she accepted to be baptized in the beginning of August! So cool! Then we found like 3 new bros from Africa so that was way cool!! 

We jumped on a train early and went to Slagelse!! I got to go on splits with Elder Dibble and we had a way good time!! We stopped by the American guy Mark in Korsør and taught him. Then we taught Will I  Am and had dinner with him and Mark in the ward! He made us fried chicken and brought watermelon! so fun! 

We woke up early and made it back to Taastrup so we could teach Finn and Pernilla at 9 before district meeting. We read Jacob 4 with them and they are progressing so well! They are actually studying from the scriptures and learning so much in them! And Pernilla like is pushing Finn to come to church and she is not the member in the relationship! Then we had District meeting which went way well from Elder Halling. We listened to the talk by Elder Costa about his conversion story and I really liked how he said the best way we can come to Jesus Christ is if we gain a desire to change and become like Him.

Today was the day of miracles. This was the most insane day of my mission by far. So even though it was the last day of June it was raining so much!! While we were making tacos for lunch our eating appointment got cancelled with a member.. So we taught Joseph about Joseph Smith and watched Safety for the Soul Mormon Message which was way fire! Then we had time to do some stop bys. We decided to walk to stop by our friends when we could have biked there in 5 minutes but we wanted to talk to people along the way, but it was rainy so there was nobody outside. As we passed all these houses we stopped at a door and got impressed to knock it. We passed like 30 different houses and this was the only door that we knocked. An older man answers and says no immediately and says how he doesn't like America or churches. We ask him if he even knows who we are and he ends up letting us in his door right after that. He shows us that he is watching a documentary about Jesus Christ in Spanish right when we knocked on his door and says how he believes he God and Christ but he said religion just captures you. We then say that there are a lot of churches that are not teaching what Christ taught us and right then he told us to sit down. We hear his life story how he moved her from Chile joined the Jehovah Witness organization and how his faith was captured. We end up teaching him the Restoration of the gospel and he starts crying and says we are a miracle that we knocked on his door and our message is exactly what he needs to strengthen his faith in Christ because he said he hungers and thirsts after the word of God. He gave us a hug at the end of it and we are meeting with him again this week. He had a friend who was Mormon in Chile and he drives buses and always drives around the temple in Copenhagen and we are the first Missionaries that have knocked on his door. Crazy. So that was an amazing miracle. After that we had 30 minutes so we decided to go to the lake where we ran into Chiny who we met last week! She asked us why we didn't call her and she said she wanted to meet not with her bro Augestin. We end up setting up an appointment for the next day. Then we ran into Ernist who we have been trying to get in contact with and he got way stoked to see us! Then we were planning how we were going to get to Nykøbing for Eriks baptism because we were going to have to interview Jeffery in Nykøbing. So we had to wake up at 445 to make the train. Well we get a text and it was from Andreas!!!!!!!! He wanted to play soccer with us and talk about the church. SO we called all the Elders in the office and APs and they couldn't go on splits. But Ballerup came in clutch!!!!! And while we were waiting for them in 711, we ran into yet another investigator!!! So crazy!! That was a huge testimony builder of everyone being united with the prayer of faith leads to miracles!

Andreas ended up getting sick so he couldn't play but we are meeting with him on Tuesday! After soccer we taught, Elder Burgin and I, David and Susana and had one of the most spiritual plan of Salvation lessons of my life!! The spirit was so thick and we were just testifying of Christ and the gospel of Jesus Christ and they said they could feel the spirit so strong. Susana knows it is true but David is holding her back. He did say every time we are here he feels the spirit and we are working on getting them to church! Then Elder Howe and I got back together and taught Chiny at the lake in Taastrup. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she agreed to be baptized on the 22nd of July! She really wants to come to Jesus Christ and be cleansed for her sins! She is having it pretty hard right now and we promised her baptism will change her life!


We went to church with Chiny! It was fast and testimony meeting and she loved it! Then we had African guest class and learned about the plan of Salvation and we had a bro from Ghana who served in Nigeria so he was perfect to teach with!! Then she loved Relief Society! We showed her the baptismal font and she lost her mind and I thought she was going to jump in! She is so prepared! Then I gave Henry the Priesthood after church, the sisters recent convert, and it was way powerful and an awesome experience.

So for the fourth of July we are going to a family from England today and then we are going to have a district activity tomorrow and have a BBQ! so that will be clutch! The zone found almost 50 new friends! Most of all time! We are 38 away from our goal which is awesome to see! Everyone is going so hard! So we haven't set a new date for Mary Ann but we will this week! And thanks for all the prayers! They are really helping! I am doing great health wise! Way cool you say the Hohmans! They are good people! And that is awesome you guys mobbed over to Seattle with Katelynn! And for the essays can you guys give me some ideas what to write about... I cant remember my life before my mission.. haha! And that was an awesome talk from Elder Holland. I have come to learn on my mission how important the spirit is in the process of conversion and that was what lead us to our friend from Chile Daniel. I love you guys!


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