Monday, July 10, 2017

Week #96 Fredericia

Heyo fam! Crazy i got my flight plans! I like fell off my chair haha! I am way stoked for these last two transfers here with home boy Elder Kennedy! They will be clutch ;)

Peace out Taastrup and Sjælland!

Well this was my last week I step foot on Sjælland, besides MLC.... anyways! Monday we had an eating appoitnment with a young fam from Britain where we celebrated the fourth of July! Way sick! Then the fourth of July was a GREAT day! I <3 America!! We had a district activity and just got as American as you could get haha! We sung the Star Spangeled Banner and the national anthem and had a little BBQ so that was way clutch! Then after we had to get a quick splits with the office elders so Elder Halling and I taught Andreas for the first time in a couple weeks! We asked him what he was up to and he said he wanted to focus on school and he was busy with graduation but he is game on again. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and foucsing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what we need to do in this life here on earth! We read Alma 34 which was way fire and talked about not procastinating the day of your repentance. HE knows it all and we set a new date of August 12! He is a good bro for sure!  Then we had dominoes pizza and played munchkin like the old days to end the night! Wednesday we taught Chiny and taught her about it doesn't matter who teaches her but the message is the same and we read D and C 18 with her so that was dope!! Then Daniel the bro from Chile had something come up so we couldn't meet with that bro. Thursday was packed with appoitments. We had district meeting and then taught Sussia and Camila. We read Moroni 6 with them and taught about why we need to come to church. Then we taught David and Susanna about coming to church and they are coming next week! then we had an eating appoitment and then taught Dave who is a dope member who was baptized a couple years ago. THen we ran to make it to Birkerød for splits with Elder Hager and Rodriguez! Elder Rodriguez and I had an alright day. We found a dope bro from Eritia named Moses who knows his Bible and was stoked to get a Book of Mormon! He told us he wants us to teach his Eritian friends haha! Yeet! Then we had splits with the APs so I had one last run with Elder Erickson. We played soccer with Andreas and Will i am which was way fun and then we ate with William and he showed us around Copenhagen! THen we ate at Flammen which is like a Danish version of Tucanos with just meet for days!! A member from Roskilde served in Elder Ericksons home mission so they knew each other! It was way sad to watch him say by to William. Crazy how we changed his life and he has changed ours. One bro makes the whole mission worth it. I am probs only go to see Will i am one more time beofre I go home tho so that is good news. Then we ended the night playing ball with the Gladsaxe missionaries and some Romanian bros! Elder Erickson is a way good bro for sure! Sunday was alright. the ward was way big so it was hard to get to know bros but I said by to the young bros and Andreas and packed for the rest of the day.

Yea Kennedy is the baller so we are going to ball way hard! Zealand zone did great! We hit our baptismal date goal and were 8 away from the new investigator goal and 10 from the church goal. So cool. Only Andreas came to church this week. I will update you guys next week who to pray for in this area! We had a baptism yesterday! in Fredericia! Crazy miracle story! Kat has lived the gospel for 5 years and was a J Dub and out of no where on Saturday called the elders and said she had a revalation from God that she needs to be baptized the next day! So she was! We are confirming her next Sunday so that is awesome!! That is awesome the kids are staying with you guys! They are so big! That is AWESOME mom went out with the sisters! and it is the worst when the investigator starts ranting... you just got to be bold with those people because we are the teachers here. And it would be so nice if everyone lived the FULL gospel in their lives!  Well I love you guys!!!!!

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