Monday, June 26, 2017

#94 Tasstrup

Jamen halløjså verden! Well another crazy week filled of traveling across the island and rain stopping the witch burning... but it was still a good week!!!

Here it is! 

So we were so busy last week that we had no time to weekly plan so we did that Monday and planned district meetings for the zone.

Tuesday we taught home boy Dave who was baptized a couple years ago and is a legend in the Taastrup area haha! He is from south Africa and moved up here and has some pretty crazy stories. Then we stopped by some other bros and made an appointment with a part member fam and the mom was baptized in Peru many moons ago.. we set up the appointment at the end of July because they are going on vacation.. #letsseeiftheyremember haha!

Wednesday was a sick day... I picked up a cold again.. but i am doing way good now! SO no worries.

Then the next day was pretty crazy! We had district breakfast at 7 30 in the morning! We had German pancakes and waffles. Then we had district meeting before Elder Howe and Halling went to their trunky meeting. We were in charge with the sisters. We presented the new mission acronym which the STLs and Elder Howe and I came up with for the mission! it is the faith 2 FIND. So that was fun! The highlight of that would be showing a clip from the best two years of Elder Calhoun talking to someone in the grocery store and teaching him on the spot and getting his number which helped us portray our message for the OYM training. Then after I got to watch my group take pictures on the steps of the temple and go in... That was way weird haha!  Then I went with splits with my good bro Elder Rodriquez and Curnow! Then that night Elder Howe and I taught our bro Kim. We tried teaching him the POS which turned into how can you know if a prophet is a prophet which turned to how can you know the Bible the word of God to praying to know truth to what the gospel of Jesus Christ is! haha! It was good and then he asked us if he could come to church! Way cool! He couldn't come last minute because his daughter came to visit.

Friday was pretty clutch! We had district meeting with the squad in North Sjælland. We had some pregame pastries with the bros so that was sweet. Then we went to Slagelse which involved almost dying trying to get out of the mission van at a bus stop to catch our bus in down town Copenhagen but we made it alive! Then after we got kebab with home boy William at the usual place so that was sick! Then we got home and went to the Cheungs for sanct hans aften! And Elder Ziegler was there with his fam so that was cool to see him and we ate hot dogs and rabbit! It rained all day long so it was too wet to start a fire... So that was a bummer! But it was a good night with good bros anyways!

Then Saturday consisted of balling with the ward in the morning. Then we taught Mary Ann. We watched President Monson's talk Principles and Promises and taught her the Word of Wisdom. She loved the specific promised blessings that come from it. She is down to five cigarettes a day and we are getting her grape fruit juice and told her to read the Book of Mormon when she gets the urge to smoke. Helaman 3:29. Then we got burned by Prince again so we are dropping that bro... I asked him last week what do I do when he doesn't show up and he said he would be there 100 percent... nope. Then I taught the craziest lesson of my life! We walked in at 7 at night and it went on for a couple hours!!! We walk in to Augestin's home and his sister  Chiny is sitting on the couch. Turns out she just moved from Nigeria like in the last week! She is living with her brother Augestin. So she asked us who we were and we said we are from our church and she got way stoked and said she is interested! So we taught her the Restoration on the spot and when we bore our testimonies she said she could feel it and it touched her. She then said she had a dream that someone brought her back to church and thinks it is us. She left her church in Africa because of the corruption. After that we tried teaching the POS but Augestin was disagreeing with us and going off about something. Then i raised my hand and I am like, Dude, do you believe in the Bible? And he is like yea. SO then I was like listen. So we shared a whole bunch of scriptures from the Bible that support the POS and it was so fun to teach haha! They came to church yesterday and brought their little kids and had a good time. They took pics so they could show their friends! And Chi who we ate with on Friday also came to church! And the Zone is still on fire!!! We broke our new investigator total of last transfer in four weeks and we had the most people in church in a couple months! So things are going really well. I ran into President O'Bryant this week and he said elder Reed we need to transfer you to Århus and to Fredereica and keep you in Taastrup to be Zone Leader all over. Then I was like move me to Odense right in the middle! haha! We will see what happens for transfers! We got two weeks left of the transfer! 

And of course they went crazy when they saw him! Probs not as crazy as we would have gotten haha! Yeet! Haha you got the count down going haha! Don't make me trunky ;) So Pernilla did not make it to church this week.. they had something in Amager... but next week they are coming! And we will see if she wants to be baptized! Thanks for the prayers! You can stop praying for Prince. He just is too flaky and has burned me like 6 times. And nothing yet from Andreas. The fan is keeping the apartment perfect! Crazy grantula gave his homecoming talk! Hahahaha i bet dad looked way hot in his white suit ;) HAHAHAHA i can just imagine mom going crazy in the back yard... We now know the real reason why i extended so i can skip weeding and working outside... haha just kidding! haha dad better hide his shirts he bought like four years ago and they still have the price tag on them ;) haha you guys are too funny! Well keep being awesome and enjoying life! And remember to OYM! 

Alt Står Reed

Monday, June 19, 2017

Week #93 Tasstrup

Jamen davs davs familie!!! It is so hot here!!! Life is good and Elder Howe and I are as busy as can be!!!! And Taastrup is FIRE!!

Let's just cruise through the week... 

So Monday we went to FHE with the home boy Will I Am! Way fun! The thought was on the nature of God and then we got to play picturnary... no idea how to spell... haha... and I tried to draw Toy Story for all these young Danes and lets just say I forgot how to draw.... haha it was so funny!! Then Tuesday we taught home boy Joseph from Ghana about prophets. He said there are a lot of false prophets in Ghana and he wants to know if Joseph Smith is a false prophet or not and where it talks about him in the Bible. We answered his questions way well! I love teaching with Elder Howe because if one of us doesn't know the scripture the other one always does!! Wednesday we taught a sister in the mission's uncle the Restoration and it went way well! He wanted to know how the church started and so we taught the Restoration of course and he had a map in his house which was way clutch because he was all about the history. Then we did service for a part member fam who has a bunch of different animals and we got to burn wood and make a huge fire! Thursday we had a way fire district meeting from my good friend Elder Halling which was way fire! Main thing from it was to trust in the Lord and that will help us keep focus of our purpose. Then we had an eating appointment with familien Howe.... haha! Elder Howe's fam was in Denmark so his dad could visit his mission in Germany so they got permission from Prez and they took us out for kebab! So cool! They are all so nice and awesome! Then we taught Camilla and Sussie about Lehi's dream and it went really well! They are doing great and even driving our investigators to church!! Then we taught Kim in Ishøj who goes up in boas and arrows and he actually contacted the missionaries himself a couple years ago!! He asked some deep questions so we focused on the POS and he just didn't get the usual answer of why is there war and poverty.... how could God let that happen if he loves us... ( If i could get a krone for every time i heard that one i could get so many kebab ;) ) But after a lot of scriptures and explanation he understood.   Friday was appointments all day long. We started out with Finn and Pernilla. Finn is a less active member and Pernilla isn't a member yet. ;) We read 2 Nephi 31 with them and focused on enduring to the end. Then Pernilla invited Finn to stop smoking and to come to church!!! So clutch! Then we taught Zabi who was a OYM contact from one night we got locked out of our apartment on splits and we went in to 711 to buy a booster and Elder Bennet talked to him.. Anyways he is way cool! He is a younger bro from the middle east and is Muslim. He is really curious about Christianity and so he came with a bunch of pretty jank questions.. Like is Christ the son of God.. or did Christ ever say he was the Son of God.. and some other jank ones... he was like it actually says Muhammads name in the Bible and I was like no way, where?? And he said in the Songs of Solomon and i look at Elder Howe and try not to laugh haha! But it said some close name to Mohammad in the Hebraic translation.. Then we wrecked him with that he said in John how Christ said after he leaves that God will send the Comforter... and he was like that is Mohammad and I was like.. lets keep reading and Elder Howe winks at me.. Then the verse and the Comforter, the Holy Ghost.. so that was way fun! We are going to talk about the Restoration next time and i think he will be open to that! Then we got burned by Prince sat in the rain for like 5 minutes and decided to get dominoes pizza! Then we taught Ernist who Elder Bennett and I found last week! He called his pastor right before he met with us. He was like prove to me in the Bible where it talks about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith and the Americas and Elder Howe and I just pulled the trigger!! haha! We just gave him so many scriptures that he respected us and then finished with how he will find out will be from asking God sincerely. Way good quality stuff. Saturday was also full of appointments!! First soccer and it was so fun!!! We played full field and I scored bunches of goals... ( its coming back  ;) ) So that was way fun! then we taught David and Susanna.. It was a little jank because the last lesson we had with them they could feel the spirit and were considering baptism and then the first thing David said is that he doesn't want to be baptized and Susana was way quiet the whole appointment so we think she wants to be baptized but her husband is holding here back... Then we taught Mary Ann! We explained why she needs to get baptized again and she accepted it! She wants to get the more blessings! And We went through the baptismal interview questions and she passed them all except for President Monson, because she never heard of him so she is looking pretty positive! Then we were riding back and elder howe spotted a bro from Africa sitting on a bench so we talk to him and ends up being Prince!! And we know now why he has been ignoring us... he found some anti stuff but we cleared it up and are meeting with him this week! Sunday was church and only Pernilla came but we are expecting a lot this week! And we taught a bro named Phillip to end the week! He is way cool! He bought us Thai food and we just posted and had a good time! He found God by God answering his prayers with a real cool conversion story and is a really strong Christian. We talked about what we believe in and he loved it all! He met with the missionaries a couple years ago and said he found some disagreements between the Bible and Mormons Bog but he couldn't remember them and I think he is really prepared!!! SO that was our busy busy week!!!

The zone is still killing it!!! We still have 19 friends with a date and found 43 new friends which is a record high!! It is so awesome to be a part of!! You can stop praying for Raul... he just doesn't want to change so we dropped him. We need to focus our time on them that want to repent. And nothing from Andreas... Crazy that Grant is home!!! Who is next up??? Elder Andersen focused on becoming converted to Christ and the Book of Mormon in the stake here so that is way cool! And lets go! Mom is on summer break! Thanks for all the prayers for my friends they need them!! Look up D & C 29 : 6 when you get the chance ;)

Alt Står Reed

Monday, June 12, 2017

Week #92 Taastrup

OYM!!! Open Your Mouth! Well that would definitaley be the theme of this week! And sorry this won't be too long... I dont have too much time!

Taastrup Bros

Taastrup is on FIRE!!!! We found 8 new investigators last week!! Miracle story! Last p day we were coming back from the beach in our beach clothes, where Elder Howe opened his mouth on an s train and started talking to this family from Africa. Next thing you know we are walking with them to their house and teach them a little bit about the Restoration on the spot in our beach clothes. I can say that I taught someone the Restoration with my jordan hat on! So legendary ;) We taught them again on Saturday and the dad is SO prepared! He was Catholic growing up and realized the church was missing something so he doesn't belong to a church but has studied a lot about all religions. He knows he can learn something from our message and loved the Restoration and he is coming to church next week, probably with his family! And all of that came from one simple OYM. :D We went on splits with the Birkerød Elders and I went with Elder Hager. First time we went on splits since Odense almost a year ago! I love that bro! The highlight of that would be finding two new friends from Africa who love Jesus and the Bible and are pretty positive. We stopped by these old investigators and next thing you know we are teaching six bros from Africa at one time! So cool! They were watching some election but then we showed them a Mormon message about Jesus and everyone turned and watched. So clutch. We also went on splits with the Nykøbing Elders and I went with Elder Bennet and we found three new investigators together! I love Elder Bennett too! He is such a good bro! So we were stopping by people in the HUTS lolz and Elder Bennett saw a name on a door that was foreign so of course we knocked on it. Sheila answered who is from Camerroon and she was in a coma for two ayears and the doctors said she would not survive but she did so she is believing now and we are going to teach her and her daughter! The other two bros we found was after we were two more African homies! So we got burned and were walking to the station and we spotted two bros chilling on the other side of the soccer field. So we go around play a quick game of soccer with some Muslim kids and sit down with the bros and teach them the Restoration! So splits went pretty well despite that I was a little sick for them both with a cold I got from zone conference but I am good now! And we also taught familien Hansen this week who is a Danish family of three we teach and it went way well. They all committed to pray to know if the church is true and are coming to church next Sunday! Other highlights!! Will I Am is moving to København so I get to teach him again! YEET! I am going to FHE with him in an hour! And he came to Frederiksberg yesterday! And our people on date.. we have a lesson scheduled with Prince.. have not foudn Raul home.. Andreas lost his phone but hopefully he is coming to FHE tonight.. and we are teaching Mary Ann this week!


The zone is having so much success right now!!!!!! It is crazy awesome! We have 19 friends on date which is the most ever for one zone and a lot of them are way positive! And we found 40 new friends last week which is also the most ever! So our goal is to keep the unity going, which it is! Change the finding culture by opening your mouth and talking to people all the time! Then the number goals is 6 baptisms, which if that happens we beat Sjællands total from last year in 6 months.. pretty good! 29 different people on date.. we are already at 21.. 96 in church 240 new friends and 1344 potentials which is two potentials per companionship per day! And it is going way well! The Lord is really blessing us and it is awesome! So we had zone conference on Tuesday! So fun! We played soccer eight v eight at Høje Gladsaxe. And no we didn't keep score so it wouldn't get competitive... ;) But i was in charge of that and it was way fun! Everyone had a good time and no one got hurt so it was a success! Then the talent show was SOOO fun! haha! Elder Dibble and my talent was to make everyone laugh without talking and we just started laughing like we do and it worked haha yeet! Then we trained for 45 minutes on our zone goal and it went way well! Everyone got way motivated to OYM and we emphasized how we can get over our fear of OYMing. We talked about how we can not doubt, read when Peter walked on the water and doubted. Talked about how love casteth out all fear and we need to pray for this love. Because if we love them then we shouldn't fear opening our mouth to save them! Then we talked about the Ricardi letter and a story of a trainer teaching his trainee to not fear man because he is a disciple of Jesus Christ and that means we are going to follow his commandments and we have been commanded to talk with everyone! Then we had Elder Rodriquez who is so good at OYMing train us and it was so FIRE! Then we closed in fourth Nephi how because everyone kept the commandments they were more unified and we will be more unified if we OYM and be more obedient in that sense. It was a way fun training!

We have a couple good soccer players and athletes in the zone so it was pretty competitive. And Elder Howe is the smartest man alive! No one can beat him at rubrics cube! Andreas is still looking pretty positive for his baptism on the first! And can you start praying for Augestin and his fam too! Thanks so much for the prayers! They are working miracles! Oh and I was sick this week with a cold from zone conference but i am good now! I slept a couple hours extra for three days and i am doing great now! No way Grant is coming home! That is crazy! I would love to work at Sears and for mom's school thanks so much for making my life easy! :D And i cant think of anything specific right now that you could send me... i will think about it and let you know! I love you guys!!!!!!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Week #91 Taastrup

Heyo fam! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I am writing so early because it is a holiday here and all the libraries are closed so we got up at 5 30 and went to the office to write because we just don't want our parents to worry about us ;)

Taastrup Life

We have had a WAY busy week! So it started on Monday when we had an appoitment with Finn and Pernilla and we taught them about Moroni 10.. I think I wrote about it in my last letter! Then that night we had an eating appoitment 10 kms away and we didn't have travel money so we biked for like an hour to get there.... but it was worth it because we found a field of yellow flowers! Then Tuesday we did zone reports in the morning and called all the Elders in the zone! Then we taught the J Dub squad of Lisa and Hella in Taastrup. They are way nice. We danced around the bush in the beginning and then they showed us a scriprute in Pslams and then I accidently flipped to another scripture in the Bible that says ye are all gods, ye are children of the most high and kind of wrecked them that we have godly potential. Then we testified of the Book of Mormon and they had nothing to say... they threw out the verse that no man can be in the presence of God and live and we said we agree with that 100 percent. Joseph Smith had a vision just like Stephan in the Bible. Wrecked them again.. haha and we are meeting with them again and talking about the Restoration! Yeet! Then we schemed up a zone goal to go hand in hand with what Elder Andersen taught us and I have actually been scheming this since last transfer of Opening Your Mouth. That is something our mission needs to work better at and Elder Andersen has promised us that there are people in our areas who want to be baptized and they are not found yet! And we have been doing it, OYMing on trains and buses and we got 10 new potentials this week and had 0 time to find. Good stuff! The Lord is really bound when we do what he says because he commands us to open our mouths and promises us some specific blessings. That night we ate with the coolest member ever. He served in Poctella Idaho and we gooned and ate chili haha! Then Wednesday consisted of getting burned by Raul but that led to a miracle. We were going to buy food for the week when we see a lady from Africa walking by so of course we open our mouth and talk to her. Her name is Dorthy and she is from Ghana and she has never heard of our church before! So we taught her the Restoration on the street and she invited us over this week to teach her family who are Danish! How cool is that! And she took a Mormons Bog in English and in Danish! And said she will make us apple pie when we meet! blessings for sure. We taught Andreas the Word of Wisdom and he was already trying to live it the only hard ppart is the cultural side to it. For example at a party with his fam everyone would be drinking alchol and he said it is rude not to drink but we talked about prioritizing a commandment of the Lord then pleasing his fam. We moved is date back to the first of July and I am pretty sure he will make it! He reads from the Book of Mormon everyday and loves church! Then we taught Jan and Joyce. Jan got rebaptized by the good lad of Elder Fairbanks andd Joyce his wife is from the Phillipines and got baptized a couple years ago. Then Thursday we had our district meeting in Copenhagen where we presented the zone goal of keeping the unity going and changing the finding culture in the mission. So for the unity we have group texts that we send out whenever someone gets a miracle,a new investigator or they have an investigator they need extra prayers for. We have a zone prayer list that has worked MIRACLES. And we have a zone weekly email. SO that is way fun to do. And then with the changing the finding culture we read all the OYM scriptures in D and C and just emphasized that the Lord will always place people in our path we just have to open our mouths. Then we went to Slagelse and gave the goal presentation there. It was way good to see Elder Dibble and Bennet. Then we bounced on back and went to Taastrup got our things for MLC and went to MLC! We got kebab right when we got there! The O'Bryants are so awesome!!!! Then we played basketball with the squad. My team won ;) haha yeet! Then in the morning we had MLC and it was a way good MLC. I got the whole mission on board of opening your mouths and that will be trained on this week for zone conference. It was crazy that I am the oldest zone leader in terms of transfers! TIme flies! Then we bounced and we taught Mary Ann. We taught her the POS and pushed back her baptismal date to July 1st. She said the Book of Mormon is true and she understands that she needs to be baptized again and that it isnt a bad thing that she will be baptized again! So cool! Then Saturday we played soccer with the Gladsaxe squad and Andreas came! It was way fun! Then we presented the zone goal for the North Zealand district which went good and then had lunch with Elders Hager and Rodriguez. Then we taught David and Susanna. We gave Sussana a blessing and it was way powerful. They could both feel the spirit and we taught about the priesthood and how it was lost in teh apostasy and how Joseph Smith got it back by the laying on of hands. Really good lesson. Then Sunday we had church and Andreas came like I said! Then after we had coordinations meeting and we planned zone conference for tomorrow on OYM and overcoming our fears of talking with everyone and giving the zone some tools how to do it. But that was my week!!! Oh and speaking of OYM all the time, we took a train at 6 this morning and Elder Howe and I talked to people even though we were so tired! haha and we met some awesome people! Life is good!

It is so awesome to be with Elder Howe. We have a great time together and he is so good at Danish! And thanks for praying for my friends. If you could add in family Hansen that would be clutch! The exercises are going good and I will catch up on my sleep today! We are going to take a nap! The zone is doing great! We found the most investigators the zone has ever found last week! Dates we have 13 and 6 of them look like they are pretty solid and that is our zone goal. And if we get 6 baptims then by July 2017, we beat the total amount of baptisms Sjælland had last year! SO cool!!! Elder Hager is in Birkerød with Elder Rodriquez! We have splits with them this week! And that is sweet mom is teaching the Word of Wisdom! Here in DK it is jsut culture to smoke and drink. If you ask the young bros why they smoke they will say they have no idea.... But i have seen it hold people down and ruin lives and families and in that sense we are more free by keeping the Word of Wisdom. And Monique has dropped of the face of the earth.... and William is doing ight. He was supposed to come to church in Copenhagen yesterday but his alarm didn't go off. I will start thinking of things to write for my essays.. i will have more free time now after tomorrow with all the trainings being done. And thanks for the last part of the letter. I really love being a Zone Leader here on Sjælland. I have been here since the beginning of 2017 and it is way cool to see how the zone has unified together and have had so much success. I love you parents and remember to OYM as well!! ;)