Monday, June 12, 2017

Week #92 Taastrup

OYM!!! Open Your Mouth! Well that would definitaley be the theme of this week! And sorry this won't be too long... I dont have too much time!

Taastrup Bros

Taastrup is on FIRE!!!! We found 8 new investigators last week!! Miracle story! Last p day we were coming back from the beach in our beach clothes, where Elder Howe opened his mouth on an s train and started talking to this family from Africa. Next thing you know we are walking with them to their house and teach them a little bit about the Restoration on the spot in our beach clothes. I can say that I taught someone the Restoration with my jordan hat on! So legendary ;) We taught them again on Saturday and the dad is SO prepared! He was Catholic growing up and realized the church was missing something so he doesn't belong to a church but has studied a lot about all religions. He knows he can learn something from our message and loved the Restoration and he is coming to church next week, probably with his family! And all of that came from one simple OYM. :D We went on splits with the Birkerød Elders and I went with Elder Hager. First time we went on splits since Odense almost a year ago! I love that bro! The highlight of that would be finding two new friends from Africa who love Jesus and the Bible and are pretty positive. We stopped by these old investigators and next thing you know we are teaching six bros from Africa at one time! So cool! They were watching some election but then we showed them a Mormon message about Jesus and everyone turned and watched. So clutch. We also went on splits with the Nykøbing Elders and I went with Elder Bennet and we found three new investigators together! I love Elder Bennett too! He is such a good bro! So we were stopping by people in the HUTS lolz and Elder Bennett saw a name on a door that was foreign so of course we knocked on it. Sheila answered who is from Camerroon and she was in a coma for two ayears and the doctors said she would not survive but she did so she is believing now and we are going to teach her and her daughter! The other two bros we found was after we were two more African homies! So we got burned and were walking to the station and we spotted two bros chilling on the other side of the soccer field. So we go around play a quick game of soccer with some Muslim kids and sit down with the bros and teach them the Restoration! So splits went pretty well despite that I was a little sick for them both with a cold I got from zone conference but I am good now! And we also taught familien Hansen this week who is a Danish family of three we teach and it went way well. They all committed to pray to know if the church is true and are coming to church next Sunday! Other highlights!! Will I Am is moving to København so I get to teach him again! YEET! I am going to FHE with him in an hour! And he came to Frederiksberg yesterday! And our people on date.. we have a lesson scheduled with Prince.. have not foudn Raul home.. Andreas lost his phone but hopefully he is coming to FHE tonight.. and we are teaching Mary Ann this week!


The zone is having so much success right now!!!!!! It is crazy awesome! We have 19 friends on date which is the most ever for one zone and a lot of them are way positive! And we found 40 new friends last week which is also the most ever! So our goal is to keep the unity going, which it is! Change the finding culture by opening your mouth and talking to people all the time! Then the number goals is 6 baptisms, which if that happens we beat Sjællands total from last year in 6 months.. pretty good! 29 different people on date.. we are already at 21.. 96 in church 240 new friends and 1344 potentials which is two potentials per companionship per day! And it is going way well! The Lord is really blessing us and it is awesome! So we had zone conference on Tuesday! So fun! We played soccer eight v eight at Høje Gladsaxe. And no we didn't keep score so it wouldn't get competitive... ;) But i was in charge of that and it was way fun! Everyone had a good time and no one got hurt so it was a success! Then the talent show was SOOO fun! haha! Elder Dibble and my talent was to make everyone laugh without talking and we just started laughing like we do and it worked haha yeet! Then we trained for 45 minutes on our zone goal and it went way well! Everyone got way motivated to OYM and we emphasized how we can get over our fear of OYMing. We talked about how we can not doubt, read when Peter walked on the water and doubted. Talked about how love casteth out all fear and we need to pray for this love. Because if we love them then we shouldn't fear opening our mouth to save them! Then we talked about the Ricardi letter and a story of a trainer teaching his trainee to not fear man because he is a disciple of Jesus Christ and that means we are going to follow his commandments and we have been commanded to talk with everyone! Then we had Elder Rodriquez who is so good at OYMing train us and it was so FIRE! Then we closed in fourth Nephi how because everyone kept the commandments they were more unified and we will be more unified if we OYM and be more obedient in that sense. It was a way fun training!

We have a couple good soccer players and athletes in the zone so it was pretty competitive. And Elder Howe is the smartest man alive! No one can beat him at rubrics cube! Andreas is still looking pretty positive for his baptism on the first! And can you start praying for Augestin and his fam too! Thanks so much for the prayers! They are working miracles! Oh and I was sick this week with a cold from zone conference but i am good now! I slept a couple hours extra for three days and i am doing great now! No way Grant is coming home! That is crazy! I would love to work at Sears and for mom's school thanks so much for making my life easy! :D And i cant think of anything specific right now that you could send me... i will think about it and let you know! I love you guys!!!!!!

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