Monday, June 19, 2017

Week #93 Tasstrup

Jamen davs davs familie!!! It is so hot here!!! Life is good and Elder Howe and I are as busy as can be!!!! And Taastrup is FIRE!!

Let's just cruise through the week... 

So Monday we went to FHE with the home boy Will I Am! Way fun! The thought was on the nature of God and then we got to play picturnary... no idea how to spell... haha... and I tried to draw Toy Story for all these young Danes and lets just say I forgot how to draw.... haha it was so funny!! Then Tuesday we taught home boy Joseph from Ghana about prophets. He said there are a lot of false prophets in Ghana and he wants to know if Joseph Smith is a false prophet or not and where it talks about him in the Bible. We answered his questions way well! I love teaching with Elder Howe because if one of us doesn't know the scripture the other one always does!! Wednesday we taught a sister in the mission's uncle the Restoration and it went way well! He wanted to know how the church started and so we taught the Restoration of course and he had a map in his house which was way clutch because he was all about the history. Then we did service for a part member fam who has a bunch of different animals and we got to burn wood and make a huge fire! Thursday we had a way fire district meeting from my good friend Elder Halling which was way fire! Main thing from it was to trust in the Lord and that will help us keep focus of our purpose. Then we had an eating appointment with familien Howe.... haha! Elder Howe's fam was in Denmark so his dad could visit his mission in Germany so they got permission from Prez and they took us out for kebab! So cool! They are all so nice and awesome! Then we taught Camilla and Sussie about Lehi's dream and it went really well! They are doing great and even driving our investigators to church!! Then we taught Kim in Ishøj who goes up in boas and arrows and he actually contacted the missionaries himself a couple years ago!! He asked some deep questions so we focused on the POS and he just didn't get the usual answer of why is there war and poverty.... how could God let that happen if he loves us... ( If i could get a krone for every time i heard that one i could get so many kebab ;) ) But after a lot of scriptures and explanation he understood.   Friday was appointments all day long. We started out with Finn and Pernilla. Finn is a less active member and Pernilla isn't a member yet. ;) We read 2 Nephi 31 with them and focused on enduring to the end. Then Pernilla invited Finn to stop smoking and to come to church!!! So clutch! Then we taught Zabi who was a OYM contact from one night we got locked out of our apartment on splits and we went in to 711 to buy a booster and Elder Bennet talked to him.. Anyways he is way cool! He is a younger bro from the middle east and is Muslim. He is really curious about Christianity and so he came with a bunch of pretty jank questions.. Like is Christ the son of God.. or did Christ ever say he was the Son of God.. and some other jank ones... he was like it actually says Muhammads name in the Bible and I was like no way, where?? And he said in the Songs of Solomon and i look at Elder Howe and try not to laugh haha! But it said some close name to Mohammad in the Hebraic translation.. Then we wrecked him with that he said in John how Christ said after he leaves that God will send the Comforter... and he was like that is Mohammad and I was like.. lets keep reading and Elder Howe winks at me.. Then the verse and the Comforter, the Holy Ghost.. so that was way fun! We are going to talk about the Restoration next time and i think he will be open to that! Then we got burned by Prince sat in the rain for like 5 minutes and decided to get dominoes pizza! Then we taught Ernist who Elder Bennett and I found last week! He called his pastor right before he met with us. He was like prove to me in the Bible where it talks about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith and the Americas and Elder Howe and I just pulled the trigger!! haha! We just gave him so many scriptures that he respected us and then finished with how he will find out will be from asking God sincerely. Way good quality stuff. Saturday was also full of appointments!! First soccer and it was so fun!!! We played full field and I scored bunches of goals... ( its coming back  ;) ) So that was way fun! then we taught David and Susanna.. It was a little jank because the last lesson we had with them they could feel the spirit and were considering baptism and then the first thing David said is that he doesn't want to be baptized and Susana was way quiet the whole appointment so we think she wants to be baptized but her husband is holding here back... Then we taught Mary Ann! We explained why she needs to get baptized again and she accepted it! She wants to get the more blessings! And We went through the baptismal interview questions and she passed them all except for President Monson, because she never heard of him so she is looking pretty positive! Then we were riding back and elder howe spotted a bro from Africa sitting on a bench so we talk to him and ends up being Prince!! And we know now why he has been ignoring us... he found some anti stuff but we cleared it up and are meeting with him this week! Sunday was church and only Pernilla came but we are expecting a lot this week! And we taught a bro named Phillip to end the week! He is way cool! He bought us Thai food and we just posted and had a good time! He found God by God answering his prayers with a real cool conversion story and is a really strong Christian. We talked about what we believe in and he loved it all! He met with the missionaries a couple years ago and said he found some disagreements between the Bible and Mormons Bog but he couldn't remember them and I think he is really prepared!!! SO that was our busy busy week!!!

The zone is still killing it!!! We still have 19 friends with a date and found 43 new friends which is a record high!! It is so awesome to be a part of!! You can stop praying for Raul... he just doesn't want to change so we dropped him. We need to focus our time on them that want to repent. And nothing from Andreas... Crazy that Grant is home!!! Who is next up??? Elder Andersen focused on becoming converted to Christ and the Book of Mormon in the stake here so that is way cool! And lets go! Mom is on summer break! Thanks for all the prayers for my friends they need them!! Look up D & C 29 : 6 when you get the chance ;)

Alt Står Reed

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