Monday, August 29, 2016

Week #51 Odense

Hey everyone!! Thanks for all the prayers!! I still need them as I am still on this roller coaster! But I think i find out what happens tomorrow so there is a light at the end of this tunnel. So i am not feeling to hot today.. I think i told you guys yesterday when you called that i havn't been feeling good, well i went to church and then a family after church took me and Elder Keller to their house so i could chill there and get out of our apartment. They are hands down my favorite family in the ward, plus when i was chilling on the couch I helped there son with math and so now they love me even more :) But anyways, I am not feeling too hot again today. I am really tired, and it is hard to focus and light headed. I forgot to print off the excercises so i will start trying them tonight. And so i got an an appoitment in Århus with an ENT doctor on Thurday so that will be solid. 

So the area i feel like is slowly dieing eveyday we cant work in it... We have like nine referals we need to contact and Elder Keller went on splits like everyday last week and he only got like two hours in our area. So only T and R were taught this week. And also S came to CUV and our Thursday night activity so that was good news to hear. And i guess we have an eating appoitment with them on Wednesday.. Hopefully I can make it! And all of the new converts are planning on going to the tempel on Saturday and I am hoping that I can make it, too! ANd Elder Keller is doing well. We are only being positive no matter what so we have good vibes there! 

Thanks again for all the prayers from everyone!! They mean a whole lot! I am hoping for the best of news tomorrow so they can figure out what is wrong and then I can get back to work!!  

Monday, August 22, 2016

Week #50 (Prayers for Alex)

Hey!! So family do not freak out!! Lol! So i have had quite the week. So I was better and not that sick on Monday but it came back on Thurday way bad so yea story time. Sister O'Bryant set up a couple doctor appointments so i saw the doctor and they took my blood pressure and I guess i have a low heart rate. So the next day they took some blood and did a heart chest scan to see if that effected anything. And i am currently waiting for the results and will get them on Wednesday. But on Thursday I got a call from sister O'Bryant and she told me that she talked with the area doctor and I guess the symptoms I have been having sounds like Lebrathantitus, i totally spelled that wrong.... anyways, it is a condition in your ears and it has to do with the little bones or something and the only way to heal it is if you dont move for seven days..... And when sister O'Bryant told me this i was like, i am going to be sooooo bored. So i pretty much have been on bed rest for the last three days and cant leave my bed and have to try to move as little as possible..... And they also want to ct scan my brain to see if any of this had to do with the concussion i got a couple months ago so i am waiting for that too! But dont freak out! So I have been way bored lately but i have caught up on a years sleep missed and wrote a lot in my journal and have watched movies and studied a whole bunch of danish. So life has been way chill lately. But i am still light headed and a little dizzy so i think something is wrong but we will find out soon enough i hope! And some members have been way solid by giving us mormon movies so i dont go insane!! So i am playing the waiting game to see what will happen and also not moving.... the senior couple drove me to the church and i am emailing on a couch on their laptop so they came in clutch! 

Anyways, i will give a little update of the week from the beginning. SO Monday was p day, played a little soccer ate pastries and had a way fire eating appoitment and the members let us be "culturized" so we watched a little bit of the denmark handball team game which was way fun! That sport is actually pretty intense! Then Tuesday was zone conference where they focused on working with members which will be way good to start to apply. And it was way good to see some of the squad and it is crazy to see how fast time has flown because we will hit our year marks soon and we go home in exactly one year from today! #nottrunky Then we went back from Aarhus to Odense and we had a meeting with all the missionaries in the ward to skiem how we are going to help the ward relations. Then we went to YSA which was way fun! And if there could be any highlights of Thursday they would be pizza night where we had like 30 people there and it was way fire! 

With our friends, we are having way good progress with S. She came to church on Sunday, even though i wasnt there, and is so awesome! And they moved Rs panio on Friday without me too and they got mexican food but R was way pumped for the help and we keep on getting good vibes from him. We actually took C out with a lesson for R and he totally loved her haha! It was so funny he like invited her to eat mexican food with us on Friday! So classic! 

But other than that, i have been on splits with a whole bunch of missionaries so elder keller doesnt go insane haha. It sucks to just be in your bed all day, it really makes you miss being a missionary and makes you want to work hard. Oh and i havent shaved and i am rocking a pretty sweet beard :) So the O'Bryants are back in Utah for like two weeks so Prez can get a quick heart surgery but it is honeslty no worries. While they are gone, prez buxton will be in charge and he was an office missionary and is so sick i love that man! And i will be 20 soon!!! What!! Oh no!! Haha! I dont care! Not fruit snacks or beef jerkey! Me and my comp are sick of them now... haha! Some american candy would be clutch and flaming hot cheetos or something and just way good american snacks that one cant find in Europe! And Nolan got hitched! Shoot!!! Who else has gotten married while i have been gone?? And that is a way funny story with dad and grandma hansen haha!! Man it sounds like the us is just killing it at the OL. And the mens basketball team won the gold by 30.... haha! Yes. I love America! And the OL is not to big here in Denmark but i guess it was crazy news that denmark won the gold in handboll and everyone is going nuts about it here! It is awesome! That is crazy that Michael Phelps has just been killing it!! And crazy that he is done. I ask danes at eating appointments how he has been doing and they are like who is that.... haha it is funny! And dang with the scandal.... that sounds crazy. Swimmers.... haha not judging but that sucks they did that! Dont drink kids! 

Well fam i love you so much and this week should be way interesting! I will keep you informed asap so mom can stop worrying ;) Vi snakkes!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Week #49 Odense

Hej!! So I still have been way sick so this week has been VERY slow and not too much exciting Things happened so sorry if this is short!!


So we had a breakthrough lesson with our friend from Mexico R!!  So i dont know if you Guys remember but we offered him to help him move his piano and last Wednesday when we taught him it was sooo different! He was like so you Guys always want Water and never kaffe and that became into a W of W lesson which he said it all makes sense and just took it all up! We had a member with and it was way fire for him too and he just threw Down in a good way. But the biggest thing was that he loved how we offered to move his piano for him and he just could feel the love and charity that we have for him. But I think a baptismal date could be Brewing so that would be awesome! Also we are getting way tight with S WHO comes to CUV and our Thurday night activities and are hoping to teach her the lessons soooon!! And our newly baptized friends N and C found out i have a blog so i am giving them a shout out!!! But they are both doing way solid. :)

Other than that i was in the Apartment a lot sick.... It wasn't fun but we went on splits on Friday with Odense 2 and i went with Æ Smith from Californien and had a way goood time. He played soccer back at home so that was legit. We got to see another baptism in the other Ward too so that was fun!

So I guess i have a doctors appointment tomorrow but i have zone conference so i will try to reshedule it.. To answer your questions my comp is doing great! I would say the Ward is going in a postive direction. Me and Elder Keller went hard talking to people WHO we usual dont and got a couple eating appoitments because of it so that was way fire. And the people at the door were like freaking out and one said a not good phrase in Danish and i cant repeeat.... haha! That is crazy that Josh is home and Megan is coming to the mother land of Europe! Lets go! Dang that looks pretty toasty! It is actually getting darker and darker which is way weird and the fall vibes are coming so i am way pumped! Favorite time of year :) And the new bike is soooo good! I should have taken a pic of it. It is a mountain bike and i saved like 2000 krones on it! It will definately last the rest of my mission thanks for the Money!! i couldnt do this without you! Haha that is a way good dream but dont worry i am not leaving Denmark any time soon. I got more prepared people to find and i am so motivated to Work harder than i have ever gone before. Staying in all week was the worst and made me miss missionary Work so good Things are going to happen here in Odense. :) I love you fam sooo much! Keep living life and Watch for miracles to happen!!

Æ Reed

Monday, August 8, 2016

Week #48 Odense

Familie!!! I am staying in Odense!!!!!! Odense for another transfer baby!!! Lets go!! This week was definately a highlight week of the mish! We had to give a last minute fire side to all the Young men in denmark #nobiggie and we had a baptism!!!!

Camp Helamen

SO this is a legendary story that i will always remember! So last Friday, so like ten days ago, we get this call from an American bro WHO told us that there was going to be a youth camp out and we as missionaries needed to get together and give a fireside on Tuesday about the Armour of God and the Stripling Warriors. Then he told us that he would give us the information for it. Tuesday comes around and we heard nothing about it so we just made other plans. Then about at one thirty, and this thing starts at two.... we get a text with the information and it is in the middle of no where like where these Woods are and we are like there is no way. Then we call Prez O and ask him if the dude even told him about it because the American bro told him that all the missionaries on Fyn could go. Then Prez said that no one every called him and told us to tell the American member up in Aalborg to call prez. Then we get a call from Prez and he tells us we have to go and inspire some kids to go on missions. Then we call the guy from Aalborg and we have to lead a fireside about the armour of God and the stripling warriors. And i am like Elder Keller, and cant even explain the Armour of God in English!!! Haha shout out to not paying attention in Primary when i was Young.... woops lolzzzz! But we had like an hour to whip something up, and we get there to the camp and then we find out that all the Young men in Denmark will be there! So i got to see my squad from Gladsaxe which was way sick to catch up with them and tthey said that I spoke way better Danish now! Haha! Yesss! So i kicked the ball around with them and then had hamburgers with the kids and then we had the time for our fireside! We all surrounded a bon fire and it was way epic! So we just went in way chill, getting to know them, asking WHO wants to go on a mission and where. Then we started talking about the helmet, shield, breastplate, sword, shoes, and girdle your loins. It was crazy. It went soo smooth and it is crazy cuz i didnt even know the Words to the amour of god in Danish but i learned real quick lol. We talked a lot about what we can do to have the armour of God with us  by reading our scriptures and praying. It was way cool to see them and a lot of them were not that enthusiastic about our Little message and that reminded myself of me a couple years ago. But you know elder reed, always skeeming. I could tell that we were losing the kids attention in the middle of the fire side so i pulled a couple fast ones and asked WHO has played American football?? And compared that to the helmet, because if you dont Wear a helmet you will get hurt and i was like i played and wore a helemet but i still got concussions and that is why i am a Little crazy.... haha jokes for days... but i compared that to have the helmet of salvation on by that we need to protect our thoughts from the advesary. Then with the sword i was like WHO has seen star wars. Now WHO knows darth mall??? And WHO remembers his double sided sword?? And like all the hands in the camp went up lol! Now there is a scripture in the Bible that says the Word of God is more powerful then a double sided sword and that if we keep ahold of the Word of God that we can overcome Satans temptations. And i shared how reading the scriptures changed my life and challenged them to read everyday :) Then my last sports analogy came with the shield of faith. I asked WHO played soccer?? Every hand is raised. Then i ask what happens if there is no defense in a soccer game.... Well the other team would score a lot of goals! And i was like exactly, and if we dont have our shield of faith, we will Loose our testimony! Then after we have our Whole armour on, we are ready for battle like the Stripling warriors and we compared it to a mission! It was so awesome to get kids pumped to go on missions!! And it was insane to see our mouths just be filled. It was so crazy because it was so easy to speak Danish and just after it was over me and Elder Keller were like, we just gave an hour long fireside in Danish that we had like no time to prepare for! So blessed. And like all the kids loved us. They made shields for the Armour of God and three kids gave us their shields! Haha! Way good memory to have!

Nadias Dåb!!

Well on Saturday Nadia got baptized! It was awesome to help her along the way even though it seemed like she didn't needed it. haha she was a real Golden Investigator. Like all of the Ward was at a wedding in København for a guy in the ward's wedding so me and elder keller had to go crazy with making the programs and filling the font and all that good stuff! But it went super smooth and there was a SUPER strong peaceful spirit there which was awesome. And I have been soooo sick for the past two days so i couldn't give her the Holy Ghost. :( I was in bed all Sunday morning and then went for the confirmation and then went home and slept the rest of the day. I have just been way Dizzy and have had a way bad headache so yea.... haha it has sucked but she still got the Holy Ghost from Elder Bennet and it is awesome to see that she became a member! And it was way cool because it was fast and testimony meeting yesterday and her uncle WHO is in our Ward shared his testimony. And so he has been in Sweden for the Whole short conversion process and said that he got invited to the cookie aften that nadia came to on facebook and in the past he would have ingnored it but he got a prompting from the holy ghost to say he wasn't going... leading to Nadia to see it!! hAHA the church is soooo true!

Oh and on Friday we had a blizt splits where like 16 missionaries got to come Down and we just went hard and found people for a couple hours. There was also some members there from the second Ward so it was way cool. I got to knock the richest houses in Odense with the missionary member legend Ken Hall so that was interesting. Haha I guess he went crazy on his mission and baptized a Whole bunch of people. And he like was all about breaking the ice at the door so we had the funniest door approaches like asking for Water or like screaming and saying we are here to save you! Haha so that was way solid! So F is going way well. He passed Again but we didn't get the chance to meet with him last week:( And F is from Germany but moved to denmark when he was Young. And C is going solid too. SHe was on vacation last week so we didnt get to meet but she will be a way good member friend for N. I didnt get to see EJ cuz we didnt go to CUV because of the fireside on Tuesday. Me and Elder Keller are doing solid! We are way pumped to go another one together and we are going to go way hard this transfer so it should be good! And he has been way good to take care of me while I have been sick so that it all good! AND NO we didnt move the piano and i didn't see X these week either :( And Elder Teynor left to Bornholm to Elder Adams and I guess they were best friends in high school so that is a Little fun. And Elder Evans got Elder Gerber WHO is two transfers ahead of me. ANd hahahaha yes Bill!!! That man is still going strong! We got to send the missionaries after that man ;) Haha that sounds like a party! ANd that is funny Jace said my room is still a mess! I swear I cleaned it before i left! haha! And that is crazy with all the missionaries coming and going! Time is just flying! I love you parents!!!!

Æ Reed

Monday, August 1, 2016

Week #47 Odense

Hej Familie!!! I am doing way good! I have learned so much over the last two weeks and i know that everything happens for a reason but I am soo thankful for the trial i just have gone through. Oh and I got pre transfer scoop from Prez and I am staying in Odense for one more transfer!! So i will be hitting my year mark in the promised land of Odense!
Well as of now N will be getting dunked on Saturday!! Lets go! It will be way good! We are going to meet with her everyday this week to get her prepared and excited for her baptism and then getting the holy ghost. So that will be way good. We taught our boy from Mexico Again and we made a deal that if we carry his piano Down the stairs that he would make us mexican food! But we are not going to kill our backs so we probably wont do it...... And we taught S Again and shared a killer mormon message with her about the purpose of life so that was way good. We have been also working with a lot of recently baptized people. We finally got in contact with X WHO is a 20 year old from CHina WHO got baptized a year ago and she is starting to come back to the church. And my boy F passed the sacrament for the first time so Things are bumping here in this area! Oh and we taught 20 plus lessons and about 10 member present lessons Again so yea!
Lets Go To the Beach
So on Friday we all went to the Beach in Kertiminde! We took an Essentials p day last p day so we could go! It was a District activity for the new combined District so it was me Elders Keller, Bennet, SMith, Cooper, Ericksen, Teynor, and Evans and the sisters. So we started the adventure getting kebabs and then we all went on the bus to Kertminde, the Little town that reminds me of park city! It was way epic. We played real Beach volleyball and we played Beach soccer so Elder Reed was in Heaven! haha! Then we had a way legendary selfie sesh so that was fun. And we calculated how long and in what direction we had to swim to get back to the states but figured that it wasnt worth it... haha. Then we got the infamous kertimde special and had District meeting on the harbor. So that was an insanely fun day!!!!
Church Fun
So  on Saturday there was a baptism for a 17 year old girl from Peru! Shout out to mom for that one! So that was way cool to see. Then came Sunday and church! And our Ward mission leader had his Family reunion and like 40 extra people were in sacrament meeting! But get this! One Family came from Medical Lake WA!!!! What are the odds jo!!! So i had a conversation in Danish with a women WHO lives an hour away from me so i thought that that was a Little bit mind boggling! Oh and we role played in the combined third hour and i sat with these bros in elders quorum and we role played home teaching and it was by far the funniest best church moment of my life haha! I love some people in my Ward they are just sooo funny lol!!! So that was pretty epic!
Gosh mom.... it doesn't surprise me that you hit a duck and a bird on the way to Utah lol! And that is sad that the car broke Down haha! How is dad's old car doing in Utah??That is awesome kate is starting the real grown up life! And is teaching dance! Way sick! And custodian coming up clutch setting her up on a date!! And don't worry mom! European food is not on par with American food! So you are not alone there! That is way good to hear that you Guys are doing good! I love you Guys so much and cant believe it is August already!!!!! Do something great this week!!!!
Æ Reed
                                                           Kertminde Beach