Monday, August 15, 2016

Week #49 Odense

Hej!! So I still have been way sick so this week has been VERY slow and not too much exciting Things happened so sorry if this is short!!


So we had a breakthrough lesson with our friend from Mexico R!!  So i dont know if you Guys remember but we offered him to help him move his piano and last Wednesday when we taught him it was sooo different! He was like so you Guys always want Water and never kaffe and that became into a W of W lesson which he said it all makes sense and just took it all up! We had a member with and it was way fire for him too and he just threw Down in a good way. But the biggest thing was that he loved how we offered to move his piano for him and he just could feel the love and charity that we have for him. But I think a baptismal date could be Brewing so that would be awesome! Also we are getting way tight with S WHO comes to CUV and our Thurday night activities and are hoping to teach her the lessons soooon!! And our newly baptized friends N and C found out i have a blog so i am giving them a shout out!!! But they are both doing way solid. :)

Other than that i was in the Apartment a lot sick.... It wasn't fun but we went on splits on Friday with Odense 2 and i went with Æ Smith from Californien and had a way goood time. He played soccer back at home so that was legit. We got to see another baptism in the other Ward too so that was fun!

So I guess i have a doctors appointment tomorrow but i have zone conference so i will try to reshedule it.. To answer your questions my comp is doing great! I would say the Ward is going in a postive direction. Me and Elder Keller went hard talking to people WHO we usual dont and got a couple eating appoitments because of it so that was way fire. And the people at the door were like freaking out and one said a not good phrase in Danish and i cant repeeat.... haha! That is crazy that Josh is home and Megan is coming to the mother land of Europe! Lets go! Dang that looks pretty toasty! It is actually getting darker and darker which is way weird and the fall vibes are coming so i am way pumped! Favorite time of year :) And the new bike is soooo good! I should have taken a pic of it. It is a mountain bike and i saved like 2000 krones on it! It will definately last the rest of my mission thanks for the Money!! i couldnt do this without you! Haha that is a way good dream but dont worry i am not leaving Denmark any time soon. I got more prepared people to find and i am so motivated to Work harder than i have ever gone before. Staying in all week was the worst and made me miss missionary Work so good Things are going to happen here in Odense. :) I love you fam sooo much! Keep living life and Watch for miracles to happen!!

Æ Reed

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