Monday, August 22, 2016

Week #50 (Prayers for Alex)

Hey!! So family do not freak out!! Lol! So i have had quite the week. So I was better and not that sick on Monday but it came back on Thurday way bad so yea story time. Sister O'Bryant set up a couple doctor appointments so i saw the doctor and they took my blood pressure and I guess i have a low heart rate. So the next day they took some blood and did a heart chest scan to see if that effected anything. And i am currently waiting for the results and will get them on Wednesday. But on Thursday I got a call from sister O'Bryant and she told me that she talked with the area doctor and I guess the symptoms I have been having sounds like Lebrathantitus, i totally spelled that wrong.... anyways, it is a condition in your ears and it has to do with the little bones or something and the only way to heal it is if you dont move for seven days..... And when sister O'Bryant told me this i was like, i am going to be sooooo bored. So i pretty much have been on bed rest for the last three days and cant leave my bed and have to try to move as little as possible..... And they also want to ct scan my brain to see if any of this had to do with the concussion i got a couple months ago so i am waiting for that too! But dont freak out! So I have been way bored lately but i have caught up on a years sleep missed and wrote a lot in my journal and have watched movies and studied a whole bunch of danish. So life has been way chill lately. But i am still light headed and a little dizzy so i think something is wrong but we will find out soon enough i hope! And some members have been way solid by giving us mormon movies so i dont go insane!! So i am playing the waiting game to see what will happen and also not moving.... the senior couple drove me to the church and i am emailing on a couch on their laptop so they came in clutch! 

Anyways, i will give a little update of the week from the beginning. SO Monday was p day, played a little soccer ate pastries and had a way fire eating appoitment and the members let us be "culturized" so we watched a little bit of the denmark handball team game which was way fun! That sport is actually pretty intense! Then Tuesday was zone conference where they focused on working with members which will be way good to start to apply. And it was way good to see some of the squad and it is crazy to see how fast time has flown because we will hit our year marks soon and we go home in exactly one year from today! #nottrunky Then we went back from Aarhus to Odense and we had a meeting with all the missionaries in the ward to skiem how we are going to help the ward relations. Then we went to YSA which was way fun! And if there could be any highlights of Thursday they would be pizza night where we had like 30 people there and it was way fire! 

With our friends, we are having way good progress with S. She came to church on Sunday, even though i wasnt there, and is so awesome! And they moved Rs panio on Friday without me too and they got mexican food but R was way pumped for the help and we keep on getting good vibes from him. We actually took C out with a lesson for R and he totally loved her haha! It was so funny he like invited her to eat mexican food with us on Friday! So classic! 

But other than that, i have been on splits with a whole bunch of missionaries so elder keller doesnt go insane haha. It sucks to just be in your bed all day, it really makes you miss being a missionary and makes you want to work hard. Oh and i havent shaved and i am rocking a pretty sweet beard :) So the O'Bryants are back in Utah for like two weeks so Prez can get a quick heart surgery but it is honeslty no worries. While they are gone, prez buxton will be in charge and he was an office missionary and is so sick i love that man! And i will be 20 soon!!! What!! Oh no!! Haha! I dont care! Not fruit snacks or beef jerkey! Me and my comp are sick of them now... haha! Some american candy would be clutch and flaming hot cheetos or something and just way good american snacks that one cant find in Europe! And Nolan got hitched! Shoot!!! Who else has gotten married while i have been gone?? And that is a way funny story with dad and grandma hansen haha!! Man it sounds like the us is just killing it at the OL. And the mens basketball team won the gold by 30.... haha! Yes. I love America! And the OL is not to big here in Denmark but i guess it was crazy news that denmark won the gold in handboll and everyone is going nuts about it here! It is awesome! That is crazy that Michael Phelps has just been killing it!! And crazy that he is done. I ask danes at eating appointments how he has been doing and they are like who is that.... haha it is funny! And dang with the scandal.... that sounds crazy. Swimmers.... haha not judging but that sucks they did that! Dont drink kids! 

Well fam i love you so much and this week should be way interesting! I will keep you informed asap so mom can stop worrying ;) Vi snakkes!

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