Monday, August 29, 2016

Week #51 Odense

Hey everyone!! Thanks for all the prayers!! I still need them as I am still on this roller coaster! But I think i find out what happens tomorrow so there is a light at the end of this tunnel. So i am not feeling to hot today.. I think i told you guys yesterday when you called that i havn't been feeling good, well i went to church and then a family after church took me and Elder Keller to their house so i could chill there and get out of our apartment. They are hands down my favorite family in the ward, plus when i was chilling on the couch I helped there son with math and so now they love me even more :) But anyways, I am not feeling too hot again today. I am really tired, and it is hard to focus and light headed. I forgot to print off the excercises so i will start trying them tonight. And so i got an an appoitment in Århus with an ENT doctor on Thurday so that will be solid. 

So the area i feel like is slowly dieing eveyday we cant work in it... We have like nine referals we need to contact and Elder Keller went on splits like everyday last week and he only got like two hours in our area. So only T and R were taught this week. And also S came to CUV and our Thursday night activity so that was good news to hear. And i guess we have an eating appoitment with them on Wednesday.. Hopefully I can make it! And all of the new converts are planning on going to the tempel on Saturday and I am hoping that I can make it, too! ANd Elder Keller is doing well. We are only being positive no matter what so we have good vibes there! 

Thanks again for all the prayers from everyone!! They mean a whole lot! I am hoping for the best of news tomorrow so they can figure out what is wrong and then I can get back to work!!  

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