Monday, September 5, 2016

Week #52 Odense

Hej familie!! Wow does time fly! I feel like it was a couple months ago that i was getting on that plane with Elder Osborne peacing out Moses Lake... #mindblown Time goes by when you are having fun aka doing the Lord's work ;) ANd i loved your camel pics you sent! So classic! 

So after my epic road trip with Elder Yates and just being serenade by his nuggets of knowledge, I got to Århus where i found out that i have Vertigo! #familygentics So I have been feeling better and i feel like i have more energy but i still get hit with these dizzy spells and get these headaches... So i got a call from Prez this morning and he asked how i was doing and he told me that i could go home home and get better or i could just tough it out so that is what i am going to do!! I still get dizzy and get headaches but going home is not an option so I am just going to stay and grind it out. So i am doing the exercises and sleeping with my head up  and they are helping a little.... so i am just going to grind this out! 

The Work 
So i wasn't feeling that hot on Saturday and the ward said we had to take the train and we decided it wasn't worth it to pay all that money to watch but N and F went so that was awesome!! And i am about go so hard this week to get this area rolling again because it hasn't been worked for three weeks. But we have like ten referrals to contact and so many investigators that we haven't visited in the past while to start to get teaching again. We are way close with S too! Her and her boyfriend came to church again which was so awesome to see! It was during sacrament Se's mom bore her testimony of eternal families which was absolutely perfect! And we contacted a referral, elder keller did on splits, and they are a family and have like eight boys and they all play soccer and the dad used to be a professional soccer player! #mygoldenfamily

That is awesome you guys are going to the temple so often! I still need all the prayers i can get but it was crazy yesterday i could really feel an extra push and more energy and i know it is from all your prayers!  And that makes me so happy that mom has a good class this year! The 7th ward is the best! Tell them all thanks for the extra prayers and shout out to the primary for the cards!

And to answer your question i would say this experience has taught me how much i miss missionary work! It is kind of like what Lehi says in the BOM with we have opposition in all things, we have the bad struggles in life so we can know the good and i can just appreciate the missionary work even more when i haven't been doing it because i can see how happy bearing my testimony makes me feel and how much i miss the grind even if it is way hard! I love you so much family and everyone praying for me! This week will be a grind week so it should be good!


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