Monday, September 26, 2016

Week #55-Hello Herning

Family!!!! This is my last week as a teenager!! What in the world happened!! Cool thought.. I spent my whole 19th year of my life servinng the Lord! No better way to use it i gås!!!! Anyways! I love Herning so much and Elder Howe!!! And I had to say goodbye to all of my good friends from Odense again this week! 


Well I am starting a whole new mission! Everyone in Herning believes in God and is strong in their faith! So when we go contacting and knocking, which we do a lot of here ;), we have to bring our Bible and show them how it talks about apostasy, Restoration, and Mormons Bog. I never had to do that before so it is taking time to getting used to. Herning is so chill though. Everyone is so laid back and life is just way slower down here and i love it with missionary work! I guess there is 30 members in the branch because it just got combined with Silkeborg which is north of here so we got some work to do.


So the work is not at all like Odense! Elder Howe and Shuppy opened the area a couple months ago and the work is pretty slow. They were used to teaching single digit lessons in a week, which is way different then 20 plus in Odense. So last Monday i was determined to change that. And we ended up teaching 15 lessons and found 5 new investigators this week, and take in a count that we were out of our area for three days! I was sick for two...... I had a bad headache because i was not used to working so hard and we had Stake Conference in Århus on Sunday. So we will be teaching 20 plus lessons weekly soon! And by the way, I LOVE working with Elder Howe. He is such a stud, and SO insanely good at Danish! We are just a power companionship! And i love to see how we both have changed so much as well! Well back to the work! So ever since i got here i felt this buzzing in the air that Herning is about to explode with investigators! Now lets fast forward to Friday night and our correlation meeting with our mission leader. He by the way is way sick and got baptized a year ago, but he told me that Herning is different than Odense. You don't teach as many people, not as many lessons..... and I was about to go crazy lol! good thing i didn't! I am going to change is attitude by finding people and working like crazy! It will be awesome! And we talked about how to get members involved and pumped for missionary work and i told him we should get members out knocking with us and creating miracles and having the members share that at church on Sunday! So the future definitely looks bright! Our friends include J who is a way sick Dane who was adopted from Columbia! HE has been taught forever and has abused missionaries time of service for his house so we only teach him now I guess. Anyways, we had family home evening with him last Monday and his little girls and read stories from the little Mormons Bog story book and played a game which was way fun! We have Jø and I-L who are our most positive friends! We had a member out with us and taught them about the atonement and Jø said he felt pressed aka Holly Ghost so we are skeeming a baptismal date soon! We had a Family Home Evening or a cookie night at the church on Wednesday which was cool to meet some of the members. Then we found for the rest of our time and i never thought i would come to love finding people so much! We will get to that latter ;) But we found 5 new friends this week! F who is way relgios and a little crazy and said god told her not to read MB but we told her to pray one more time and ask him. Our smoking bros! Lol! We were in a park talking about our contacting sesh and these bros were smoking pretty young and I was like are you guys down for a talk about God??? And thery were like Yea Bro! Haha so at first they said they were athiest and that lead to them saying they believe in God and they were really interested in the plan of Salvation! Then we found these J Dub bros who were the coolest j dubs i have ever met! They were like 25ish and way swaggin and we were contacting and looked at their sign thingy and started talking to them and in was such a chill conversation it blew my mind! We shared believes for like 45 minutes and then agreed to meet and continue so we could tell them about Mormons Bog! #sosick! 

Goodbyes ROund 2 

Well we had stake conference and that was way good! The area seventy spoke which was nuts! Because it was in Norwegian! I could understand like 60 percent of it maybe..... Lol! Anyways i had to say Goodbye to the Odense squad again after it which was way hard but we were skeeming about meeting up again in the future so it should be way good! Miss them though..... 


Well we had another round of interviews with the main President O'Bryant and these ones were about how we have changed on our missions and how we want to change and for the change I said that i have fallen in love with missionary work! I realized that when i was sick all i wanted to do was knock on doors and talk with people and when i was sick last week, i was so mad because i just wanted to go knock on doors! haha it is so crazy! And with that i was reading in the Bible today and Jesus had a way fire scripture that said he that findeth his life shall lose it, he that loseth his life for my sakes shall find it. And I just love this gospel so much and spreading the good vibes and happiness and love with others!!!!!!

So i will probs get my package tomorrow at zone training! Thank you for it!! And that sounds like a legendary pizza night lol!! And if i was home i would break the missionaries ;) In all good purposes of course ;) And that is sweet that girl is going to Finland! RIP with the language though... so hard but the gift of tongues is real! And sister Feller!! Haha that is awesome that she went to the same school has dad! I totally forgot about the Fellers! AND I WOULD LOVE to coach Zachs AAU team next fall! That would be so sick! And getting a concussion playing ping pong and spiltting open my head is such a great story! Dang that sucks with BYU football..... Well fam! I love you guys so much and I am so excited for General Conference for my birthday present!! Haha remeber how we went on my birthday and i was sooo mad! All i can say now is that i am so excited for it!!! #change! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                           Elders Reed and Howe
                                                                  Old Friends

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