Monday, September 19, 2016

Week #54 Goodbye Odense


I want to start out quoting my favorite song by Wiz! '' Its been a long day, without you my friend, but I will tell you all about when I see you again....'' I just left Odense and it was probs one of the hardest things I have ever done. It was probably harder to leave that area then to leave home... Just standing there at the train station and having C, Na, Ni there to say goodbye and all the missionaries that were my family for the last 6 months. I just felt like I wanted to throw up.... It is way sad that I had to leave and say goodbye to life long friends, but welcome to missionary life. You get pretty good at saying goodbye. Anyways, on Saturday we waited for transfer calls when Elder Bennet and Smith came over so they could bike over to soccer with us, and they might have spilled the beans before the assistants called... But I am currently in the promised land of Juland!!! I am serving in Herning with is like the middle of Juland in the Midt Juland Gren and my companion is my friend from the MTC...... ELDER HOWE!!!! It will be a little weird to not be in a ward but I will try my best to get the members out with me teaching and finding! And I am so excited to work with Elder Howe! I am already tight with him and we will definately work way hard!!!! 

Wednesday Split- Last District Møde

Well my thoughts are pretty mixed right now but last wednesday was our last district meeting of the power house Fyn district. So our district was pretty much leading the mission and the last district meeting was pretty much a testimony meeting and it was way sad. We had a goal to teach 100 lessons last week and we beat it teaching 101!!! I am going to miss the District so much! They were all my brothers and sisters... The only one who i will see is my home boy Elder Bennet who is my Zone Lord now! So that will be fun! And to celebrate or i dont even know, just celebrate the success we had we had one last dinner at this Mexican restaurant on Saturday. Then back to Wednesday we had splits with odense 2 and Svenborg in our area and me and Elder Smith taught my man Ra. It was way sad that it was the last time! We also got two more friends and it was way weird that that was the last time i would be in Æbleparken to teach! Time is a crazy thing.  


So on Thursday, the man Elder yates drove me back to the specialist in Århus for my check up and he said the Vertigo was gone and that I would be back to normal in a month so i was way pumped to hear that! I worked pretty well without probs last week just in the morning kills me with dizziness a little bit but totally managable! 

Til Vi Ses til vi ses....

On Saturday I texted R that i was leaving and asked if i could come say goodbye and he was like of course. So i go over there and he makes an on the spot dinner for me and Elder Keller and we just talk with this wonderful inspiring man for an hour and just have a way open talk. It was way hard to leave him especially after he started reading Mormons Bog på spansk and said that he wanted to come to church! Then comes Sunday with a load of goodbyes! I had to bear my testimony in sacrement and the whole time C and Elder Keller were crying... I guess they were talking about all the memories we had and wow... I took pics with all the members of the ward that i was tight with... It was also said to say by to Ni and his bro S! That was so hard to say goodbye to them. I spendt so much time with them and got so close to them. And it was hard to say goodbye to VL! And all the CUV friends!!! And then last night at about 2000 we said goodbye to Se and St which was SO sad tooooooo! Then this morning like i said C, Na, and Ni were at the train station at 7 30 in the morning to say bye to me! #squadgoals I think we will have to pay Odense a visit in the future parents!!! BUT, there is stake confrence in Århus next Sunday so i will get to see everyone again then! So it is not the last goodbye!!! 

Chapter 3- Herning

And here is the third part of my mission. So Herning is a branch and just got combined with another branch called Silkeborg. The pace here is more chill unlike Copenhagen and a little slower than Odense. So that will be cool to experience. My apartment is WAY nice! I will have to take pics of it! I am just getting spoiled with nice apartments I guess! And my new district is Elder Neilsen, Pill, Howe, Beck, Jensen (my MTC comp) and a senior couple! 

So all the new converts and investigators are doing way well! And Elder Magleby is coming to be Elder Keller's comp and he will be DL. They are splitting up Fyn again to two districts because they brought sisters to the first ward. The Svenborg Elders told me that the package was there and so I will get it at Zone Training in two weeks! And that is awesome that dad went out to teach with the missionaries. I have a feeling when i get home i will be doing a lot of that! And shout out to Elder Holden!! My boy! And happy anniversary!! And you know i cant tolerate that chocolate cake at Magionos!!! Too much! Haha I loved your stripling warriors analogy!! It was way fire! Lets gooo! Washington is ranked ninth!! Represent! 

Well fam! I love you guys so much! Thanks for everything you do and have done for me! There is no way I could have made it this far without you guys and your prayers! I love you guys! And I love Elder Howe! Next Step Love Herning! And I love Odense! A piece of my heart is at that city forever! Well have a good week and a good time with the missionaries on Friday!!! 

Ældste Reed

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