Monday, September 12, 2016

Week #53 Odense

ONE YEAR DOWN!!!! Where did the time go! What a journey it has been! I am so thankful for this full year that i have had to serve the Lord and wouldn't trade it for anything! I have learned so much and became such a better person and am loving everyday of this journey!! 

V go!

So i went to work this week which was a little crazy! I got dizzy a couple times from biking far distances and the mornings have been the worst dizzy wise! But things are going better! We are on a come up! And haha i don't know that song but i home holding on i guess! The exercises are helping a little but i don't know! I hope my appointment on Thursday in Århus will be good and find out more what i can do! 

The Work

The work is going alright! We had almost ten member presents again this week which was could because we haven't been in our area for so long. We worked with R again and he is cruising through El Lebro de Mormon or however you spell it in Spanish! We read 1 Nephi 8 with him and explained it to him and he is just taking it all. I truly think this man will get baptized it will just take a lot of time. And we are planning a fiesta for this pregnant lady in the second ward and invited him and there are a couple more Spanish speakers in the wards here so that should be fire! We had N with us to help us teach and N is less active but always goes to our missionary activities! We finally asked well eLDER Keller asked why he is inactive and i guess he never got a testimony of the church and so we are going to help him read Mormons Bog. And the new converts are doing fire as usual. My boy F gave a short talk in sacrament meeting which was way sweet to see!  And we finally taught S the restoration. We had to teach her twice because the first time on Tuesday C helped us teach then we had a CUV activity and then we finished it on Thursday and N helped us teach! Haha! Funniest story of my mission. We were about to start and this ridiculously drunk bro who was a little older like sat with us in our circle, we taught in the park #thirdmanrule, and just joined and started talking about everything possible! Then i was like if this bro is talking to us, we are going to talk about Jesus so i asked him if he has ever read MB and then he goes off about how do we think we can come to Denmark and tell people about our american church and he was like no one will listen to you and then i was like, N just got baptized! And he was quiet real quick! Haha it was so classic! Also, me and Elder Keller found so more fire places to knock and i don't want to leave Odense because i feel like there is so much more work to be done here especially because i have been sick!  

Other Activities

Other notable activities of this week included eating legit Ghanaian food with a girl from Ghana! Taking a road trip with S and S to Kertiminde to get ice cream on p day! And trying to play soccer again even though i was wrecked after it! 


Man who would have thought i would have made it a year on my mission! So it was a pretty chill day! We weekly planned, had a lesson with N and then went with N, S, and S and ate out at this place called the burger which is this way fire burger place! Then we went to the church and i burned a shirt in the parking lot! I wanted to make it more epic but it was pretty cool to say the least! It is just so weird that i will be home in less than a year! 

That is awesome the homie Jace participated in the primary program that stud! And that is awesome that Jim is on the radio making it big time! And that is so awesome John Redford is the new patriarch! I know he will do such a good job. Oh man! I could feel the intensity when you guys described the byu game!! That sounds crazy! Down with Utah! And for transfers i have no idea what is going to happen. I have a feeling i am going up to Aalborg! On juland but who knows!!! And I showed that pic of me dancing to all the missionaries and they all died lol!!! So legendary! Well fam i love you guys so much!!!!!

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