Monday, September 26, 2016

Week #55-Hello Herning

Family!!!! This is my last week as a teenager!! What in the world happened!! Cool thought.. I spent my whole 19th year of my life servinng the Lord! No better way to use it i gås!!!! Anyways! I love Herning so much and Elder Howe!!! And I had to say goodbye to all of my good friends from Odense again this week! 


Well I am starting a whole new mission! Everyone in Herning believes in God and is strong in their faith! So when we go contacting and knocking, which we do a lot of here ;), we have to bring our Bible and show them how it talks about apostasy, Restoration, and Mormons Bog. I never had to do that before so it is taking time to getting used to. Herning is so chill though. Everyone is so laid back and life is just way slower down here and i love it with missionary work! I guess there is 30 members in the branch because it just got combined with Silkeborg which is north of here so we got some work to do.


So the work is not at all like Odense! Elder Howe and Shuppy opened the area a couple months ago and the work is pretty slow. They were used to teaching single digit lessons in a week, which is way different then 20 plus in Odense. So last Monday i was determined to change that. And we ended up teaching 15 lessons and found 5 new investigators this week, and take in a count that we were out of our area for three days! I was sick for two...... I had a bad headache because i was not used to working so hard and we had Stake Conference in Århus on Sunday. So we will be teaching 20 plus lessons weekly soon! And by the way, I LOVE working with Elder Howe. He is such a stud, and SO insanely good at Danish! We are just a power companionship! And i love to see how we both have changed so much as well! Well back to the work! So ever since i got here i felt this buzzing in the air that Herning is about to explode with investigators! Now lets fast forward to Friday night and our correlation meeting with our mission leader. He by the way is way sick and got baptized a year ago, but he told me that Herning is different than Odense. You don't teach as many people, not as many lessons..... and I was about to go crazy lol! good thing i didn't! I am going to change is attitude by finding people and working like crazy! It will be awesome! And we talked about how to get members involved and pumped for missionary work and i told him we should get members out knocking with us and creating miracles and having the members share that at church on Sunday! So the future definitely looks bright! Our friends include J who is a way sick Dane who was adopted from Columbia! HE has been taught forever and has abused missionaries time of service for his house so we only teach him now I guess. Anyways, we had family home evening with him last Monday and his little girls and read stories from the little Mormons Bog story book and played a game which was way fun! We have Jø and I-L who are our most positive friends! We had a member out with us and taught them about the atonement and Jø said he felt pressed aka Holly Ghost so we are skeeming a baptismal date soon! We had a Family Home Evening or a cookie night at the church on Wednesday which was cool to meet some of the members. Then we found for the rest of our time and i never thought i would come to love finding people so much! We will get to that latter ;) But we found 5 new friends this week! F who is way relgios and a little crazy and said god told her not to read MB but we told her to pray one more time and ask him. Our smoking bros! Lol! We were in a park talking about our contacting sesh and these bros were smoking pretty young and I was like are you guys down for a talk about God??? And thery were like Yea Bro! Haha so at first they said they were athiest and that lead to them saying they believe in God and they were really interested in the plan of Salvation! Then we found these J Dub bros who were the coolest j dubs i have ever met! They were like 25ish and way swaggin and we were contacting and looked at their sign thingy and started talking to them and in was such a chill conversation it blew my mind! We shared believes for like 45 minutes and then agreed to meet and continue so we could tell them about Mormons Bog! #sosick! 

Goodbyes ROund 2 

Well we had stake conference and that was way good! The area seventy spoke which was nuts! Because it was in Norwegian! I could understand like 60 percent of it maybe..... Lol! Anyways i had to say Goodbye to the Odense squad again after it which was way hard but we were skeeming about meeting up again in the future so it should be way good! Miss them though..... 


Well we had another round of interviews with the main President O'Bryant and these ones were about how we have changed on our missions and how we want to change and for the change I said that i have fallen in love with missionary work! I realized that when i was sick all i wanted to do was knock on doors and talk with people and when i was sick last week, i was so mad because i just wanted to go knock on doors! haha it is so crazy! And with that i was reading in the Bible today and Jesus had a way fire scripture that said he that findeth his life shall lose it, he that loseth his life for my sakes shall find it. And I just love this gospel so much and spreading the good vibes and happiness and love with others!!!!!!

So i will probs get my package tomorrow at zone training! Thank you for it!! And that sounds like a legendary pizza night lol!! And if i was home i would break the missionaries ;) In all good purposes of course ;) And that is sweet that girl is going to Finland! RIP with the language though... so hard but the gift of tongues is real! And sister Feller!! Haha that is awesome that she went to the same school has dad! I totally forgot about the Fellers! AND I WOULD LOVE to coach Zachs AAU team next fall! That would be so sick! And getting a concussion playing ping pong and spiltting open my head is such a great story! Dang that sucks with BYU football..... Well fam! I love you guys so much and I am so excited for General Conference for my birthday present!! Haha remeber how we went on my birthday and i was sooo mad! All i can say now is that i am so excited for it!!! #change! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                           Elders Reed and Howe
                                                                  Old Friends

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week #54 Goodbye Odense


I want to start out quoting my favorite song by Wiz! '' Its been a long day, without you my friend, but I will tell you all about when I see you again....'' I just left Odense and it was probs one of the hardest things I have ever done. It was probably harder to leave that area then to leave home... Just standing there at the train station and having C, Na, Ni there to say goodbye and all the missionaries that were my family for the last 6 months. I just felt like I wanted to throw up.... It is way sad that I had to leave and say goodbye to life long friends, but welcome to missionary life. You get pretty good at saying goodbye. Anyways, on Saturday we waited for transfer calls when Elder Bennet and Smith came over so they could bike over to soccer with us, and they might have spilled the beans before the assistants called... But I am currently in the promised land of Juland!!! I am serving in Herning with is like the middle of Juland in the Midt Juland Gren and my companion is my friend from the MTC...... ELDER HOWE!!!! It will be a little weird to not be in a ward but I will try my best to get the members out with me teaching and finding! And I am so excited to work with Elder Howe! I am already tight with him and we will definately work way hard!!!! 

Wednesday Split- Last District Møde

Well my thoughts are pretty mixed right now but last wednesday was our last district meeting of the power house Fyn district. So our district was pretty much leading the mission and the last district meeting was pretty much a testimony meeting and it was way sad. We had a goal to teach 100 lessons last week and we beat it teaching 101!!! I am going to miss the District so much! They were all my brothers and sisters... The only one who i will see is my home boy Elder Bennet who is my Zone Lord now! So that will be fun! And to celebrate or i dont even know, just celebrate the success we had we had one last dinner at this Mexican restaurant on Saturday. Then back to Wednesday we had splits with odense 2 and Svenborg in our area and me and Elder Smith taught my man Ra. It was way sad that it was the last time! We also got two more friends and it was way weird that that was the last time i would be in Æbleparken to teach! Time is a crazy thing.  


So on Thursday, the man Elder yates drove me back to the specialist in Århus for my check up and he said the Vertigo was gone and that I would be back to normal in a month so i was way pumped to hear that! I worked pretty well without probs last week just in the morning kills me with dizziness a little bit but totally managable! 

Til Vi Ses til vi ses....

On Saturday I texted R that i was leaving and asked if i could come say goodbye and he was like of course. So i go over there and he makes an on the spot dinner for me and Elder Keller and we just talk with this wonderful inspiring man for an hour and just have a way open talk. It was way hard to leave him especially after he started reading Mormons Bog på spansk and said that he wanted to come to church! Then comes Sunday with a load of goodbyes! I had to bear my testimony in sacrement and the whole time C and Elder Keller were crying... I guess they were talking about all the memories we had and wow... I took pics with all the members of the ward that i was tight with... It was also said to say by to Ni and his bro S! That was so hard to say goodbye to them. I spendt so much time with them and got so close to them. And it was hard to say goodbye to VL! And all the CUV friends!!! And then last night at about 2000 we said goodbye to Se and St which was SO sad tooooooo! Then this morning like i said C, Na, and Ni were at the train station at 7 30 in the morning to say bye to me! #squadgoals I think we will have to pay Odense a visit in the future parents!!! BUT, there is stake confrence in Århus next Sunday so i will get to see everyone again then! So it is not the last goodbye!!! 

Chapter 3- Herning

And here is the third part of my mission. So Herning is a branch and just got combined with another branch called Silkeborg. The pace here is more chill unlike Copenhagen and a little slower than Odense. So that will be cool to experience. My apartment is WAY nice! I will have to take pics of it! I am just getting spoiled with nice apartments I guess! And my new district is Elder Neilsen, Pill, Howe, Beck, Jensen (my MTC comp) and a senior couple! 

So all the new converts and investigators are doing way well! And Elder Magleby is coming to be Elder Keller's comp and he will be DL. They are splitting up Fyn again to two districts because they brought sisters to the first ward. The Svenborg Elders told me that the package was there and so I will get it at Zone Training in two weeks! And that is awesome that dad went out to teach with the missionaries. I have a feeling when i get home i will be doing a lot of that! And shout out to Elder Holden!! My boy! And happy anniversary!! And you know i cant tolerate that chocolate cake at Magionos!!! Too much! Haha I loved your stripling warriors analogy!! It was way fire! Lets gooo! Washington is ranked ninth!! Represent! 

Well fam! I love you guys so much! Thanks for everything you do and have done for me! There is no way I could have made it this far without you guys and your prayers! I love you guys! And I love Elder Howe! Next Step Love Herning! And I love Odense! A piece of my heart is at that city forever! Well have a good week and a good time with the missionaries on Friday!!! 

Ældste Reed

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week #53 Odense

ONE YEAR DOWN!!!! Where did the time go! What a journey it has been! I am so thankful for this full year that i have had to serve the Lord and wouldn't trade it for anything! I have learned so much and became such a better person and am loving everyday of this journey!! 

V go!

So i went to work this week which was a little crazy! I got dizzy a couple times from biking far distances and the mornings have been the worst dizzy wise! But things are going better! We are on a come up! And haha i don't know that song but i home holding on i guess! The exercises are helping a little but i don't know! I hope my appointment on Thursday in Århus will be good and find out more what i can do! 

The Work

The work is going alright! We had almost ten member presents again this week which was could because we haven't been in our area for so long. We worked with R again and he is cruising through El Lebro de Mormon or however you spell it in Spanish! We read 1 Nephi 8 with him and explained it to him and he is just taking it all. I truly think this man will get baptized it will just take a lot of time. And we are planning a fiesta for this pregnant lady in the second ward and invited him and there are a couple more Spanish speakers in the wards here so that should be fire! We had N with us to help us teach and N is less active but always goes to our missionary activities! We finally asked well eLDER Keller asked why he is inactive and i guess he never got a testimony of the church and so we are going to help him read Mormons Bog. And the new converts are doing fire as usual. My boy F gave a short talk in sacrament meeting which was way sweet to see!  And we finally taught S the restoration. We had to teach her twice because the first time on Tuesday C helped us teach then we had a CUV activity and then we finished it on Thursday and N helped us teach! Haha! Funniest story of my mission. We were about to start and this ridiculously drunk bro who was a little older like sat with us in our circle, we taught in the park #thirdmanrule, and just joined and started talking about everything possible! Then i was like if this bro is talking to us, we are going to talk about Jesus so i asked him if he has ever read MB and then he goes off about how do we think we can come to Denmark and tell people about our american church and he was like no one will listen to you and then i was like, N just got baptized! And he was quiet real quick! Haha it was so classic! Also, me and Elder Keller found so more fire places to knock and i don't want to leave Odense because i feel like there is so much more work to be done here especially because i have been sick!  

Other Activities

Other notable activities of this week included eating legit Ghanaian food with a girl from Ghana! Taking a road trip with S and S to Kertiminde to get ice cream on p day! And trying to play soccer again even though i was wrecked after it! 


Man who would have thought i would have made it a year on my mission! So it was a pretty chill day! We weekly planned, had a lesson with N and then went with N, S, and S and ate out at this place called the burger which is this way fire burger place! Then we went to the church and i burned a shirt in the parking lot! I wanted to make it more epic but it was pretty cool to say the least! It is just so weird that i will be home in less than a year! 

That is awesome the homie Jace participated in the primary program that stud! And that is awesome that Jim is on the radio making it big time! And that is so awesome John Redford is the new patriarch! I know he will do such a good job. Oh man! I could feel the intensity when you guys described the byu game!! That sounds crazy! Down with Utah! And for transfers i have no idea what is going to happen. I have a feeling i am going up to Aalborg! On juland but who knows!!! And I showed that pic of me dancing to all the missionaries and they all died lol!!! So legendary! Well fam i love you guys so much!!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Week #52 Odense

Hej familie!! Wow does time fly! I feel like it was a couple months ago that i was getting on that plane with Elder Osborne peacing out Moses Lake... #mindblown Time goes by when you are having fun aka doing the Lord's work ;) ANd i loved your camel pics you sent! So classic! 

So after my epic road trip with Elder Yates and just being serenade by his nuggets of knowledge, I got to Århus where i found out that i have Vertigo! #familygentics So I have been feeling better and i feel like i have more energy but i still get hit with these dizzy spells and get these headaches... So i got a call from Prez this morning and he asked how i was doing and he told me that i could go home home and get better or i could just tough it out so that is what i am going to do!! I still get dizzy and get headaches but going home is not an option so I am just going to stay and grind it out. So i am doing the exercises and sleeping with my head up  and they are helping a little.... so i am just going to grind this out! 

The Work 
So i wasn't feeling that hot on Saturday and the ward said we had to take the train and we decided it wasn't worth it to pay all that money to watch but N and F went so that was awesome!! And i am about go so hard this week to get this area rolling again because it hasn't been worked for three weeks. But we have like ten referrals to contact and so many investigators that we haven't visited in the past while to start to get teaching again. We are way close with S too! Her and her boyfriend came to church again which was so awesome to see! It was during sacrament Se's mom bore her testimony of eternal families which was absolutely perfect! And we contacted a referral, elder keller did on splits, and they are a family and have like eight boys and they all play soccer and the dad used to be a professional soccer player! #mygoldenfamily

That is awesome you guys are going to the temple so often! I still need all the prayers i can get but it was crazy yesterday i could really feel an extra push and more energy and i know it is from all your prayers!  And that makes me so happy that mom has a good class this year! The 7th ward is the best! Tell them all thanks for the extra prayers and shout out to the primary for the cards!

And to answer your question i would say this experience has taught me how much i miss missionary work! It is kind of like what Lehi says in the BOM with we have opposition in all things, we have the bad struggles in life so we can know the good and i can just appreciate the missionary work even more when i haven't been doing it because i can see how happy bearing my testimony makes me feel and how much i miss the grind even if it is way hard! I love you so much family and everyone praying for me! This week will be a grind week so it should be good!