Monday, October 3, 2016

Week #56 Herning

I am 20 now say what!!!! I am short on time so I will make this email quick but this week was definately a crazy one!!! 


So zone training was pretty fire... FIrst we learned that there will be a new mission rule that is we will speak Danish from nine in the morning to nine at night! SO that will be interesting and take some time to get used to to ALWAYS speak danish! I hope i dont go crazy! Then we learned about the Book of Mormon and how there was no way that Joseph Smith could have gotten all of the facts and stories about the books! We even watched a short anti mormon clip to see what our investigators could run across and to be honest it all is junk lol! The anti stuff is so stupid and when it comes down to it, it is about asking God for yourself to get that spiritual testimony! 


On Wednesday we set out to this far country side house where this member lives and he has been way sick so they needed help vaccumming. Their house was the coolest house i have ever been too! It was like a hobit house on steriords and it was sooooo big it was crazy!!! I felt like i was on an adventure while i was there and probs got lost like 10 times lol! Then the members came in clutch and fed us duck and root beer floats to make life even better!!! 


So the work is still coming here in Herning! We found 5 more new friends this week and so that is 10 total for the transfer! We are teaching an 80 year old Scottish women tomorrow! We are teaching these two people tomorrow also. SO on Friday after weekly planning wwe went to knock by a member so if we got any friends we could take them out to help us teach! We knocked for about two hours with nothing and so you know those stories with the last houses.... well the last person we talk to was chilling outside her door with her dog and her friend and his dog and we taught them the restoration, joked around, played with the dog, and set a return appointment which equals the sickest contact i have ever done! Haha! Then we found this women from Burma and has been in Denmark for 5 years with a Christian background and has read the Bible! Jo tak! Then tthe last one lol is a J Dub..... So that should be interresting! Lol! We met with J Dubs on Saturday with our ward mission leader who was baptized about a year ago and it was so funny! They were throwing the stupidest scriptures at us and our ward mission leader was just throwing down! It was way fun and awesome to see how we have a spiritual testimony of the book of mormon and they just have a bunch of knowlegde from their janke bible. And the other Elders in the branch have been finding a whole bunch of new friends as well and when we told the ward mission leader he just went nuts to see how many people we are working with!!!! Lets get this branch into a ward!!!!

So General Conference was way fire as usual!!! I loved a lot of the talks and i forgot my notes but i loved President U. talk about the POS of do we take time to think how blessed we are that we have the plan of salvation in our life and that we have that knowlegde!! And i also loved the talk from Elder Cornish... i think his name was... Anyways it was way fire! And we are going to watch the Sunday afternoon session tonight at the senior missionaries place! #timezoneprobs And my birthday was yesterday too! It was pretty much general conference all day and a little bit of knocking! Cant really celebrate too crazy when you are serving the Lord! But me and Elder Howe had a little party at night lol! And i got a lot of calls from all of my good mission friends! 

And YES! I got my package that you guys sent thank you soooo much!!!!!  I loved the flaming hot cheetos and party decorations! I would say the Vertigo is pretty much gone!! And i have no idea what i want in my christmas package.... haha! And i was thinking about buying some European shoes for my birthday.... i bought pants from H and M because i needed new pants pretty bad.... lol! But i am going to a mall today and i am looking for some good sales and it would be perf. if i could find something between 400 krones!! Anyways! I love you so much family thanks for the birthday wishes and have a good week! Get that member missionary work going!!! :) 

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