Monday, October 17, 2016

Week #58-Herning

Jamen Hvad så familie og venner! Okay I just want to give a shout out the Lord because the work here is FIRE!!! I have no idea what is happening but we got five MORE new friends this week which is crazy!! 


Well like I said we got 5 new friends last week! So lets start with the most positive one! So i was chilling with Elder Halling one morning making cookies and we got a call from Horsens where the mains Elder HAger and Poff are. They tell us that their most positive investigator has just moved to Herning and that he wants to be visited! So go and meet out friend L! L is about 50 and has INSANE faith in Christ and loves feeling the Holy Ghost! He has been to church for a total of 5 times combined with us and Horsens so a dåbs dato is coming up!! We taught him on the POS the first time because that is what Elders Poff and Hager told us to do and the second time we brought the Forslunds with and taught him again the Restoration! He said if he finds out the BOM is true that he will døbes!! After that lesson the Forslunds took us to McDonald and bought us burgers and then we went to our second lesson of the day with A who is also a new friend! She is about 50 and loves God and Christ but doesn't think there needs to be one true church. Sister and Elder FOrslunds testimonies were so fire they were tearing up and so was A! Good stuff! Then after the lesson we reviewed it and the Forslunds were so grateful that we took them out with us because they have been having a hard time working with the inactive members because they dont want anything to do with the church and it was a special moment for us in the car because the Lord has put six missionaries in this branch for a reason! After our appointment with A we stopped by our friend who lives right next to A, F. She let us right in and we taught her son the Restoration and her husband! It was the first time i have ever taught a fam all at once on my mission. A little background they are from Burma and only the mom and the son can speak good Danish. WE are teaching the POS next so we will see how that goes! WE got S who was a previous investigator and almost got baptized but didn't want to quit smoking and we are meeting with him tonight! HE is a way chill bro and loves sports! WE also got V on a cookie stop by who is living with a member and her sister and we asked V what he likes about our church and he said he likes his girlfriend.... so i guess that is why he goes now but flirt to convert right.... HAHA! And our organist bro couldn't meet last week and when he stopped by he said that he has looked in Mormons Bog but he will convert us to the Protestant church #goodluck haha! And i have really been trying to implement personality into finding people and it is working miracles!!! 


SO skive is north of herning and it is the banished area in the mission. Well they needed some help because the work has been way slow for them so the district went down there for district meeting. The Zone Lords Elder Jeppsen and my boy Bennet were there too! After a fire DM about the Book of Mormon and eating a huge kebab, we split up and me and ELder Nielsen went together! Elder Logan Jensen, my MTC comp, drove us to this neighborhood and told us to knock here and i was like is there any apartments close by and he was like no... Well Elder Reed wandered and found some! SO me and Elder Nielsen knocked and had such good success!!! We are both going way hard on personality finding and we ended up getting like three potential friends who were about to close the door on us after they saw us. We also got let in by the nicest and most humblest man i have ever met. He has gone through cancer like three times and was abused for like 13 years and he was like i dont deserve this how can there be a God... THen we went straight into the POS and he loved it and is going to meet the Skive Elders again! After that i went with Elder Jensen to knock doors! And crazy thing is it was our 400th day on our missions!! Way cool and it was way cool to see how we have changed. I was like to him, why didnt we like each other in the MTC.... haha! Way good times! Then we finished the night with a bonfire and roasted hot dogs! 


Well i had a talk on Sunday which was way fire!! I hope lol! It was on moments of conversion and how they wanted to share the gospel after they felt that they became converted! I shared stories from me, an old investigator, and Alma the Younger. And i compared it to the first time i ate a pastry it was so good i had to tell my friends in USA about it and compared that to the gospel! then a return missionary shared some mission stories and i LOVED his personality with everything! The branch loved the energy we have towards the work! 

So i dont translate for the Americans they are trying to learn danish and they moved her because of work... And we are helping their kids with the primary program on Sunday so it should be way good! And dont worry i didnt get lost at all this week! And it isn't as cold as Copenhagen you just dont want to be stuck in these crazy rain storms! And i am good on thermals i havnt used them yet so yea! ANd so my toe is completely better thank goodness! And i am still fighting a bug right now... i did by vitamins so lets hope they work! But my investigator is like on legit quarantine so we cant talk with her.... Hahaha i LOVE those pics and of course the big man Jace is a Superhero!  And that is nuts that remnants of the typhoon hit Washington!Haha that is funny dad talked to the sister from New Mexico! I remember sister h said she had a friend in Moses Lake and so i like freaked out and said whats up haha! And i am still amazed the Washington is number 4! Give me an NFL update please!! And i am doing great! Realizing how fast this next half of my mission will go is a little crazy! Time is flying i actually know how to be a missionary and i am trying to turn this branch into a ward so lets keep the fire burning!! 

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