Monday, August 1, 2016

Week #47 Odense

Hej Familie!!! I am doing way good! I have learned so much over the last two weeks and i know that everything happens for a reason but I am soo thankful for the trial i just have gone through. Oh and I got pre transfer scoop from Prez and I am staying in Odense for one more transfer!! So i will be hitting my year mark in the promised land of Odense!
Well as of now N will be getting dunked on Saturday!! Lets go! It will be way good! We are going to meet with her everyday this week to get her prepared and excited for her baptism and then getting the holy ghost. So that will be way good. We taught our boy from Mexico Again and we made a deal that if we carry his piano Down the stairs that he would make us mexican food! But we are not going to kill our backs so we probably wont do it...... And we taught S Again and shared a killer mormon message with her about the purpose of life so that was way good. We have been also working with a lot of recently baptized people. We finally got in contact with X WHO is a 20 year old from CHina WHO got baptized a year ago and she is starting to come back to the church. And my boy F passed the sacrament for the first time so Things are bumping here in this area! Oh and we taught 20 plus lessons and about 10 member present lessons Again so yea!
Lets Go To the Beach
So on Friday we all went to the Beach in Kertiminde! We took an Essentials p day last p day so we could go! It was a District activity for the new combined District so it was me Elders Keller, Bennet, SMith, Cooper, Ericksen, Teynor, and Evans and the sisters. So we started the adventure getting kebabs and then we all went on the bus to Kertminde, the Little town that reminds me of park city! It was way epic. We played real Beach volleyball and we played Beach soccer so Elder Reed was in Heaven! haha! Then we had a way legendary selfie sesh so that was fun. And we calculated how long and in what direction we had to swim to get back to the states but figured that it wasnt worth it... haha. Then we got the infamous kertimde special and had District meeting on the harbor. So that was an insanely fun day!!!!
Church Fun
So  on Saturday there was a baptism for a 17 year old girl from Peru! Shout out to mom for that one! So that was way cool to see. Then came Sunday and church! And our Ward mission leader had his Family reunion and like 40 extra people were in sacrament meeting! But get this! One Family came from Medical Lake WA!!!! What are the odds jo!!! So i had a conversation in Danish with a women WHO lives an hour away from me so i thought that that was a Little bit mind boggling! Oh and we role played in the combined third hour and i sat with these bros in elders quorum and we role played home teaching and it was by far the funniest best church moment of my life haha! I love some people in my Ward they are just sooo funny lol!!! So that was pretty epic!
Gosh mom.... it doesn't surprise me that you hit a duck and a bird on the way to Utah lol! And that is sad that the car broke Down haha! How is dad's old car doing in Utah??That is awesome kate is starting the real grown up life! And is teaching dance! Way sick! And custodian coming up clutch setting her up on a date!! And don't worry mom! European food is not on par with American food! So you are not alone there! That is way good to hear that you Guys are doing good! I love you Guys so much and cant believe it is August already!!!!! Do something great this week!!!!
Æ Reed
                                                           Kertminde Beach


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