Monday, June 26, 2017

#94 Tasstrup

Jamen halløjså verden! Well another crazy week filled of traveling across the island and rain stopping the witch burning... but it was still a good week!!!

Here it is! 

So we were so busy last week that we had no time to weekly plan so we did that Monday and planned district meetings for the zone.

Tuesday we taught home boy Dave who was baptized a couple years ago and is a legend in the Taastrup area haha! He is from south Africa and moved up here and has some pretty crazy stories. Then we stopped by some other bros and made an appointment with a part member fam and the mom was baptized in Peru many moons ago.. we set up the appointment at the end of July because they are going on vacation.. #letsseeiftheyremember haha!

Wednesday was a sick day... I picked up a cold again.. but i am doing way good now! SO no worries.

Then the next day was pretty crazy! We had district breakfast at 7 30 in the morning! We had German pancakes and waffles. Then we had district meeting before Elder Howe and Halling went to their trunky meeting. We were in charge with the sisters. We presented the new mission acronym which the STLs and Elder Howe and I came up with for the mission! it is the faith 2 FIND. So that was fun! The highlight of that would be showing a clip from the best two years of Elder Calhoun talking to someone in the grocery store and teaching him on the spot and getting his number which helped us portray our message for the OYM training. Then after I got to watch my group take pictures on the steps of the temple and go in... That was way weird haha!  Then I went with splits with my good bro Elder Rodriquez and Curnow! Then that night Elder Howe and I taught our bro Kim. We tried teaching him the POS which turned into how can you know if a prophet is a prophet which turned to how can you know the Bible the word of God to praying to know truth to what the gospel of Jesus Christ is! haha! It was good and then he asked us if he could come to church! Way cool! He couldn't come last minute because his daughter came to visit.

Friday was pretty clutch! We had district meeting with the squad in North Sjælland. We had some pregame pastries with the bros so that was sweet. Then we went to Slagelse which involved almost dying trying to get out of the mission van at a bus stop to catch our bus in down town Copenhagen but we made it alive! Then after we got kebab with home boy William at the usual place so that was sick! Then we got home and went to the Cheungs for sanct hans aften! And Elder Ziegler was there with his fam so that was cool to see him and we ate hot dogs and rabbit! It rained all day long so it was too wet to start a fire... So that was a bummer! But it was a good night with good bros anyways!

Then Saturday consisted of balling with the ward in the morning. Then we taught Mary Ann. We watched President Monson's talk Principles and Promises and taught her the Word of Wisdom. She loved the specific promised blessings that come from it. She is down to five cigarettes a day and we are getting her grape fruit juice and told her to read the Book of Mormon when she gets the urge to smoke. Helaman 3:29. Then we got burned by Prince again so we are dropping that bro... I asked him last week what do I do when he doesn't show up and he said he would be there 100 percent... nope. Then I taught the craziest lesson of my life! We walked in at 7 at night and it went on for a couple hours!!! We walk in to Augestin's home and his sister  Chiny is sitting on the couch. Turns out she just moved from Nigeria like in the last week! She is living with her brother Augestin. So she asked us who we were and we said we are from our church and she got way stoked and said she is interested! So we taught her the Restoration on the spot and when we bore our testimonies she said she could feel it and it touched her. She then said she had a dream that someone brought her back to church and thinks it is us. She left her church in Africa because of the corruption. After that we tried teaching the POS but Augestin was disagreeing with us and going off about something. Then i raised my hand and I am like, Dude, do you believe in the Bible? And he is like yea. SO then I was like listen. So we shared a whole bunch of scriptures from the Bible that support the POS and it was so fun to teach haha! They came to church yesterday and brought their little kids and had a good time. They took pics so they could show their friends! And Chi who we ate with on Friday also came to church! And the Zone is still on fire!!! We broke our new investigator total of last transfer in four weeks and we had the most people in church in a couple months! So things are going really well. I ran into President O'Bryant this week and he said elder Reed we need to transfer you to Århus and to Fredereica and keep you in Taastrup to be Zone Leader all over. Then I was like move me to Odense right in the middle! haha! We will see what happens for transfers! We got two weeks left of the transfer! 

And of course they went crazy when they saw him! Probs not as crazy as we would have gotten haha! Yeet! Haha you got the count down going haha! Don't make me trunky ;) So Pernilla did not make it to church this week.. they had something in Amager... but next week they are coming! And we will see if she wants to be baptized! Thanks for the prayers! You can stop praying for Prince. He just is too flaky and has burned me like 6 times. And nothing yet from Andreas. The fan is keeping the apartment perfect! Crazy grantula gave his homecoming talk! Hahahaha i bet dad looked way hot in his white suit ;) HAHAHAHA i can just imagine mom going crazy in the back yard... We now know the real reason why i extended so i can skip weeding and working outside... haha just kidding! haha dad better hide his shirts he bought like four years ago and they still have the price tag on them ;) haha you guys are too funny! Well keep being awesome and enjoying life! And remember to OYM! 

Alt Står Reed

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