Monday, July 17, 2017

Week #97 Fredericia

I love Fredericia!!!! Such a sweet place!!! And Elder Kennedy is so dope! The ward is great as well! Life is great and ball is life again too! 

Fredericia Life

Man it is nice to be cruising in a car again haha! So Monday night we went to a city called Kolding where there is a lot of young peeps there. We taught a bro from Holland named Kaper. He is a way chill bro. He is like totally atheist. Grew up going to Catholic schools and he knows his Bible and is a pretty intelligent bro but God has never answered his prayers. We get teaching him and talk about a bunch of stuff. We get down to that the only way he will ever know if God is there is by praying with sincerity and intending to change. And that we should kneel down to show respect to God. He was like I will never pray again and he will never kneel down to pray.. HE finally says fine and we all go in a circle praying. And he opens up. He said that is had been a long time God and he is lost in his life and he needs direction. After Elder kennedy and I can really feel the spirit really strong and ask him what he feels and he says he feels a stone wall. then he says he feels this warmth and this hugging feeling which is way awesome! It is an answer from God but he thinks it is the Nordic Gods. SO we will work on that. First of five new investigators this week and he is from Holland. On Wednesday we met with Kat and filled out the baptismal papers and wow she is so converted. You can just see the light from her. SO cool. Then we found a whole bunch of positive people in the area book that were dropped back in the day that we tried to pick back up. We knocked on one door and a bro from Slovakia named Aron answered. Not the bro we intended to stop by but we talk to him and he is Greek Orthodox and has heard about the Book of Mormon before and  he said he is not originally but we just started testifying of Christ and he wants to hear more. Second new friend from Slovakia. Then we stop by a lady named Mary Ann from Africa, not the one from Taastrup ;), and she let us right in. She was way Catholic back in South Africa but this country just sucked the religion from her because no one goes to church and she has lost her faith in Jesus Christ. SO we are going to help her get that back! Third new friend from Africa. Then Friday after we get back from MLC we knock for a little and no one is really home. Elder Kennedy sees a bro outside and says lets go talk to him and I was like lets check the mail boxes in the next apartment. So we do and see a Vietnamese name. Knock on the door and this bro answers who says he really doesn't believe in God and isn't too interested. We then testify of Jesus Christ and how the Book of Mormon builds up our faith in Jesus Christ and BAM he asks US to come back to talk more! So fourth new bro this week comes from Vietnam. Saturday we play soccer with bros from the ward and they are so cool!! haha! I got tight with a dope young bro from Norway and the bros in the bishopric goon so hard haha! Then we went to the sisters baptism Mattias who is 20 years old! He is a way cool guy!! Then after the baptism we went to knock a little in Kolding and it was a young people place so this young bro answers the door and we start going off in English. He says he doesn't really believe in God but believes in keeping the ten commandments and love your neighbor. But he wasn't  too interested. We testify of Christ and we ask to come in and he lets us in! WE teach him the Restoration and the spirit was way strong! Funny part. We ask him to read Moroni 10 and give him the Danish Book of Mormon assuming he is Danish. And we are like alright can you read this. And he is like are you sure and we are like don't worry we can speak Danish and he is like well I cant.... And we lose our minds!! We are like where are you from bro!! HE says Iceland!! Crazy! And after we leave Elder Kennedy spots his Jordan shoes and asks him if he balls.. HE says yes!! SO we are going to ball with him later! So fifth new friend and he comes from Iceland! So none of our new bros this week come from Denmark! And I thought Taastrup was crazy foreign ;)

Zone Lord Life....

So the zone lost three areas so there is only ten companionships now. But the zone has over ten bros on date which is awesome! We had two baptisms this week with Kat and Mattias so things are going way well! And they are just going way well in the mission! It is the best the mission has been at in a long time! At MLC president asked me if i remember where the mission was when I got to the land and there was one with a date. Now there is like 43! Crazy! SO our zone goal is to bring unity to the zone and focus on getting our new investigators to progressing. We are focusing on getting our new investigators foundation in Jesus Christ. And to track this we came up with the BRO formula. This is pretty sweet haha and all come from Preach My Gospel. SO we have come up with three categories that we can control to help our friends progress and build there foundation in Jesus Christ. First is the book of Mormon. That is the best way we can get to know Jesus Christ. Then Repentance. the best way to help people repent is inviting them to act by inviting them to church, to met with us more often and other commitments. Then O for OYM and testify and always testify of Jesus Christ. Elder Kennedy and I have already seen miracles from this formula! And at the end of the week we are asking the zone how many bros they got which is was sweet haha! On Thursday we went to both Districts and I got to go back to Odense which was crazy! Crazy that I was there a year ago. We had some Peach pit pizza before we bounced back which just brought back tons of memories. Then we hopped on a train and went to MLC. SO cool to see all the bros. We ate pizza and then balled! Then the next day we talked about the new focus in the mission and that is teaching the Atonement and focusing on repentance. And it goes perfectly with our zone goal and Kennedy and me pretty much took over for what the district meeting where going to be about so our schemes came to pass. ;)

Haha no Erickson never got me back for Joey haha! I guess joey was pay back for that bro messing with us. And Elder Kennedy and I just ball every morning from 6 30 to 8! So sick! I know that Andreas is in South Jutland for vacation and Chiny is away somewhere too! Thanks for the prayers for them! Can you pray for Mike here in Fredericia. He is the guy from Holland. Health is good. Lets go! Dad is rocking a floral tie!!! They are so sick! That looks so fun that you guys got to take care of the squad in Moses Lake! Crazy Ralph is coming home this week... weird. And I have picked up some Denmark things.. I will keep my eyes open for some sweet stuff!! And no worries with the BYU essays! I think he is coming to Utah next summer or Fall 2018. And hahahaaha I love dads hat he is rocking so fly!! Love you guys!! 

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