Monday, November 21, 2016

Week #63-Herning

Shout out to our American fam in the branch for hooking it up with a Thanksgiving dinner so dont worry fam, I will get a legit Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday! But in any case, this week was pretty crazy with being sick to getting kidnapped by our African Fam!! Just Wait!! 

Light Work!!

So we ended the week with 11 progressing friends which is fire!! Sad news though.. our friend La has been dropped. So on Wednesday after FHE, he texts us and says he has no desire to see us again... And we were like what did we do... So we text the ward mission leader who was tight with La, and asked him if we offended him and then he just raged lol!! It was bad... La has been getting money from the branch for food and he bought an i phone with it and he wanted us to buy him a tablet, he would call members all hours in the day including at 12 at night just so they can talk with him.. And I guess he got pepper sprayed for inviting someone for coffee. The wards mission leader says no normal person gets pepper sprayed for inviting someone for coffee... And his door had PERVERT sprayed on to it when we stopped by last... So yea it wasnt good... Then he told the mission leader that he would never pay tithing to the church that he would pay tithing to himself and that he doesnt need one church.... SO yea, oh and it gets better. He texts us if we could visit him again and called us his dear friends and then we found out he wanted help moving.... SO kort sagte, DROPPED. But in brighter news the work is still fire! So we have our family from the Congo who came to church again and the branch absolute swarmed them! It was great! ALso our family from Burma is progressing too. THey read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet in Burmese and had a whole bunch of questions and they are loving what they are hearing and so we invited them to pray over what we have talked about because we dont have a Book of MOrmon in their language for them to read. THen we have A who is probably going to be on date this week! She is so postive she has been holding commitments and prayed for us last time! :) R and L are progressing also! They finally read and the next step is to get them to pray so i am excited to see how that goes. We also have S who said to us that MOrmons Bog is true and that Joseph Smith is a true prophet so a dåbs dato could be coming soon! And haha i cant remember everyone else we have but we have a Polish family we found who are soooo down to have us over again and a lady from India who read the POS pamphlet we gave her and wants to hear more! So the work is still fire her in Herning!!!!


So i dont know what i am sick with but this week i have been SOOO tired! I slept in and took a lot of naps but i am soo tired i dont know what is up... I stayed in all Saturday and stayed with Elder Pihl on Sunday because he was sick too so the plague has come back.....

Random Story which is funny to missionaries

So we always talk as missionaries that we are hear to affect peoples lives... Well haha the neighbor of the polish fam in the opgang who we knocked like two weeks ago and they said no put up a sign that said the if you come from a faith or denomination that you are highly unwelcome! Haha it was so funny that they put that up after we knocked on their door so i took a pic of it ;) 

District Meeting was way chill this week we talked about commitments and how we can get more friends progressing. And the darkness has come again!! And haha i started eating cereal after La said we were pressing too hard with trying to cut him on smoking... Åh! I miss Reid Dog and Jace!!!! And NIck and Katelynn went on a double date lets go that is so clutch lol! Lets be honest though, they are just waiting until i get back so i can be there for their weddings! ;) And Thanksgiving dinner at Grandmas and Grandpas sounds so hyggeligt!!!! And lets gooo! Nick working in the temple is awesome! Tell that goon to email me ;) That is lit that Zach is captain and that they are going to Arizona! Still cant beat Alsaka though ;) 

I love you family! Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!

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