Monday, November 30, 2015

Week #12 Ballerup

Hej alle sammen!!! Christmas time!!! I am so excited to dive into the great month of December and get this Christmas spirit going around for the right reasons here in Denmark! This week was filled of Thanksgiving fun, and two new investigators!!! (That speak english, well sort of) :) Oh, and I am moving!!!!!!!!!! And am not happy about it.... you will find more later.....

Scary Danish Kids.....
Well.... not really that scary haha! So last p day me and Guddy were walking home with our groceries and this tiny car, almost the size of a slug bug, honked at us with their girlish car horn. Then we laughed and was like what was that for? Then we look back and we see that they hit the three point turn, shout out to drivers ed :), and come back full speed at us, and not going to lie, I was pretty scared haha! Then next thing you know these skinny Danish kids, probably about my age, like said something in Danish to Guddy and then he played the stupid American card and then they asked us what we were doing!!?? And this was right after it snowed so the sidewalks were not even there so we were walking on the side of the road on the opposite side of this car. Then he said why are you walking in the side of the road, and then we pointed at the side walk covered in snow. Then they were like, well beeeeping walk over there and pointed where we were walking and they drove away as we said have a good day and they left too fast before I said that Jesus loves you! So moral of this story is that dont mess with Danish kids with their tiny tiny cars or else.... haha it was really funny!!

So usually i am a fan of service and everything but not when you have to help this 80 year old lady who has lived in her house for 50 years, and is a hoarder, has to move. It was literary so gross haha! It smelled like mold and was so gross and i thought i was going to die. But it was way fun and 10 hours later after two days of grueling work, we destroyed like everything out of here house that she didnt need anymore and we had weird looking substances on our hands and shoes, but dont worry, I am still alive and not on my death bed yet so that's always a good thing! Oh, and on the way there, we saw this old school that is abonded and that people can grafitti on so we took our pic session. Like for reals, if you want sick senior pictures, just come to Denmark and I will hook you up :)

Zone Conference 
Thanksgiving dinner, some football, and a talent show sounds like a perfect zone conference to me, with a little side of spiritual goodness! So we had our training for a couple hours and then we had our BOMB Thanksgiving dinner! It was so good and it was made by the Senior missionaries in the mission. Oh and I know that this will be hard to believe, but I washed the dishes after!!!! Aye!!! haha! Then we had a really funny talent show, and the Ballerup house dance never went down so we had a sculpture contest of President with Play Doh and lets just say.... I didnt win :( haha i tried giving him a six pack but that didnt go so well haha!! Then after that we had the famous Turkey Bowl!! Ældste Fairbanks was on my team and lets just say, we did work! Shout out to greenies taking over the Turkey Bowl , he was QB and we had some sweet plays! It was way fun!!! I had like four touchdowns and was breaking ankles in the snow!! Haha it was just soooo fun! Zone Confrence was just s fun and i got to meet the other missionaries on Sjælland and our mission is sick!! I love all the missionaries in this mission!!!!

So I am getting moved..... :( And i am completely not happy about it!! But dont worry, I am still with Ældste Gudmundson and the bad thing is that the Ballerup house is being sold so we have to move to apparments :( My life of missionary luxury is over!!! Nooo haha! We move in the sisters appartment when they leave on Thursday but I guess its way nice so that will be sweet! But it will be sad to split up from Ældstes Poff and Williams! We had great memories for sure!!! But dont worry, our last night there will be a party :) Last missionaries at the famous Ballerup house that has been going for about 20 years in this mission! That means we will be legends haha!

Thanksgiving Day
So who would of thought that from last year I would have my Thanksgiving in Denmark, eating with a Chinese family? Well not me! So after we finished our service with the old lady and her ulærkert house, we biked home and remembered that i havent dont the Nougat Bit challenge is! And for probably all of you guys who dont know what that is, it is a challenge for this mission. SO Nougat Bits is a cereal with Nougat in it covered in chocoalte, so its just chocolate on chocolate and it is just really hard to eat at one time! So the challenge is to eat a whole box with 1 liter of milk. It sounds easy but it is so hard to eat this cearal after a while! Guddy didnt think i could do it and his time wasd 22 minutes and Ældste Williams time was 45 minutes! And guess what! Your cereal loving boy did it n 15 minutes!!1 (that is a really good time :)) It was way fun!!! Then after i ate a whole box of this cereal i went to my eating appointment with Roy and Joana and almost died with all the food I ate!!! Chinese food and cereal doesnt always mix! Haha i was sooo full and it was so hard not to throw up! Then after we watched meet the mormons with them which was way fun! 

Ældste Williams Splits
So on Friday I went on splits with Elder Williams and it was way fun! We were having a great time contacting everyone, we even got a hug after we contacted this old man on a bus and he like put his cheek on my cheek and it was just way funny haha!! I ran into this guy that i have contacted before on the train and talked to him for longer and missed my stop where we were going to get of the train and contact people on the gå gade. Then we got back and then went the wrong way to get to the gå gade. Then right when we got to the center and were about to contact people we ran into this 50 year old Indian guy from Mexico that we prayed for a month ago that we tried to get into contac with again and we couldnt! I can testify the God placed everything in our path so that we could perfectly run into this guy! We shared a scripture with him and then he told us to come back later that day and so we did and he was with his ex wife and they took us to their home! His ex wife is from spain and she speaks english, and the man speak a mixture of spanish, french, danish, and english!!!!1 haha like holy cow, it is way funny but i can actually understand what he says haha! But he wants to change his life and his ex wife wants God to help her sons and just have their family be strengthened. I am so thankful for this gospel that we can share with others and I know it can bring peace and happiness to the family! Then we taught them on repentance on how once you turn away from your sins, a light comes into your life and i know that is exactly what this family needs!!! We meet with them the next day and they are looking way positive and i am so excited to work with them!! SO Ældste Willimams and I did work together! 

So a Danish primary program is pretty much like one in the USA and it was really weird! A good thing was that i could understand everything that was going on!! It was way awesome to watch Danish kids saying that they love Jesus and this gospel! Then later that day we had this Kristi Liv activity where like the head media person of Denmark for the church was their and we were there for two hours waiting for people to come to the church so we could give them a tour of our church and show them pictures of Jeusus' life! But know one came :( Dang denmark and their love for religion...... But it was ight, i got to practice my danish with the media people and make vidoes for the church website!!1 

I cant wait for the Christmas time, and the spirit and tell the Danes the true meaning of Christmas!! A Savior is Born!!! And you guys get to skype me really sooooon :) I am so excited!!! I am sooo jealous you guys went to a BYU game without me but its ight, ill forgive you! And look at the siblings with their dating lifes!! That is sweet you got to go to Grandmas and Grandpas for Thanksgiving! And the snow is way sticky here but it is almost all melted and the wind is starting to pick up! So all i got to say is BRING IT! Haha And i got some warm clothes things and i am not freezing yet so i am good there, and i mneed to look for a watch though! I love you guys and i am giving it my all here!!!!!!!!

Ældste Reed

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