Monday, November 16, 2015

Ballerup week 10

Heyoooo!! Familie!!! So the Black plague struck again!!!! It was no fun!! I got sick this week which sucked but I have risen and i am alive now!!!!!

Sidste P Dag
So last p day we went back into København but this time we (me, ældste gudmundson, and ældste wilshure(my almost dead grandpa)) got hocked up with a ride by Søster Joshnson who is a Senior missionary serving in Børnholm, and for probably everybody, that is a tiny island that is closer to Sweeden than Danmark but anyways... So she took us around and we pretty much did some shopping! But this lady is the funniest old lady ever! I love her so much! She would talk to us about almost anything if you could imagine... haha it was way funny! I hope i serve in Børnholm so I can work with her! And shes way into sports too! haha anyways so we went to this huge mall in København which was way sweet! Then in the H and M i saw my boy Ældste Jensen! My MTC kammerat! Haha it was awesome! He just came up to me and i like freaked out it was real fun and it was great to catch up! And it makes me more pumped for the one month meeting which will be tomorrow!!!! Way sweet! Oh and just to let you know, I hate five cheeseburgers at McDonalds because i mean, you cant always eat cheeseburgers in Danmark!!!! Then that night we ate at our bishop's who is way sweet! But shout out to my watch... so its broke and everything and the time is utah time and he saw that and he was like, jockingly, when will your hjerte be in Denmark! It was way funny because i only hal understood what he said! 

Zone Training
Look at me, already made it to my first zone training! SO one thing our mission is going hard on is family history! So shout out to Nick!!!! Like we are going way way big on it! So they taught us how to help someone set up a family search and all that good stuff! But parents........ I have an opgave, assignment, for you! I need help with my family history! Can you like send me family stories like old family stories who do not live in the USA please :) Oh and I will send you my log in and password for family search so you can help me with my tree. The Reed side wasnt filled out when i logged on so i went on a big search and from a picutre found great grandpas name and then BAM! SO many names came up so shout out to pictures!!!! Oh and when we go to the temple we need to bring a family name! So after that big trainer, which felt like another long class at the MTC haha, we had lunch which was way fun and balled out with our zone which was way fun! Oh and I talked to Ældste Francis(If you dont know i am kindof related to him, i dont really know how... haha)! He is in my zone too. I told him i saw his parents like a month ago it was funny! 

The Plague Returns
So being sick sucks lets just put it that way... So Wednesday I woke up feeling like trash and then my loving training :) Guddy told me to go back to bed. Then I took like a two hour nap and i felt fine. Got up and went to work! But that day it rained like no other business! It was dødens pølser! I have never been that wet in my whole life! I was complety drenched! Not going to lie, it was pretty sweet! Haha I was just like i am in Denmark, and im biking around in the rain getting drenched because these people need Jesus! Oh and so my fri bike that i got, i need to tighten the chain, so i was using an old ballerup house bike which doesnt have a protecter or whatever you call them so i was getting like muddy too, and here is the bad thing.... we had an eating appointment like right then so i felt bad but the poeple were nice as aklways! Oh and at that eating appointment i gave the whole thought by myself which was pretty scary haha! But i think it went well... haha. Then on Thursday night i started feeling like crap again and then Friday i like died!!! I woke up with the worst headache ever and then i slept for like six more hours and when i woke up i felt like the same... no good! I went at of the room and williams, guddy, and poff were sining he has risen! It was kindof funny! But then my lovly comps made me food and i started feeling better. Then Guddy made me go out that day and i slowly but surely felt better so shout out to him! But all in all, dont get sick on your mission, sleeping in is not fun when you are still sick so that is wise words from Ældste Reed!

So because I was sick this week, the work was a little slower but we found a new investigator! If you remember Roy and Joana's roomate who is way chill with us, well we got him interested! It was way sweet!!! SO actually we were helping them with their family history one night and then roy and jonana's roomates came back and we were like, What's Crack a lackin homeslice! To the guy which was way funny! And he was so happy to talk to us! Oh and he showed us his crazy awesome numchuck nija skills which was way sweet! SO we got him interested to do family history so that is what we are ghoing to help him with tonight and we got him to come to soccer! He was way good too!!!! Who would of thought i would be playing soccer on a saturday morning with americans, danes, and chinese! Way sweet! Then we went on splits on saturday so elder guddy og wiliams went back there and introduced Mormons Bog to him! So im excited with him! Then our other investigator we didnt meet with this week because he was out of town with his family but he started to read Mormons Bog! And both of them are down to watch Meet the Mormons which is way sweet! And then man we taught never caalled us back so we will probs visit him this week!

Splits with the Poffmyster!
So Saturday waws way fun because i went on splits with Ældste Poff! We did work too! So our first lesson was way sweet! It was like 40 minutes on this old mans door step with his underwear, swag,haha and it was way good! We talked about the restoration and it is so important and every time my testimony keeps on growing and growing on it! I love how it all falls intop place, if Mormons Bog is true then Jospeh Smith was a prophet, and so on! SO that was way sweet! Then our next lesson.... can i say sketchy.... it was this guy on baptisamal date but he has been taught for like 10 years and when i got there you could see drugs and everything which was way scary and i didnt really feel the spirit at all during that lesson.... weird stuff is all i can say i guess! Then we talked with a couple more people and it was way fun and people are actually interested in family history which is way sweet! Overall, it was a way fun day with Ældste Poff!

SUndays are just so awesome! So we went to church way early so we could be there for choir at 9! You guys know how much i love choir so yea i was in a great mood haha! SO we get there and find out that we are singing this song ios sacrement that day.... Haha ooh well i said to my self! Practice was not good, we sounded like those people that get x'd on Americas got talent.... haha maybe not that bad, the sisters were way good, it was just us four elders..... haha oh man! But we actually did a pretty good job i guess, unless people are lying to us. But eveb Jesus (from the Testaments) said good job and jesus doesn't lie so there you go! Oh and then the Ældster went to young mens which was way sweet! I love those kids! Im way tight with them! But we taught them what they could do to prepare for their missions and all that good stuff and then they asked me to say røde grøde med fløde and laughed! It was a good time! 

Ældste Gudmundson's Mistake....
Hahahahahaha this is a way funny story! So we are at this one opgang like appartments place and we were about to hit up some former investigators, but we just got a new inactive list that we need to do this week so we just checked before we knocked if there was any inactice's living in the area and there wasn't. Then we knocked on the door and this lady answers and this is in Danish and Guddy says, Hej, we are new to the ward and we just wanted to stop by to see how you were doing...Then we talked a little and he asked her if she could hook him up with a hair cut because she is like a beaty salon person or whatever you call them... and then he asked her how long she has been a member, and she was like, you mean how long have i lived here, and he was like yea, and then he asked the saame question, and she was confused and told him she was Muslim and then he was like so your son was baptized and she was like no... haha it was way awkward! The whole time he thought they were inaactive when really they were former investigators!!! Haha it was so so funny!! They probably think Mormons are some weird crazy people now haha but oh well church is true.

The Candy Man
So on the Ballerup gå gade we have our boy who works in the candy shop. He is probs a couple years older than us and from the middle east and is way sweet! We like stop by him everyday just to talk and see how he is doing. We are pretty much homies and we talk a lot about religion. But he loves women!! Haha its so funny he always askes us if we have pige med us (girls with us) and we are like no we have to wait two years. And then i invited him to our church and i was like we have girls there if you come.... haha probs not all the best purposes but if it gets him to church than good job, but we were kind of jocking and stuff! But this guy is way awesome oh and black licorice is horrible, probbably comes from the Devil it is gross! Just more words being preached by Ældste Reed

So I am vback from the dead and i feel great! Danish is coming! Oh i just rembered! Katelynn has a friend at BYU that served here in Denmark and they texted Mother Teresa in my ward that shes my sister and they talked in Taglog! Way sweet stuff! I love you mom and dad so so much!!!!!!!!! Keep it real in America, oh and its sarting to get real cold so that wont be fun, but i am pumped for the 30 day meeting tomorrow, its for three days too! 

Ældste Reed

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