Monday, November 23, 2015

Ballerup Week 11

Serving In A Winter Wonderland!

Winter in Denmark is real!!! Oooh man!! I survived my first Danish blizzard!! Haha! Shout out to winter camp! This week has been full of eventful thing like the thirty day meeting and having Thanksgiving in Danmark!!!

P Day
So last p day the Ballerup squad hit up gembruges which are kindof like goodwills but like a thousand times nicer! I found a sweet sweater and these sick danish shoes for like 15 dollars all together!! It was way sweet!!! I guess that is what missionaries live on to find sweet stuff and I have only been to like two already and already found sweet deasls so i am way excited to hit up more later!!!! :)

30 Day Meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This three day adventuros meeting involved way fun with the MTC squad, a flipping castle, the temple, way good food, and of course spiritual goodness!!!! So last tuesday we all went to the train station to meet up and i like freaked out when i saw the other missionaries from the mtc!! It was way fun!! That night we stayed up telling mission staories and it was just a great time! Oh and that night Søster O'Bryant gave us this cereal called Nugget Bits which is like my new favorite cereal if you were wondering! It was like choclatey goodness in your mouth so that was way fun! The next day we went to a CASTLE!!!! I took like a bunch of pictures so just stay tuned! I dont know what it is called but it is like the biggest castle in Denmark and it had the Carl Blocc paintings!! And if you are like me and didnt know what those were before, they are just the pictures that we use to show Jesus and all that good stuff! Way sweet! The castle was way big and crazy oh and there was a moat! I asked President O'Bryant if thats where the bad missionaries go but i guess we dont have any in this mission so its all good haha!!!! President O'Bryant is way chill and so fun and so is Søster O'Bryant! I love them and they are just so awesome!!! Then on Thursday we went to the temple!!! The København temple is the prettiest temple i have ever been in by far and we went through english together so it was all fun! On Friday after the meeting i went back to the temple with my district and went through it in Danish and lets just say, it wasnt too fun!! Haha it was way crazy!!!! After our temple trip on Thursday we hit up my first Danish buffet and it was way way good!!!! I ate so much meet haha and they had ribs!!!! Shout out to mom and dad for how much you know i love ribs!!!! Oh and then we watched a book of mormon movie and when we were walking back to President's home i asked if we were going to eat popcorn with it and next thing i see is that Søster O'Bryant was walking across the street to buy some for us!! Came in clutch oh and if you guys wanted to know, she was mom of the year in California so i mean that is pretty sweet haha!!! The food we ate was so good!!!!! I got way fat haha Søster O'Bryant was a way good cook and i always looked forward to meal time!!! Oh and if you wanted to know, we did have way spiritual meetings too!!!! We talked a lot on how each day we need to develop a Christ like attribute so we can become better missionaries and people after our missions!! We had a way good talk by President Uchtdorf when he was talking to all the Euro mission presidents and he was giving a story about a missionary who was having way good succes and he had this quote that, I Fear No Man! So whenever i am going out now and i am about to contact someone i always say to myself, i fear no man, and its way good!!!! We also learned how to contact and have better finding which was really helpful asking inspired questions and all that good stuff!! Oh and we had scripture chases too to work on our mission scriptures and that was way fun! We had two  teams and there might have been a little smack talk between me and president haha!!! All in all, I had a great experience at this meeting! I got to know my mission prez and his wife way better and they are just so awesome, and talk with the squad again from the MTC and chill with the AP's too, we are way tight too just in case you were wondering haha!!!

So sne in danish means snow and can I tell you, we had so much snow it was insane! Like i have never been in this much snow before and this is way unusual for Denmark to have this much snow!!! You will like the pictures we took in it haha!! So on our way to visit an inactive member, me and Ældste Gudmundson built this way sweet tiny snowman and put a Jesus card in it so we are getting way creativie with our contacting haha! Also, that walk consisted of snow ball fights and it was just fun stuff!!! When we got back to Ballerup Station, we found out that there was no more buses coming and it pretty much blizzarding outside!!! SO we bought a bag of chips, haha, and made the trek through ther snow back to our house which is about a 30 minute walk. Oh,m and shout out to the pioneers because that was way hard i couldnt feel my hands at all and i was only walking for thirty minutes through this snow. Haha But me and Ældste Gudmundson did take some pretty sweet videos to remember the great great experience.... haha We then started yelling primary songs at the top of our lungs for the last 7 minutes of our trek home to make it home an d dont worry, i am alive because i am writing this to you right now haha!!! But shoutout to all my friends in South AMerica or on islands because ill just take all the cold for them haha!!

So SUnday came around and we looked outside and there was like three feet of snow outside!!! So we took the ten minute walk from our house to the bus stop and after waiting for like 10 minutes, a nice lady ttold us that the buses were not coming at this stop....... so we then took like a whole bunch of pictures in the snow.... haha! And then walked all the way to the station which was cold! Yay! More cold haha! Then we got to a bus that took us to church and we rolled in about 30 minutes late... talk about being good examples.... haha i am just kidding but we were soaked and there was like thirty members there, when there is usually like 130 ish so like it was way bad weather! Oh, and then me and Guddy taught a way good class to the youth on families and it was way fun!! We made it a fun but also spiritual lesson so thats when you know that you have done a good job haha!! Then after church we did our studies and then walked to our THANKSGIVING DINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ayeeeee! Haha! SO we walked with Søster Reed and Lyman in the snow for like 40 minutes to our appointment! It is this family with an American wife and a Danish man! When we got there we helped them shovel there house and then helped there neighbor and then he asked us questions :) Service always gets to people's hearts!! They are way sweet and they invited there friends over!!!! They are this family who the husband is Icelandic and wife is Danish but they lived in USA for three years for college. And i played soccer with this guy two weeks ago and we was way good! So we had great soccer conversations this night!!! ANd the food was way good and i am pretty sure i am fat now.... haha just kidding! But i am so thankful for this ward that i am in! They are such a blessing to me!!

SO like i said, for shopping here we usually go to these gembruges which have great deals, but i need to go looking for better winter gear today like gloves and hats and stuff!! And yea i probs need to find a new watch, that would be way helpful. And sweet! That soccer jersey is ways sweet and i like freaked out when i saw it haha! And nah, i dont need a rain poncho. ANd yes dad, i am in Gladsaxe 1st ward! And yea, talk about all that stuff to the ward, thats pretty much my life here! Tell them that i miss them all and that this is the best experience of my life too! And i am pumpåed for our zone training on Wednesday which includes a turkey bowl and a thanksgiving dinner! #blessed haha! It will be a great time! I miss you mom and dad you guys are awesome!!! This experience is just so great, humbling, and just a fantastic learning experience for me! Jeg elsker jer og have sjov under Thanksgiving uden mig! Haha (Oh and of course i will eat all the rolls i can haha)

Ældste Reed

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