Monday, May 30, 2016

#38 Odense

Ja men davs alle sammen! This was another crazy week full of teaching, finding foreigners, and playing some American Football!!!! 


So me and Elder Baadsgaards went hard in the paint this week teaching 20 lessons! And we found two new friends! I dont know if i told you guys but we have been knocing a place called Æbleparken and it is fire! We have found 7 new investigators out there and have like 10 more potentials and people that said they will read the whole Mormons Bog and told us to come back in a month! So we found a man from Romania and taught him about the BOM and gave him one in Romanian. We just need to find him home and he has a family so that could make things interresting. :) Then we finally found a woman from Hungary home out there and taught her and gave her a BOM in her language! It is so cool to see all the different languages the Book of Mormon is in and how we are meeting so many people from all over the world! We taught T again, the rest of the POS. He was more open to a baptism invited and wasnt total against it this time. R was sick so we didnt teach him, and i guess A left his girlfriend, but we are going to start teaching her in three weeks so that will be sweet! And we taught our home boy from Mexico again! He wasnt sure about baptism but he is reading in the Book of Mormon so that is sick! We also found a man from Zimbabwe who will be a new friend after we teach him again but he said he had a J Dub Bible and is willing to listen so that will be balling! And P, the guy we play ball with asked if he could come to YSA so that was sick! Oh and C's baptism is next Tuesday so that is coming up so that is going to be sweet! We taught her after a baptism on how you get baptized and checked out clothes for her. They were not the most stylish things for her but i think she willl be fine hahaha! Oh and we taught a Muslim guy who is way sweet and taught him the Restoration and said that he will read the whole book of Mormon and told us to come back in a month and we will talk more so that will be sweet!  


So we had splits on Thursday so that was way fun! I went with Elder Evans, who is completely new, and we just had a great time! He is from Cali, and loves to surf and played lacrosse. It was way fun to contact with him because i had to pretty much say everything because he has only been speaking the mother language, Danish :), for two months so that was fun. After we contacted we did service for a family with a guy who is inactive and his wife is not a member but way nice! I heard to be ready because he likes to debate and so i took control. I remember right when we sat down to eat cake, he starts talking about God and what is crazy with our religion and all this stuff. And i was like cool, we have a spiritual thought, and he was like okay, waiting to argue with us, but i pretty much promised him blessings and you really cant argue with that hahaaha! So that was fun. Then we went to the church for the Turpins suprise goodbye party. In the middle of it some guy came and asked if we have English class, and i was like oh shooooot! We have had it but no one was coming so we stopped but i had to teach an English class on the spot but it went way well. Erick Jeppsen and C WERE THERE and a man from Sryia was there who wants to learn English and he is a music and movie producer so that was way fun! That is how we ended the night and me and Elder B went to the train station to go to Frederacia to stay with the ZLs and Svenborg and Sønderborg so we could get to leadership meetings on time in Århus.

Zone Conference

So the night before like 8 missionaries stayed at the ZLs apartment so that was a party! THere wasnt enough beds for everyone so me Elder Jensen, not either of my comps, and Guddy shared like two matress which caused late night pillow talk! Me and Guddy were up til like mid night talking about the glory days in Ballerup so that was fun! Then we woke up at 440 and caught our train to Århus. Then we had ZOne Conference which was way good! THey emphasized the fall of Adam and Eve and being bold especially with commitments! Then we ate and had the Waffel Bowl! We split up in four teams and played some football which was way fun! Then we went back to the church got our things, and left. I was rocking my athletic clothes and my boots and Pres was giving me crap for it haha! But dont worry, i am just adapting to the style here in Denmark! :) Then we road the train back and we ate pizza with the other district and Sønderborg who were there for F's dåb! 

Weekend Fun and Goodbyes

Which takes us to Saturday! We started before F's dåb by playing volleyball! It was way fun and C, and N came and then after i got buried by everyone! Then we went to F's dåb which was way spiritual and great to see this man become clean! It was cool because i got to teach him a little before we had to give him over to the other Elders because he lived in their area. After that we played a little ping pong and then taught C to get all the baptismal questions out of the way! Then on Sunday was the last day for the Turpins! It was way sad, they gave talks and then we had a goodbye dinner for them! I am going to miss them soooo much! I love those two people, they are the perfect example of love and the character of Christ! 

And yea the young adult was Jeppson! Tillykke Fødselsdag Mor! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Crazzy that you are now turning 30! :) That is way good that Katelynn got to come! And Maggianos is legendary! Unless you get that chocolate cake which will give you are heart attack! And that is crazy Reid Dog is already 2! Oh shoot! The stake presidency is changing! Any predictions????? :) Well that is all the words of wisdom from Elder Reed! DO something crazy this week to share this awesome message! It is totally worth it! I love you guys soooo much! Jamen Hej Heeeeeeeeeeeeejjjjjjj!!!

Æ Reed

                                            Alex is going Danish, check out his footwear!
                                             Alex and his trainer, he will always love him.
                                                 I wonder what Alex did to deserve this?

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