Monday, May 2, 2016

Week #34 Odense

Jamen Davs!!! So like this week was got to be one for the books! We taught like 24 overall lessons, which doesn't happen here in Denmark.... ;) Like balled with a bunch of Danes, put up a roof in pouring rain, and saw a convert baptism for the first time ever! 


So we had splits and kind of sort of taught 11 total lessons in one day! I went with Elder Teynor who is so sweet! He is from Utah, everyone seems to come from Utah.... anyways, we taught like four lessons in a park, including talking to a guy who was drinking a little bit and who has lot about life a lot and trying to tell him that God gives us agency while he is just saying DOnald Trump haha, trying to get a college age girl to try and pray to a God she has never even thought about, and even gave a Chinese brotha who is was on vacation a BOM so that was sweet! Then we went and balled which i will get into later ;) And then we ended the night going to CUV which is like institute and then the YSA like hangs together and chills. We taught our friend C and went through the dåb interview questions and so like this is getting so real! But that was out adventures on splits! 

Ball is still life????

Okay so I was emailing President about playying basketball with our friend from Bulgaria and he told us that that is a fantastic missionary tool! And guess what happened?? We got invited to play with him and his buddies! So we went and it was like this YMCA court, and when i walked in to the gym, I saw this middle aged Danes rocking all these NBA clothes and it was soooo funny! But it was so fun to play and show the Danes how you really play basketball! And it will be a perfect missionary tool because when we are waiting to play we can just talk to the guys and right now they think we cant speak Danish because our friend told them that we are from USA and so we will bust out the Danish soon and blow some Danes minds and then teach them the good word of God! 


So this week Elder Baadsgaard and I, plus the help from Seden from Splits, taught 24 lessons! My first transfer here I would have thought that that was impossible but with the help from the Lord, it is possible! So the highlight of this week would definitely be C. We went through the dåb interview questions and as of now she doesn't have any more worries. I am so pumped for her! And to make things even better, yesterday during fast and testimony meeting she bore her testimony and told the ward that she was getting baptized! And her testimony was SO strong I just love convert testimonies so much! And I told Elder Jensen that my goal for my mission was to teach lesson 5 kind of jokingly because that is the last thing you need before youu get baptized! Elder Baadsgaard and I taught a lot of door and street lessons this week and during weekly planning we added up all of our potential friends and we have about 40!!! Crazy right?? I can feel that this area is about to explode and I am so excited for it! Oh and we had our own little miracle story this week. So it was on Thursday during our movie night that we saw a man come in to the church with two members from the second ward. So me and Elder Baadsgaard was a little bit curious what was going on and next thing we now we were giving this guy a tour of the church and taught him about the Book of Mormon. He told us that he was out on a run and lost his way and he was looking for purpose in his life and a light in his life and what do you know?? He runs past the restored church of Jesus Christ! So I am so excited to see where this will go and it is so awesome to see how the Lord guides his lost children!

Weekend Fun

So Saturday began with service and so me, Elders Baadsgaard, Hager, and Ericksen went and helped a members neighbor put on a roof in the pouring rain which was a little sketch not going to lie! But we all made it alive and we got rewarded with pølser and brunsviger which is just life! Then after that we went to a lady from Africa's baptism in the second ward! It was way spiritual and it is so awesome to see someone making those covenants with God and receiving the best gift in the world, the Holy Ghost :) Good stuff, C was there and she loved it and we taught her right after! Then the highlights of Sunday would be church and C bearing her testimony and then we taught her with a member the rest of the final lesson after sacrament. Then since my comp is a wizard at the piano, we got to go to primary because they needed a piano teacher! And the kids were so crazy! Like i have so so so much respect for primary teachers because the kids have endless energy and lets just say, the stuggle is real! Haha for example i made eye contact with this little kid, and that was my mistake. Next thing i know he is crawling at me like Golam from the Lord of the Rings and like starts  trying to eat my suit coat! hahahaha i hope i wasn't that crazy! THen we ended the night at an awesome member's house and it was a great time. There inactive son and his girlfriend who we are trying to teach because she comes to church and CUV like weekly. We had a great discussion on sports and soccer :) and burgers and taco bell! Then somehow we got into Donald Trump and let me tell you, Danes do not like the man! haha shout out to me because i am on a mission and i dont have to deal with politics! Then we ended with a killer spiritual thought! We showed video on moms and talked about why we were thankful for our moms! I am not sure why though.... its like a day is coming up???? Huh, oh well i cant remember...

Oh yea! Mors Dag!!!! Lets go! I get to see all of your smiling faces on Sunday! So we will be skyping at a member's house at either 6 or 7 Danish time at night. If something else goes down i will let you guys know! That would be sweet to see sister Fredericksen! And it was never me making the trouble in sacrement, it was all him! That is sweet with the mission calls! Keep them coming:)!! ANd thats way sweet to hear that ML beat Davis! And lets hope they do work in the playoffs! Well i love you family and i cannot wait to skype with you guys on Sunday!! DOnt drill me too hard with questions :)! Love ya!

Ældste Reed :)

                               What happens when you find sun glasses and you have a selfie stick :)

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