Monday, April 25, 2016

Week #33 Ordense

Hej alle sammen! Jamen eehhhh a baptism is coming to Odense in 3 weeks!!! I am so pumped but i will get into that later! :) This week consisted of breaking in some christian church with the Zone Leader, getting our friend on dåbsdato, and crazy ping pong and soccer games! 

So this week we went on splits with the ZOne Leaders in Frederacia which is on Juland! I went with Elder Hartmen who is a 6 7 and played basketball in Cali in Orange County and he knew some of the teams we played in our tourny back in the day! Anyways haha,and so we started out helping this greenlandic guy paint his house and then we had a way good conversation on soccer so that was way fun! Then we knocked liked the whole time and we had some pretty funny stories like a guy saw us looking for his door, and he shout outed to us, ''Er i Jehovas Vidne?'' ''Nej vi er Mormoner!'' Okay good come in! Haha it was way funny and he turns out to be some leader of some reformed church in France or something. Then we were looking for churches so we could ask them about if we could come to their Bible Group class, and we go into this one church and start looking for signs that they say that they have a Bible study group and the next thing we know this super loud alarm is going off and i am like, lets get out of here, but we eneded up talking to some old guy and then not getting invited to their Bible group because we are Mormons and they dont want other churches there and all that good stuff. So that was a pretty adventourous splits!

Baptism Date!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

We got C on baptism date!! We had a lesson with her and a member on Wednesday and it was probably one of the most spiritually guided lessons I have ever have. We talked about baptism and we were going to set a date with her. Before the lesson Elder Baadsgaard and I prayed for a date and we were not sure for a specific date, but we wanted to get it in before the transfer so we could help make our zone goal. But C pretty much said that she needs a date and pretty much put herself on date for the 14th of May! And when she said the closing prayer she asked for help to make her date!! So I am way pumped for that and this is actually happening! She has came to all of our activities this week, church, and even soccer. And her ex boyfriend who was holding her back is like totally out of the picture so yea, me and Elder Baadsgaard are way excited! :) I talked with Elder Jensen, who just served here, not my MTC comp or my last comp, on the phone and he said that she has made major progress from when he was teaching her with her actually praying so like, LETS GO! My first baptism is coming up in t minus three weeks and i am so pumped! And we were walking home from church yesterday and some reason we were talking about our friends the J Dubs and how they were trying to give her fliers but she told us she told them no, i am mormon! So lets go! Elder Reed is a happy man!

Thursday Fun

So Thursday night activities usually consists of English class and then a different activity. We had a lack of peeps in English class, so an hour before, us and the other Elders from the other ward, ELders hager and erickson went hard in the paint handing out english fliers! It was sway weird that we were talking to everyone in english and being like, yea we are americans and offering a free english class. Everyone said they were already too good at english but oh well. haha it was fun! After English class we had pizza aften and ate pizza with members and investigators and C was there again! We played around the world ping pong with a couple missionaries, C and N, who is an inactive guy but he is my boY! He is half danish half italien and we talk about soccer for dayssss! Haha he is way awesome! And then at the end, the senior missionaries came to play, and sister turpin, was destroying everyone! haha it was so funny! 

Aye! We started up soccer again and it is so fun! We had like 8 missionaries a couple members and our investigator C, and N was there! It was way fun and we played missionaries or americans against the Danes! After we were all so dead and sore for like the next couple days, but it reminds me perfectly of life before the mish so i was used to it :) Oh and after we got some pastries because you cant play soccer in denmark and not get pastries at the end! 

Well another week has past and gone. Oh i almost forgot, I got to act out the doubting Thomas in primary yesterday which was legendary and i cant believe i almost forgot that! So i am in a district of just four elders, elder howe (from my mtc group) and elder teynor (one group in front of me) and elder baadsgaard! I am in the Århus stake and South Juland zone. And my investigators are doing good we are going to try to make a lot of potenitals into friends and them into progressing friends so lets see how that goes! And Odense first ward is great! I am so blessed to be able to serve in two fantastic wards! Aye! Katelynn graduated lets go! I loved the pics of the fam! And i am digging dad by the Danish flag! My favorite pic i have ever seen! haha Well that is all i got for ya'll this week! I hope you all have a great week and I love you guys so much!!!!

Med så meget kærlighed, måske det er en søstre ting (oh well) , men i hvert fald, jeg elsker jer!!!!!

Ældste Reed

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