Monday, April 11, 2016

Week #31 ODENSE!!

Forår!!!! It is finally spring here in Denmark, there is sun, and flowers everywhere!!! Life is good, Elder Baadsgaard is awesome, I had a life changing spiritual experience, and even played some street ball this week. You could say it has been a pretty good week here in Odense! 

Last P Day

So after unpacking and stocking up the fridge with food, me and Elder Baadsgaard set out for Elder and Sister Turpin's house to watch the last session of General Conference. We biked through the park and I remember I told Elder Baadsgaard that Odense is 10000000 times better then Sjællend!! Flowers everywhere and oh man! It is sooooo nice here! DOnt be jealous from the pics :) Then we ate with all the missionaries on Fyn and watch GC, and that last session was sooooo good! There was so many good talks! I loved the talk on the refugees because that applies to me and everyone here in Europe and Jeffery R Holland's talk was fire like always! 


So we had to give two of the most progressing investigators we had to the missionaries in the other ward because i guess we just found out that they dont live in our area. But that is whatever, not too big of a problem! So we are working with a man named Vo Long who I LOVE sooo much! HE is from Vietnam and got baptized 9 months aggo and we help him understand the gospåel way slowly because of the language barrier. THen we are working with a lady named Hannah who used to smoke a pack a day but is now down to 6 cigarrets everyday and she has a daughter who has been investigating the church and could be positive to be døbt :) Oh and we work with this old man named Jens who has this CRAZY life story! Kort sagte, he grew up in Odense, studied in UCLA, became a rich car owner guy and then started dating this ballerina girl, and then like two days before the wedding, she died and he like became a drunk and lost his fortune, ended up in Denmark and then met the missionaries! Thats me! Then we have been hitting the streets hard to find some friends and we found this German girl who is Protestant and is college age and taught her in the park and she wants to meet again and she is bringing a friend so that is gold! And finding is fire! Like we have gotten pretty good with asking people questions and turning that into lessons on the street! 

Ball is Life???
So it was pretty sad not to be able to ball every Saturday but you know Elder Reed cant stay away from basketball ;) So we were contacting in the park one day and i saw this guy shooting by himself so i go up to him and ask if he wants to play one on one. Like dream come true, playing some street ball in my missionary clothes! SO we play, and in the processes of tearing my pants, RIP Pants ;(, and draining a couple threes, we are friends, and he invited us to play with his friends so that will be bumping!! Basketball= Missionary tool :)

Service for Dayzzzz

So we had two pretty big service projects this week, and some member took pics so that can describe it better than I can. Pretty much mixing concrete and laying a foundation for some neighbor of a member. And then the second project was helping this older man move some things out of the attic to the dump and both projects ended in food so Elder Reed was happy!


So this beautiful Sunday started with us going around trying to preach the good word to people with not really that good success. Then came church to meet the new fam for a couple transfers! And GUESS WHAT! I dont if you remember a missionary named Elder Erik Jepsen, who served in Moses Lake four years ago in 4th, 7th, and 10th ward, well he is in my ward!!! How crazy is that! He remembers Bishop Wilks and everything! That was sweet, then it was fast sunday so i felt that i needed to introduce myslef to the new fam so i bore my testimony and i started by saying i am the new missionary and unfortuantly, I served on Djævelens Ø but i am so excited to be on Fyn! And that means the Devils Island and that is what the Danes who do not live on Sjælland call Sjælland. So I made the ward laugh so that was a good first impression, right.... I hope... haha it was good stuff! Oh yeah, then to my crazy spiritual experience! Yesterday after church, we taught Caroline, and she said that she broke up with her fiance which was the only thing holding her back from the church. We had two members with us from Iceland and we told her that this was a huge decision for her but God loves her and the only way you can find your answer is if you pray. And I guess she hasn't prayed with the missionaries before and she said it didn't feel comfortable to pray. We then, all five of us, got on our knees and all said a pray one by one out loud, and she said the last prayer. It was probably one of the most spiritual moments of my life. The spirit was incredibly strong and at the end, me and Elder Baadsgaard were in tears. And then she said that she felt amazing and that was just a huge testimony for me on God answering prayers and we think she will be baptized in the next month! And that is just a testimony to me that this gospel is soooo easy! God loves each and everyone of us! Regardless, who we are, what we have done, he will never deny the love he has for us! Good stuff!

So I am in the first ward. That is crazy that you kind of know Elder Baadsgaards's fam! Small world! My knee is doing better, i ran a little on it this morning but it wasn't that bad, just bugged me a little. That is awesome little Webly could be blessed and of course i will teach reid dog! Ball is life! For the family names I would say keep them, because you can only go to the temple if yoou serve in Sjælland, so i wont go again until my death meeting i think so it okay. And Zach is saying lies! Zach always starts the nonsense! COol news on the mission calls, keep them coming :) Oh man i love march madness and that buzzer beater would be sweet to see! But i can wait one more tournament! And hopefully the soccer team can make a playoff push! Well, fam, week one done in Odense, plenty more to go! Jeg elsker jer!!!!!

Elder Reed :)

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