Monday, April 4, 2016

Week #30 ODENSE!!

Kære familie og venner!!! Hvad så!!! Well transfer came and gone and...... Ill just say it at the end to hold the expense, but promise that you will not peak at the end ;) But this week was definately a great one with Elder Jensen in Ballerup!


We found a new investigator named Patrick who is about 23 who like raps and produces music so that is way sweet! I almost didn't contact him, I almost contacted another guy but Elder Jensen like said talk to the guy with the sun glasses and i did and BAM, we are teaching him! He really just has no sense of purpose in his life but he really is loving our message and I think he even cried when we showed him an Easter video so that is a plus. We finally taught our friend Svend who we haven't had contact with for a while, and we asked him if he has read or prayed and he said no, so me and Elder Jensen just went simple and talked on prayer. It was one of the most personal lessons we have had with him and he said he is going to try praying every day so I was glad to hear that. We aslo taught David and Sarah, the couple from the Apostolic Kirke who was at General Conference last night. They are doing their homework! They are really searching in the Book of Mormon and have great questions and they really like the Book of Mormon and they liked conference, too! Oh, and when they found out that I am transferring to their home town they said that they have friends and family over here that would love to talk with the missionaries so that will be interesting! We also found like a way old women who was walking back from the grocery store and we contacted her and she is like, can you help me carry my things to the bus and we are both, YES WHY NOT! haha it gave us a good chance to talk to her and she daid that we could meet again so that could be excited! (for elder jensen not me :( ) Oh, and we taught our friend from Texas again! We taught him outside because his son wanted to play outside so we had kind of an all over lesson but he said he is going to pray with his son every night! So that is sweet! Oh and fun story, i finally got to use my French! Shout out to ms. French teacher! SO i was on a quick blitz splits with Elder Poff and I contacted this black guy but he could only speak French and a little Danish so i said a couple things in french but still, way fun stuff!!!

Missionary Night

Oh snap! SO we pretty much had mutual night with the young men to get them pumped for missionary work! Shout out to Elder Hendriksen and Jensen for like planning all of it. SO we had a Spanish MTC class so he only spoke spanish to the young Danish kids and taught us how to pray! Then we taught them how to shave by getting them shave whipped cream off of a balloon which was way fun! Then we had a little race where the kids where missionaries who where on splits, so that meant you had all of your books, your clothes, and a huge box of Book of Mormons and they had to catch their bus! So we had them run around the gym with them holding two heavy bags and a Box full of BOMs so it was pretty funny. Then after we had p day with elder reed and played basketball ;) 

Knee og Service

SO i dont know what has been up but for the past couple days i have had a pretty dang bad knee pain in the front of my knee like on my knee cap. I was like limping all the time on Tuesday and it was not fun and hurt pretty bad. We went home to rest it but it has been sore for a while. But on Thursday I asked for a blessing and we had to do service which was helping someone move so that probs wasn't the best idea for my knee. But i did it and the pain wasnt too bad! And the crazy thing was is that we had to carry all of these dressers and things up these stairs and i couldn't walk up stairs for the past couple days because i couldn't bend my knee, but i did it and now my knee is fine and all i can say is miracles :) 


So we watched every session excpet sunday afternoon session which we will watch tonight at the senior missionaries place, where in Denmark though.... ;) you'll find out if you didn't peek:) But conference was way good! We waatched it at Lars and Teressa's house for Saturday morning which was 6 at night here #timezones but we ate Phillipino food which tasted soooo good like always and then watched conference! On Sunday we watched priesthood and the rest except sunday afternoon. But there was a lot of great talks so far!  I really liked the talk by, i think he is in the presidency of the 70 not sure, but when he talked about whatever happens in life, just remember that you are a son or daughter of God! Just keeping it simple that is how the gospel should be :) ANd President Uchtdorf was being a jokster!! haha him saying that German is the celestial language, sorry dad it has to be Danish ;), and that your dads fav movie is probs star wars so you are wearing a chewbakka costume! haha I really like what President Monson said about making right choices and his story in Preisthood about the guy commanding the ship to come to hiom in the name of Jesus Christ. He said few words but they were important :)

So i paid Harris for the bike and he fixed it up real good. I will need my bike a lot more in my second area :) Sorry if i cased any problemos... You guys always come in clutch! And my pick for the finals is UNC! Tell me where all of the youngens are going out on their missions! And how boys soccer is doing! Jeg elsker jer så meget! Tak for alt og ha' en god uge!

Ældste Reed

Oh ya, so when i was in the car i told President Michael Olsen that i wanted to go to Odense for my next area because i heard it was great over there and..... IM GOING TO ODENSE!! It is on Fyn which is the middle island of Denmark! The ward is way fun and we are going to do a lot of things with the single adults which will be way fun! And my comp is Elder Baadsgaard!!! He is from Utah and he is one tranfer older than i am. He is way good at singing and he was in the music group that went around Denmark and so he stayed at my apartment for a couple days a couple months ago so i already knew him a little but we are going to have a way good time together as i have already saw!!!!!!! LOVE YA!

                                           Good bye to Alex!

                                               Last day with Elder Jensen

                                                Missionary Prep night

                                            Good bye to great friends
                                           More friends Alex will miss

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