Monday, April 18, 2016

Odense #32

Jamen Hej hej!!!! Time is just flying here in Odense! And I am loving this place more and more every week! 

Sidste P Day!

So last p day was pretty crazy! So after emailing we went to eat kebabs and Is with all the Odense missionaries! And then came the church is true moment! So in the park there is a little kid swing where you can go on it and like fly around in circles and get way dizzy, so me and Elder Hager from the MTC, went on it because of course! And we just ate a whole bunch of food so why not! Oh and the swing was in this huge sandbox and of course my bike key flew out because after i couldnt find it in my pocket so we went hard in the paint to look for it and then next thing you know, this way nice Danish family is helping us and their kids are going hard looking for it. After 10 minutes we had no success and we were about to give up, so we said a pray and not even thirty seconds later, a little girl found it like at the exact spot which she was digging for for the last 5 minutes. #thechurchistrue Then we went home changed into balling clothes and played some street ball with a couple guys from the ward! Way fun and then we ended the night at an awesome families house for FHE! 

Z Conference aka Fire!

So we had zone training on Tuesday and I got to see Daddy! It was way awesome to catch up with Elder Gudmundson! But kort sagte, we pretty much got pumped to baptize people and become master teachers! SO we are going to go hard in the paint and master PMG! Also, we set a huge goal of as a zone to baptize 7 people which is crazy because last transfer the zone i guess they got 0 so lets see what happens!

Friends :)

So lets see who are our friends.... we have Caroline who we are going to get on dåbsdato soon! We just need to find a time when she is not busy with work! Then we are teaching an older lady named Hanna who was baptized when she was 8 but has never been to church since and she flipping came yesterday! #letsgo!!! And we are working with her daughter and trying to get her on dåbsdato too! So we will see how that goes. Then we have my home boy Steffan from Bulgaria and we were trying to get a hold of him and then we were finishing a day by contacting on the Odense gå gade and ran in to him and invited him to soccer and he came even though it got cancelled..... Oh and we started teaching a women who is a Danske Folk Kirke priest, I didnt know women could be priests.... but welcome to Denmark! And we also started teaching a college student from Germany who is way strong in her Protestant belief so we will see how that will go! Other that we just go hard in the paint teaching lessons on the street and contacting is getting better and better. I am working hard at keeping conversations going especially after the first Nej! And just firing questions at them which has lead to a lot more street lessons and more Mormons Bøger handed out! 

Oh and just a little mini recap of the weekend is that we had soccer planned but the second ward cancelled it last minute when our home boy Stefan came and also a less active guy came and when we biked back we had a way good talk on soccer and i got all caught up so that was fun even though i didnt get to play soccer :( Then after  we had back to back service projects which included chopping wood and painting walls! And we got to wear way cool suits during it, if i could snag the pic from Elder Baadsgaard i will send it! And sunday was pretty sweet with ward conference and then a BBQ after! And I talked with Erik Jeppsen a lot about Moses Lake and jsut about a whole bunch of families and it was way fun! And his follow up trainer was Elder Williams who is the guy i used to ball with back in the day when missionary ball was huge! Small world and fun stuff! And then we had like 25 minutes left until call ins and taught two lessons on the street and gave out a Mormons Bog #work! Pretty good way to end a pretty dang good week! 

So i have not had any updates  on my last investigators i just know that none of them are on date now :( And let me tell you, three suit cases two bags and a bike on a train by yourself is not fun at all! But some nice girl helped me carry my bike out for me! And that is cra the Katelynn is graduating from the Y! Dont party too hard in Utah without me ;) My knee is doing way better so dont worry about that, it just bugs me on and off. And i bet dad did great in his talk! He always spits fire! (that is a good thing :) ) LIES! You did not adopt a little black kid! Zach is lieing and i know you all are in on it! haha And any news on mission calls???? Well one more week and i am half way done with this transfer! Man time flies when your doing work and having fun, while keeping the rules of course :) Jeg elsker jeg så meget og husker at Gud elsker jer! 

Æ Reed

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