Monday, March 28, 2016

Week #29 Ballerup

Happy Easter Everyone!!!! I hope all of you had a great one!!!! Well this is the last week for me in Ballerup for sure, President spilled the beans... I will get to that later!!


SO this week i went on splits with Elders McDougal and Hendriksen which was way fun! So first I went on splits with Elder McDougal (Guddy's old comp) on Tuesday and it was a good time. We taught four lessons together and the highlight was teaching my Indian brotha Sunil who was the sisters investigator but the ZLs took over him. He has came to basketball a couple times and he calls me ''Champ and Master'' when we play haha! But anyways, this guy is my boy and we taught him on the Restoration and the POS and it was a pretty good lesson. Then we got the news of Brussels and Pres O'Bryant said that if you are in big cities that you can not contact and to take off your name tags outside. So that was pretty crazy not going to lie. Then on Friday i went on splits with Elder Hendriksen which consisted of service for Bishop's brother. We like pretty much cleaned up his back yard and got it ready for spring to do some gardening. And we got rewarded with kebabs :) Best food ever! Then we went contacting together and didnt really have to much success excepts giving out a BOM to a brotha from Africa! Then we went to our apartment with Elders Poff and Jensen and us four spent the night there because we had service together in the morning. It was so fun and I could have partied with them for 6 months together in the Ballerup house but oh well... haha Splits was way fun all in all!!  Oh just remembered, so President called Elder Hendriksen about the names of our areas and stuff and he was like, so Elder Jensen and Elder Keller live in Mørkhøj right?'' ANd Elder Hendriksen was like, you mean Elder Reed? ANd Pres was like, oh you didn't hear that.... haha so i am peacing out next week!

So saturday was an adventure not going to lie! So after waking up and doing studies together, all four of us headed over to Michael Olsen's to do some service! He is flipping rich and like has a huge pond lake thing, and like trees for days! So we like picked up broken off branches and then we ate these bomb hot dogs and frikedellar saandwhiches! Then after we went home and changed and contacted and talked with an old lady on the Atonement, because it was easter :), but she said it was just polite to listen to us or something. After that the craziness happens! We take dinner, and we were planning to go to basketball but a ZL called us and said that the only way we are playing basketball tonight is if we have an investigator there because all the other investigators can't come or something. So we were waiting for Weinan to reply back to us and kort sadgte he said he could come but he couldn't give us a ride like we were planning on so we had to run a couple miles to the church and even jump over fences which leg to me having a bloody leg, but dont worry mom, it is just a couple of scratches :) Then we played with Weinan and we are planning on eating a chinese hot pot with him this week which will be way good! 

Easter in Denmark is a little different. SO they get a whole week off of work because of easter which doesn't make sense because most of them dont even believe in Christ or anything, but that is why we missionaries are out trying to tell them why they have a whole week off of work!! But we had a big easter lunch at Bishop's hopuse which was way fun and the food was great! The Danish tradition is smørebrød which is that open faced sandwhich with all different kinds of meet and fish. And sadly, the easter bunny and easter eggs and the easter baskets are not a thing in Denmark but I will live. :) Oh and tusind tak for my easter package! It was so clutch and i LOVED the food inside of it! 

Haha that is so funny you found my old easter basket from last year but i think i will pass on the leftovers ;) That looks like a way fun easter! I did not meet with Hugo because we were on splits but i heard it went good and he wants to come to church. Oh and it was way hard to meet with all of our investigators because they were all busy with Easter but we should have a good week this week. Oh and finances.... So we got a little problem. So i had three hundred krones in my wallet and i was about to pay the guy at the register for my groceries this week so i got the money our of my wallet and had it in my unbuttoned jacket coat and when i went to get the money it was gone! SO i am pretty sure i got pick pocketed because we looked for the money all aound the cash register but it wasn't there so i had to use my personal money. SOryy if it is a problem it was like 50 bucks that got jacked! SO we will see what happens, and i need to pay Harris for my bike so just tell me if it is going to be a prob. Man, that is sad that Oregon is out! Oh well... Well that was my week and i got one left to go! I have especially got a better understanding of the Atonement during this Easter week! I love you all and next time i write you i wont be in Ballerup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Æ Reed
                                                                  Alex's Danish Bishop
                                                                      Danish friend

                                                           yard work service project

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