Monday, March 14, 2016

Week #27 Ballerup

Hej alle sammen, seks måneder senere...... Hvad skete!??? Isn't it crazy that I have already been out 6 months since I peaced out of Washington! Time is just flying too fast, what am I going to do! 

Last P Day

So last P day was pretty sweet not going to lie! So we went to København with the District and took a boat tour with best district ever around NyHavn which is what pops up when you google Copenhagen! Pretty Sweet stuff! We saw like a bunch of important stuff like the Queen's home or like a famous opera house, that i have no idea what it is called...., haha and we saw the little mermaid statue which i guess is famous but it is really little and honestly not that cool but what do I know haha! Then we took of to Bishop Paulsen's for family home evening and a great night of laughs and food! 

Æ Poff Splits Times 4

Well me and ELder Poff have been in the same district for 4 transfers so that means splits number 4 with Elder Poff! Some of the crazy highlights, well i guess they are not too crazy, are that we helped a lady in the ward with family history at the church in Frederiksberg. I had no idea what they were doing so i was just chilling in the background fighting the struggle of falling asleep... Then we went to the office because Elder Poff had a package and I talked with ELder Fairbanks for a little bit, and just talking about how crazy fast time has just flown by! And i talkeed to my favorite Senior missionary EVEr ELder Buxton! He is my boy! He served here back in the day and he is probs one of the few people here who know where Moses Lake is! And he tells crazy stories for days so I love that guy! THen we had a contacting sesh and then ate at this members home and hands down, they have the crazies little kids of all time! I cant even describe them, but last eating appoitment at their house, their parents gave us the HUGE challenge of invloving the kids in the spiritual thought which is literary impossible but we tried, show a little faith, right! So we had the kids throw a normal piece of paper and it didn't go anywhere, then we told them what can we do follow the commandments and for ever thing they said, we did a fold to make a paper airplane and said we get blessings when we follow the commandments! It kind of worked, but we had a couple interruptions of kids crying and trying to punch us hahahahahahaha #crazy! 

Hygge Sesh

So hygge pretty much means chill and have fun at the same time and that is kind of what happened when we went to eat at a family in the wards house. SO we have been working on having eating appointments only an hour because people in Denmark LOVE to hygge with missionaries for daysssss. So we did service, kind of carrying a washing machine down the stairs which was pretty freaky but we did it...., anyways haha, we got done and we were supposed to eat after service but they didn't even start getting the food ready and we couldn't leave so we spendt a long time chilling at this members home awkardly wanting to leave but we couldn't because well yea... Anyways it was a good time and we had way fun conversations about USA and different movies!


Saturdays are just so great here! SO we woke up bright in the morning, well it wasn't bright the sun doesn't work like that here, but anyways, we went to play soccer and Weinan finally came! He has been way busy with vacation and had family over that we couldn't work with him but it was great to see him! My boy Greek, that is the nickname Elder Jensen and I gave him because he served his mish in Greece and is like my boy, he is about to get married to an AMerican and we have way fun conversations, had his bachelor party that day and so he invited all of his friends who are really good at soccer and it was a quality game, and Elder Reed was happy! :) Then right after that, we biked to the church for Lars and Teresa's daughter's baptism! It was a way good service and the spirit was so strong! Then after we munched on great food, and then went to work and contacted people! Then we went for weekly basketball at the church with the district and a couple of the sister's investigators!(Weinan will come next week :) ) And that was a party! 

Investigator Updates

So investigator updates!!!!! SO we taught Hugo again and this time his wife was with! It was hands down the best lesson with him! The spirit was so strong! We talked on the Plan of Salvation and read from the Book of Mormon. ANd Hugo prayed for the first time for us and then his wife prayed in Serbian! She isnt that good at Danish or English so Hugo translates for us. Oh, and when we got there Hugo was talking about how his back has been hurting and I was like in my head, should we give him a blessing... and at the end of the lesson Elder Jensen asked him if he wanted a blessing and he said yes, and that is just a testimony for me that we are both inspired! ELder Jensen and I think that he can make his date so that is pretty awesome! THen for all the other investigators, it was pretty hard to meet with, but we did teach like 7 lessons on the street! It was crazy! We taught like a young guy who is like a Danish pop artists who is on the radio and is pretty good i guess! Oh and we got a new investigator! ANd he comes from Texas! He is so sweet! He is way outgoing and sarcastic which was way sweet to here because Danes are not like that. So we are going to start teaching him, oh and if you are curious why he came here, he met is wife on the internet.... kids, would not advise that... haha! THe good new is that we have a whole bunch of appointments set up for this week so i am pumped for that!

WOw, i didnt even know that it was St Patricks day this week... haha i guess it isnt too big here! ANd bishop said that you guys got the video and me and Elder Hendriksen get along pretty well if you could say that haha! Aye, the Webley fam is looking great! Cant wait to play with all the kids again, that will be a good time! Oh and i am going to pay Harris this week, just so you know. Oh that is awesome Courtney is going to Africa! He is going to love it down there! It will be exciting to here where Cameron goes, and how is the soccer team doing?? Are you guys going to go out to any of the games? Oh and there is no way Weber State is going anywhere... sorry dad! Haha and how in the world is Oregon a #1 seed! That is crazy! Well, I have a sister missionary mission in front of me and it will be great! I love you all and have a great week!

Æ Reed 

Alex and his Danish friend

                                                            P-day adventures

                                                            First glimpse of sunshine

                                                                   Did he or didn't he?

                                                                    Danish treats

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