Monday, March 21, 2016

Week #28 Ballerup

Hej familie!!!!!! So I dont have too much time, we just got back from being at Frederiksborg slot, castle, and I am in a racce against time to make it to my eating appointment! :)

P DAy Madness
So the last two p days have been pretty sweet not going to lie! So last week the district and the assistents, did the infamous Nougat bit challenge! WHen you eat a whole box of cereal and 1 liter of milk and pretty much race against other missionaries! It was way epic but sadly, I got second and lost to Elder McDougal and ate it in 14 and a half minutes (6th in the whole mission :) ) Haha It is a real struggle because it is just like thick chocolate and is so hard to finish without throwing up! After that, i had the brilliant idea of playing basketball, and i played with some people from the district and the AP Elder Curtis who actually played for Lone Peak when they won all of those championships so that was way fun! But i pretty much died from the food..... oh well haha! It gets worse.... After that i had to make a 45 minute bike ride to a member's house for a flipping eating appointment! It was the worst! They was no possible way i could eat any more, but luckily, I got through it and am alive and well! Oh and the lady's sister who we ate at, her son was visting from America and it was way sweet! We talked sports for daysssss and I got all of the sports updates so that was really fun :)

Undersøgere!!! So first we taught Hugo and his wife Maggie again which went way well!! We read 2 Nefi 2 and talked about commandments!! The only prob with Hugo is that he is anti-social. His wife said she wanted to come to church but he said he wasn't ready. But we are getting a member present to the next lesson, our mission leader (who pplayed for the Denmark youth national team in basketball.... no big deal right)! SO that will be way good! ANd he said that he feels positive vibes when we are there, #spirit! We ate with Derek last week, and we talked about Christ and his Atonement! Overall really good, we just got to help him recognize the spirit! And he siad he is reading a lot in the BOM so that is way good! With our Texas friend, Anthony, we met with him last week too! Way good lesson, we taught him the Restoration and he said he could believe everything we told him so that was way sweet and pretty much invited himself to read the BOM! Lets go! Oh and we got a new investigator from Korea, and she has met with sisters before, and so we stopped by her and talked about God and the love he has for  us and prayed for her. She was kind of drunk.... haha! But she could definately feel the spirit, if drunk people can feel the spirit..... No idea, anyways... haha Oh and so we were going to meet with the friend of the guy in the Stake presidency but she has been sick lately. But way cool shoutout is that he was talking in the second ward yesterday and a couple people came up to us and said that he talked about us at church. That when we taught his friend he didn't know that he could trust some 18 year old kids but he said when we were talking about the 1st vision and Joseph SMith that the spirit was so thick that he could cut it! So i guess that is a good thing! 

Sorry i really dont have time to write more! And Easter is really big here! People get like a week break from school and work, and last night we had an easter concert at the church. TEaching is way fun, i would rather be teaching then knocking on doors or contacting people! I would say that is comming along, my vocab has gotten way better than i first got here, but keeping it simple is keY! That utah trip looks way fun! And thanks for eating seafood without me! haha And that is awesome that you could see katelynn dance and tear it up on the stage! And just send my packages to the mission office. Transfers are in two weeks and according to Prez, I am transfering.... He said i am going way far away to a place that is way different than Ballerup. So i am thinking Skive!! But that is just my guess! And i think Oregon is going to take it! They gotta represent the Pacific North West!!! Well, family, I love you all, even when you are having fun without me! I guess i will forgive you'll! Haha Jeg elsker jer og ha' en god uge!!!!!!!!

Æ Reed
                                                                      Love this
                                                       Check out Alex's Danish shoes

                                                            Castle touring
 Alex and his Danish buddy

                                                     Not quite sure what he is doing here?
                                                            Traveling on a bus or train?
                                                       For my grandma who loves swans

                                                    Looks like Alex's is playing the ukulele

                                                                Beautiful Denmark

                                                          Alex's practical jokes?

                                                           Think he looks guilty?

                                                            Danish sunset, very cool!

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