Monday, May 9, 2016

Week #35 Odense

Jamen glædelig Mors Dag igen mor!!! It was totally awesome to skype you guys and get a tour of the house!  Crazy it still looks the same... haha Well, since i already talked with ya'll yesterday, I will give you guys a little short recap of the week! 


So after the use p day activities we had family home evening with an awesome family in the ward! Oh, and C was there too so that made it even better! They showed us the funny Hello by Adele missionary version which was GOLD! haha i love that video so much! Then we ate and shared our testimonies on Joseph Smith and it was way good for C and the family we were with! 

The Struggle

So like i told you guys yesterday i was sick this week which was not fun overhovedet! I was like way tired and had the worst headache ever! I tried to pull the tough guy and just work but i remember i was in two lessons and i couldn't focus at all! It was the worst so i gave in and i slept for like 12 hours and now i am better! haha sleep is always the magic pill! :) I gotta catch up on all those naps i have missed :) haha just kidding! 


So Friday was a pretty event filled day starting with the infamous Jens Petersen. The old recently reactivated guy who has the crazy life story. The whole appointment he pretty much told us that we need to focus on college before women, and then told us the kind of women we need to marry! haha it was way funny! Then after that we hit up some service and planted potatoes for a member in the ward in the blazing sun! That's right, it is finally hot here! About time! Then after that we stopped by this fam who told us we could come back and they were home and let us in! I felt like the missionary in the Hello video ;) haha but they were a typical young Danish family with a little balling son, and we taught them the Plan of Salvation but they said their lives were perfect and they dont need religion. It was pretty sad that they didnt want us to come back and that they didnt accept the message but that is just lifestyle here in Denmark. But the work continues and it continues all the way out to Æbleparken aka GOLD MINE! I remember it was my second week in the area and we had an eating appointment out here and i told Æ Baadsgaard, we HAVE to knock out here. It is a huge apartment complex and it is not buzz box! So we have found 11 potentials and a couple new investigators out there and have only been out there like three or four times so it is GOLD! 

Blitz Splits

So on Saturday every missionary on Fyn went out to Seden to do a Blitz splits where we just knock and find people all day long! So that meant a great tan as you guys saw yesterday! I am finally not sour creme white! So the first knocking sesh i went with Elder Hager and we had a great time! The highlights of that was talking to an Asain guy who thought we were J Dubs at first and then asked us how many years we have been in Denmark because we can speak Danish. Jamen et pår måneder???? Haha Then he asked the gold question why there are so many different churches? Nah, i wonder what we said after that?? So that was good and then we talked to this old man and he was religious, he believed in a life after death, and would not take a Mormons Bog, so Elder Hager had the brillant idea and asked if we could pray with him. The man let us in and we prayed with him and after that he starts crying and told us his wife had just died and he knows he can see her again. All i can say to that is that the gospel is awesome! Then we went back, took some pics in some flowers, and had lunch. Then we set off for round two and i went with Elder Bennet, who has been out one transfer longer than i have been out and he is from Montana and knows where Moses Lake is! We had a great time and the highlights were talking with two Catholic Vietnamise families and talking with a J Dub. Then we took pics in the yellow flowers and went back to Seden's apartment. We had a BBQ, roasted smores and threw a football around! It was so much fun and just a great day! 

And i will for sure get pics for the baptism! And oh i forgot to tell you guys, she wont get døbt on the 14th, she has a work conference in København so it will probs be in two weeks. And we cant get a hold of the running man :( We will keep trying though for sure. Oh i remember that ref haha no comment! :) But that is sweet he is going on a mission! Well that is all i got but thanks for talking with me yesterday and I love you guys so much and have a great week!!!

Æ Reed
                                                     Happy Mother's Day 2016

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